Ep. 338 - The Speed of Speed

Fun episode for a Tuesday morning! Or any morning.

Final fantasy XII should be linked to XI as that has full camera controls and a first person view, where as XII just teased a beautiful world seen from the back of Vaans head.

Can’t believe Jaffe said 300,000 a day!!



For the Dino Crisis to Dino Crisis 2 question: not exactly the same but in No More Heroes there was a full 3D open world to explore. In No More Heroes 2, it was changed to a menu (because people complained that it was too empty. Maybe just enjoy some quiet without a billion things to do, GAMERS).

It is a spin off game (but it isn’t really) but Travis Strikes Again became a top down/side scrolling/puzzle/racing game.


I’m playing FFTA right now, and yeah, it’s pretty darn isekai.

It’s also a pretty darn good game


As someone who IS about 10 years younger than the panel, I was not called Sheldon by my peers. I was called Andy Milonakis. I would’ve KILLED for Sheldon.


re: isekai games–have we really forgotten about 2023 GOTY contender Forspoken so soon??


I think Sonic would probably clean up the olympics but maybe that wouldn’t be as fun to talk about.

Also I agree - Inuyasha not an Isekai. They just be traveling back and forth through time at will!

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I got both.


I hope someday we get team Capcom vs team SNK at the winter Olympic games.


I haven’t taken any physics classes since high school, but wasn’t Jaffe’s question about acceleration not velocity?


shut up nerd


The tristate area is the shared border between Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado


the fact that they were talking about acceleration but saying velocity made me question how well do i really know the english language


Thought of this as i was listening to the show but then forgot about it until now but…
i’m extremely surprised that brandon didn’t mention Valis in the Isekai question


the party is never over
at least, not until the apocalypse
who knows when that’ll happen though

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I’m not going to say that Tim is wrong, but I sure will say that I strongly disagree with him: Unfrosted is absolutely not worth your time, even as an endurance test or self-hazing ritual or whatever.

The writing is not punchy, unless we allow the suggestion that it got so punchy that it integer-overflowed and is now maximally negative in punchiness value.

There is nothing redeeming contained therein; only heinous garbage. There’s a January 6 riots joke, for example.

You would be better off staring at a blank wall for the equivalent 97 minutes of runtime.

As an alternate recommendation, if you’d like a recent movie to watch I will suggest Godzilla Minus One. That was a blast.


I think it comes back to the whole genre purity thing. It doesn’t matter. If it’s close enough it’s fine.

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I think Tim’s doctor is living in the past (though admittedly, just pre-2021). The FDA now bans PFAS in food packaging (used to be in popcorn packaging) and the major microwave popcorn makers have stopped using diacetyl as butter flavor even though it’s technically still allowed in food products. PFAS are known to increase cancer risk and diacetyl can cause lung conditions when inhaled. The current risks are largely just saturated fat and sodium. So, y’know, just high blood pressure and heart attacks and stuff. But hey, no more cancers and popcorn lung, so progress!

Edit: It turns out the PFAS conversation just began in 2021 and it’s taken until this year for the FDA to announce that food packaging should now be PFAS-free, so the past is apparently more recent than I gave it credit for.


you are definitely correct!! whoops