Ep. 229 - Bye Forever GDC 2022, with Liz Ryerson and Brandon Sheffield

### Ep. 229 - Bye Forever GDC 2022, with Liz Ryerson and Brandon Sheffield

Insert Credit covers GDC 2022 with [Liz Ryerson](https://twitter.com/ellaguro) reporting direct from the expo hall on a quest to achieve corporate heaven, while [Brandon Sheffield](https://twitter.com/necrosofty) gets quick hits from some prominent attendees and reflects on GDC itself. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, Liz Ryerson and Brandon Sheffield reporting. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.



  • - **Heaven or Corporate Hell: The GDC 2022 Expo Hall, by Liz Ryerson** (00:47)
  • - **GDC 2022 Reports by Brandon Sheffield**: standing in front of a mural (14:32)
  • - hotel report and lumbar pillow (16:34)
  • - fomo (18:47)
  • - Why Is the Whole Idea of Todd Howard Funny? An Investigation, by [Kris Graft](https://twitter.com/krisgraft) (21:23)
  • - hodd toward (23:15)
  • - bbc interview about the ukraine bundle (23:49)
  • - piloting through shit, with [Rami Ismail](https://twitter.com/tha_rami) (24:35)
  • - an anecdote about gdcs past, with [Vincent Diamante](https://twitter.com/vincentdiamante) (25:51)
  • - unfortunately configured pizza, with [Tyriq Plummer](https://twitter.com/FourbitFriday) (27:47)
  • - wearing a fuck nfts shirt in business meetings, with [Xalavier Nelson Jr.](https://twitter.com/WritNelson) (29:02)
  • - a story about discovering punk bands, with [Chris Charla](https://twitter.com/iocat) (31:56)
  • - flaccid exchanges and ambient jazz (33:07)
  • - san francisco and oakland are different places in america (34:57)
  • - america is a whole country that has san francisco and oakland in it (36:08)
  • - masking (36:48)
  • - an event conspiring (37:49)
  • - something to say, with [Anita Sarkeesian](https://twitter.com/anitasarkeesian) (38:31)
  • - something interesting about anthropology, with [Trent Kusters](https://twitter.com/TrentKusters) (38:53)
  • - the best pancakes in los angeles, with [Teddy Dief](https://twitter.com/TeddyDief) (40:57)
  • - what lyft drivers know about stem cells, with [Scott Jon Siegel](https://twitter.com/numberless) (42:33)
  • - Mental Health, by [Nick Suttner](https://twitter.com/nsuttner) (43:53)
  • - international news (45:51)
  • - crashing a crypto party, with [Frank Cifaldi](https://twitter.com/frankcifaldi) and [Kelsey Lewin](https://twitter.com/kelslewin) (46:39)
  • - a little more to say, with [Frank Cifaldi](https://twitter.com/frankcifaldi) and [Kelsey Lewin](https://twitter.com/kelslewin) (52:29)
  • - bye forever (55:13)
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    This episode rules

    One of my favourite episodes. I loved Liz‘s tour, the various, debatably relevant, interviews, Brandon’s various monologues and everything else in it.

    It was really funny to me when, after a few segments removed from the Todd Howard bit, Brandon just started talking about him again.

    The bit at the end was really interesting to me as someone who doesn't live in the USA.

    Somehow this episode made me feel like I was there myself. It‘s probably the vlog-style recording. But man since one of the last things I did before the world ended was fly to San Francisco to attend a conference at the moscone center this really hits different. Brandon’s hotel report teleported me back to my overpriced low-quality room. (And how I couldn't for the life of me figure out how the shower in that room worked so I had to ask my co-worker via text message how he got it working.)

    I'm so glad NFTs weren't a thing back when I went to that conference. But that didn't stop the keynote being about "[three big companies] using the blockchain to share open data for machine learning™"

    Also the way teddy dief said "I swear I have meaningful things to say" is such a mood.

    Great episode! Really enjoyed it. Also I hope Brandon is doing okay.

    Frank and Kelsey at the end really felt like being at an overwhelming party in a room full of strangers and suddenly knowing the comfort of a familiar face

    @“Jaffe”#p64053 Totally! The Frank and Kelsey segment was super chill. Both of them just emit this aura of friendly, lighthearted hangoutability.

    This episode is rad. It was a lot of fun to hear all the anecdotes and nonsense being shared.

    That BBC article is [here](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-60850729.amp) too.

    I admittedly don’t listen to the podcast so often but this was a really fun and somewhat nostalgic dive into GDC. I miss the flowstate circus of conventions and conferences. Here is the Baja lawsuit referenced in one of the bits. I hope nobody who matters to us got COVID.

    @"exodus"#3 do you think you’ll miss the San Francisco version of GDC if it moves to Las Vegas (or elsewhere) in 1〜3 years, as the rumor has grown in recent years? Or do you yearn for GDC being an actual trip beyond the BART horizon?

    Also, I was very curious if this this year’s event felt more specifically regional / local in some way due to the different travel restrictions and company policies? It seems, based on the podcast, there were more Europeans than I expected.

    is that dr steve brule talking about todd howard?

    I was only intermittently at GDC and this episode helped alleviate my FOMO. That and hearing about all the covid. One silver lining about all the crypto stuff was how relatively empty all those booths seemed. I also appreciated the mental health conversation as I'm a week into finally trying medication to help with anxiety/attention issues.

    @“chazumaru”#p64063 I don‘t think I’d mind gdc being somewhere else as long as I still got a free hotel - the one nice thing about it being in SF is some people stick around for a while longer and I get to hang out with them on my own terms then, but with covid that's not as possible since we all want to quarantine after.

    Definitely a lot of people I know got covid! Crossing my fingers for myself, so far so good, but I wore a mask 95% of the time.

    As for the international thing, at least in terms of folks I know I'd say there was an almost equal proportion of Europeans and even Australians compared to usual, though there were fewer people in general. The entire continent of Asia was missing though, aside from my one friend From Singapore. There's usually large contingents from the big Chinese and Korean companies at least, but this year (at least anecdotally/the ones I know etc) folks just sent their US representatives.

    Also it should be noted that @Dunkr showed Hyper Gunsport at The MIX!! Should've gotten some words in there about that...

    This was so much better than learning about whatever is happening at GDC

    this was almost cathartic to listen to this morning… esp as i‘m still awkwardly in the bay area today for another day, which i thought would be a good day to reserve for more hangouts outside the conference. but now everybody’s got covid anxiety (including me) so i‘m just kinda sitting here in the spare room at my friend’s house just killing time and hoping if i get covid it at least happens after i get home late tomorrow night.

    was planning another GDC post-mortem bit that i didn't get around to due to being tired but i'm happy the expo floor reporting came to some good use and esper edited it very nicely!

    I‘m gonna listen to this today - also I’ll let you know in a few hours whether I too am covid negative and can hang out lol

    @“exodus”#p64090 same here lol

    BTW I don‘t know if jaffe purposefully used my least favorite/most offensive moniker for san francisco but I’ll let it stay since it's bad there

    @“exodus”#p64099 I’m blaming Esper for this one, it was in their script

    btw here is an Insert Credit Forum Exclusive!!!


    some extra phone videos i filmed on the end of the last day to supplement your GDC experience. [playlist link here](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEdRlER1F5rGY25oYia_4WgU7FOW71vOf)

    This episode rules and I havent even listened to it yet