Ep. 336 - Defeating the Dirtbag, with Christa Lee

Ep. 336 - Defeating the Dirtbag, with Christa Lee

Our most supportive patrons have filled our dirtbag with questions, and only console modification expert Christa Lee can guide our panel through. Hosted by Christa Lee, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by MoxBagel, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. Footfoot asks: Is there a single player game particularly suited to group settings? (06:34)
  2. Spencers Gifts asks: What are your favorite moments seeing a video game developer’s fingerprints? (13:05)
  3. Brindo asks: What are your thoughts on missable items in RPGs? (20:02)
  4. Crumar Bones asks: What game series should IO Interactive integrate into a “Hitman Warriors” style game? (27:12)
  5. Sneaking Mission asks: If you were to donate a fraudulent piece of video game history to a museum to confuse future historians, what would it be? (34:46)
  6. Honky Tonk Tom asks: What are some real world businesses that have GTA-style business names? (41:07)
  7. Kiko B asks: What job advice would you give to someone who wants to be an “idea guy?” (50:46)
  8. Yeso asks: What would be the gamer version of Gift of the Magi? (57:38)

LIGHTNING ROUND: The ___ of Video Games Questions (01:04:26)

Recommendations and Outro (01:12:00)

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Brandon: Space Rangers, The Ulysses Cut of Waterworld (1995)

Frank: Viva New Vegas for Fallout: New Vegas setup

Christa: Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still, learn Japanese

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My favorite GTA-esque local business name is EPICorals from my hometown.

I get the impression they didn’t know what they did, because it has since changed.


Getting this one together was a big team effort with Esper and I both away from our stations, so huge thanks to Christa Lee and MoxBagel for pitching in!


There was also some neat discussion on the “Hurt” of video games in the Remakes thread a little while ago:


Brandon’s suggestion at the end of the episode perfectly aligns to my taste. I cannot overstate how much I adore TV space sci-fi. I watch something from it just about every day.

I’ll give Space Raiders a watch!


My friend does localization stuff for r0c|<star

In november they put on a job (aside from the game ones) requesting a translation of a former r0c|<star brazillian employee interview on a local radio show. That dude was a irl fashion designer that made up brands and clothes for the games. The dude kinda leaked the launch window for the next big game 6.

It is very scary of how much they monitor the interwebs bc the video has like, less than 1k views to this day, and had like 100 when the job was solicited. The radio show YT’s channel is waaaay too small.


to be clear: it’s bad!! but if you’re already that kind of person you’ll get something out of it.

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Good episode!

Apropos of nothing, does anyone else have a podcast or something similar that autoplays after the weekly Insert Credit show? The borderline listenable food and cooking podcast I sometimes tune into, Cooking Issues, always starts right away, so its annoying intro jingle is synonymous with the Insert Credit outro to me, like when you listen to a song in a playlist for a long time, and then whenever you hear it in the world, you expect the next song from your playlist to play.


Sohla El-Waylly • Cooking Issues with Dave Arnold (spotify.com)


I’m exactly that kinda person!

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It’s funny that Christa mentioned uBreak iFix in the GTA names segment, because I was thinking of Pho Shizzle which is just a few blocks away.


Art and Labor’s theme song plays usually right after the IC’s outro and I always have to do a double-take thinking that the Insert Credit just added a missable (!) bonus section at the end

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Tim Rogers would be eaten alive by a class of school kids. That job is more than just knowing more stuff than the kids, lol


Thinking about needs and notice for human being

Oh man. I’ve got a few of these in my head, but will not be sharing them as they are mostly racist, sexist or homophobic. Mind boggling what you can just get away with.


Great episode - always nice to hear the dirtbag questions! And great work by Christa and Moxbagel filling in some very big shoes.

Hopefully not clown sized ones though…


I’d just like to mention that I gave you credit for the question when I submitted it!


i usually do a double feature with Get Played since they both come out on mondays


There’s a pizza joint on the boardwalk within a mile of me that has like 10 different names within, all delivering via ubereats, DoorDash etc. and yeah, it’s the worst pizza in town, which is really sayin something.


Eggslut has franchised since GTA V, so it’s really another tick in the “how will GTA’s rudimentary satire come off in post-satire America?” box