Ep. 337 - Holland Oats

Ep. 337 - Holland Oats

Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers and Brandon Sheffield divine the difference between spite and guilt, develop a cool season pass, and steal the International Prototype of the Kilogram. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. When did you first start to feel out of touch with the modern gamer? (06:14)
  2. What role does spite play in video game development? (11:03)
  3. How can developers make the best of it when forced to build a “Season Pass” of post-launch content? (16:47)
  4. What’s the most vindicated you’ve ever felt by a video game? (22:17)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: Amazing Grace available 6/6 at 6:66 PM (27:27)
  5. Gaagaagiins asks: What studios best at naming games? (28:52)
  6. How do you make stealth good? (36:18)
  7. What is the opposite of video games? (41:23)
  8. Make a video game about the unit that establishes the pound (43:32)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Guess the User Review (47:13)

Recommendations and Outro (56:33)


Brandon: BelGioso Parmesan Snacking Cheese, pick your battles
Frank: Get an air popper

This week’s Insert Credit Show is brought to you by Amazing Grace available 6/6 at 6:66 PM, and patrons like you. Thank you.

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I got your joke, @Jaffe .


I agree with Frank’s recommendation

Specific cooking stuff is great.

i love my popcorn popper tho

But by far the best one for me is the Couscous pan , which i certainly use to reheat rice or steam stuff more than making couscous


(except that i made some couscous this morning)


Fun Parmesan snack: when you’ve finished a wedge microwave the remaining rind for 30 seconds on some paper towel. They turn into cheese puffs. Nice to snack on or break up and use as a crunchy cheese topping on pasta/salad/etc


I would like to note that RatingAllGames is likely referring to Barbie in the Nutcracker (2001, Dir: Owen Hurley) not Barbie (2023, Dir: Greta Gerwig). Barbie in the Nutcracker is definitely a GOATed movie, as are many of the 43 animated Barbie films. Thank you.


“I guess EGM is the Fear Street to Nintendo Power’s Goosebumps?”
Yes, that was for me. Thank you @Jaffe.

Spite can be a premium fuel supplement for my motivations sometimes.


I knew forums.insertcredit.com got me on this one


when frank mentioned getting a popcorn maker i said out loud “you can roast coffee with that” immediately after which he mentioned using it to roast coffee. i’ve never felt more vindicated while listening to a podcast.


It amuses me that tim shares more details about his life than anyone and then frequently suggests its all a misdirection.

The prompt was good though and got me thinking, what’s a misconception about me? People think that I am an introvert because I have trained myself not to be overbearing. This is incorrect. I am in fact a quiet extrovert trained to be too quiet by mistake.




I thought I made this one up but it’s possible I saw your post at some point and forgot about it. I hope you will be charitable enough to consider this a case of parallel thought


who is the Carlos Mencia of video games?


I was vindicated big time by Stardew Valley. I would always tell a friend of mine who was big into competitive games & DND how great Harvest Moon on SNES was, and she would scoff the idea of it. I was always saying someone needed to bring it back. Then in 2015 I get in on this early access farming game, my friend is still uninterested. The game came out to great reviews and they even released a multiplayer, but still she was not interested… Until it came to switch in like, 2018, and then she put in 200 hours and it inspired her to take up gardening as a hobby and eventually moving out of the city for a more pastoral life.

Then I guess Ithe opposite happened with her going on and on about Divinity Original Sin 2 and Baldur’s Gate early access, and me being a snob against tabletop RPGs only to realize they’re better then I gave them credit for. It didn’t change my life in the same way, but I get it now.


nice of marxseny to over look 50:54 - 51:02

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For a gaming vindication in the vein of what Frank said about the BioShock achievement, in Dishonored 2 if you play as Emily you get a power called Domino that makes whatever happens to one person happen to the person you connect them too with magic, e.g. if you kill the first one the other will just drop dead having no idea what happened. There’s a moment in the game where you can watch one character euthanize another who has been wounded in the sick bay (stealth being a game genre where watching is a verb again), so obviously when I saw that I reloaded a save so that I could Domino the two of them and yes they both died. I got a trophy for that one too.


I see my hopes were in vain


that same ability is in deathloop as well. very good for those times where you want to take out two targets at once! man that’s a fun game.


What’s the episode where they had the other Alex Jaffe on?

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186! See the show notes.