Ep. 327 - The Third Knuckles

@“Magnanimous”#p154689 I thought it was riffing on The Third Birthday

A Mega Man variant fighting game could work.

Taking notes feels good when it's actually worked into the game mechanics. Drawing maps in the Etrian Odyssey comes to mind. If that's not note-y enough for the note taking club then Her Story or Telling Lies definitely fit the bill. Make sure to play those by yourself but then leave your notes out in the open so your significant other can see a list with Wife, Love, Murder, and Making Bombs all crossed out. I think the note taking is fun in those games cause it's so constant, there's no flow being broken, notes are the flow.

@“Jonks”#p154732 a Mega Man fighting game but all the fighters are just variations on the name Mega Man. You've got:

  • 1. Mega Man
  • 2. Man Mega
  • 3. Mega Mega
  • 4. Man Man
  • 5. Agem Nam
  • @“treefroggy”#p154656 ||Marle the landlady||

    @“DaveedNoo”#p154746 oh DAMN dude I did not for a second stop and think where I’d heard that name before or that her hairstyle reflects this… I did read a lot into her character and why they’d include her, but not in the context of chrono trigger, damn… I guess I’ll go back and play those chapters again lol

    This confirms so many of my biases you don’t even know

    Allow me to join everyone in welcoming the Mangrate to the Insert Credit Family of sponsored products. For too long, Game Players have gone without sufficiently Heavy-Duty Grilling Grates. No longer.

    I cannot wait for Mangrate to sponsor the show


    @“Magnanimous”#p154689 Before hearing the episode, I assumed the title was riffing on The Third Man. I would watch an edit that replaces Orson Welles’ character with Knuckles the Echidna.

    Knuckles: Look down there, tell me if one of those rabbits fell into the chemical plant zone, would you really feel any pity? If I offered you 100 rings for every bird, squirrel, and chicken would you really tell me to keep my rings, or would you calculate how many you could afford to spare? Free of income tax, old man.

    Sonic: They're animals and have rights.

    Knuckles: Nobody thinks in terms of animal rights. Robotnik doesn't, so why should we? He talks about the chaos emeralds, I talk about the chaotix. He has his five year plan, and so do I.

    Sonic: You used to believe everyone deserves chili dogs.

    Knuckles: Oh I still do believe in chili dogs, old man. I believe in chili dogs and beach vacations and all that... but the animals... well the animals are happier working in the casino night zone. They don't miss much here, the poor devils.

    I take so many notes, my notes app looks like the killer‘s apartment in Se7en. Some games get me to break out the spread sheets. For SMT3 I made a spread sheet to plan out which demons I wanted to fuse. For some Fire Emblems I’ll plan out promotion paths as well as relationship/romance pairings in a spread sheet. And if this counts as note taking, I snap a pic whenever an NPC alludes to a quest or I see a door or chest I can't open yet, that kind of thing.

    @“Jonks”#p154732 there are three megaman fighting games! rockman battle & fighters, Mega Man: The Power Battle, and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters!

    @“kyleprocrastinations”#p154756 same, as someone who just today added a new character to the relationship chart I made for my Etrian odyssey characters across all games


    @“esper”#p154577 What’s the worst love story ever told in video games? (49:10)

    I don’t know if I can think of anything worse than either of the romantic subplots in Metal Gear Solid 4

    @“MovingCastles”#p154738 MAGA MEN

    Fun episode! Nice to be back to the questions after the GOTY shows.


    Have you ever played a video game and gotten to a part where you thought, “Oh, this would have been an exciting surprise if I were a different sort of person”? (39:08)

    Fun Fact: the Shinobi/Spider-Man crossover, Spider-Man was in the game because it was part of a licencing deal for another game by Sega. The updates where the game changed was due to the licencing agreement running out.

    Here's more from DYKG https://youtu.be/WyZPmKOPtqc?si=d_ImIuE2vImy-oPX&t=104

    Tiara Boobowski is the deep Sonic lore I enjoy.



    An “Oops all Gokus” version of Dragonball Fighterz kind of already exists. It’s called Dragonball Fighterz

    Her dad's name is Gazebo Boobowski

    Wait, what the fuck? Why did I think R. A. Salvatore was a woman? Am I confusing him with someone else?

    Was Tiara Boobowski in Playboy‘s Girls of Gaming? We’ll never know, because noted prude Frank Cifaldi refuses to own copies of Playboy.