Ep. 338 - The Speed of Speed

Ep. 338 - The Speed of Speed

The panel decides on a strict definition of “isekai,” finds hope for the future of video games, and writes a woke, political Big Bang Theory script. Hosted by Alex Jaffe, with Frank Cifaldi, Tim Rogers, and Brandon Sheffield. Edited by Esper Quinn, original music by Kurt Feldman.

Questions this week:

  1. Brandon asks: Are there any video game sequels like Dino Crisis 2? (06:18)
  2. Apart from the racing genre, when is velocity most important in video games? (12:43)
  3. What’s the best video game to fit the definition of an Isekai? (17:18)
  4. Who is the unluckiest person in video games? (23:57)
    Insert Credit Quick Break: Meal-Morial Madness 2024 (28:44)
  5. Owen from NYC asks: Come up with achievements for the arcade game Asteroids. (30:45)
  6. With new reports of massive video game industry layoffs, is the party over? (36:30)
  7. Punch up a scene involving video games for The Big Bang Theory (41:06)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Team Sonic vs. Team Mario at the Olympic Games (47:41)

Recommendations and Outro (01:04:13)

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Frank: Cryptmaster
Brandon: Do general maintenance, Iron Butterfly - Scorching Beauty, Irish Wish (2024)
Tim: Unfrosted (2024) if you want to watch a movie that has “too punchy” of writing

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I appreciate the attempt at Great Lakes geography, and while it’s true that WI, IL, and IN are linked by the Chicago metropolitan area, there’s no real Tri-State commonality. Chicago is too myopic, Wisconsin resents Illinois (“F.I.B.s”), and Indiana is just not a team player


I’m not sure if it’s just me, but the audio widget won’t display here or on the main site for me (have tried Firefox, Chrome, and Edge), and the episode isn’t showing up on Apple or Spotify either


Is Majora’s Mask an isekai?


the episode isn’t up on the RSS feed yet for some reason. gotta go to archive.org to play it


(literally had to drop what I was doing at work to post this)

“isekai where the real game exists in the real world and they get get sucked into the game” is final fantasy tactics advance! If you remember, the whole thing starts because the characters wish that the world were like their favorite videogame series, Final fantasy


Mistake on my part; I actually finished and uploaded this episode a few days ago, but scheduled the publishing wrong. Should be in all the normal places shortly. thanks for the heads up!!


Just appeared on Spotify - looking forward to that one!


i screamed NO aloud when Brandon said Inuyasha isn’t an isekai. I hope your dms remain chill brandon.

the very first isekai was:


if you can travel back and forth between worlds (basically) at will is it really an isekai or is it more of a multiple dimension sort of thing?


Is insert credit isekai???


Generally I believe people consider it an isekai - it is just the modern stuff has especially leaned into it being a hard reincarnation with no way back.

The snobs myself included love to say Inuyasha, Fushigi Yuugi, and of course Rayearth like y’all said.

I always think of it in like Alice in Wonderland rules- it just has become much more formulaic since they started making ten million of these things.

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it’s not exactly one of the greats, but i still love that someone took the isekai formula and went full-on bananas and made “Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon,” which is exactly what it sounds like


Adding to what seems to be a whole lot of popcorn prep recommendations. We just do ours in a regular pot on the stove with a tiny bit of oil. It’s easy.

Also on the Dino Crisis 2 topic, check out the recently released Rebirth mods to get it running good on modern computors. For the reasons Brandon mentioned, prerendered backgrounds don’t look nearly as good on modern higher resolution screens, but I sure do like 2 as a game more than 1. Rebirth also update the first game and it looks fantastic.


right, but alice (and fushigi yuugi and rayearth characters) couldn’t go back and forth to the human world like kagome could. that’s the big difference - she could just go in and out through that well (mostly) at will (much of the time).

So is it an isekai if you are pulled into another world, but the nature of the original world is also fantasy or at least indistinct?

If so, Brave Fencer Musashi is my favorite isekai game. He gets pulled into a fantasy world filled with dad-level food puns.


Non-racing game where velocity matters: Tribes??? Doy.


Where can I send money so Jaffe can say ‘Nowa that’s a bazinga!’ in an Italian accent in the next episode?


Jaffe sometimes dropping a quote from one of my dumb screenshots of old games totally justifies my habit of taking dumb screenshots from old games