Fan Art

I thought it would be great to have a place to share fan art. Any medium is welcome, any level of skill or experience is fantastic. Maybe when posting you can specify whether you‘d like feedback, or if you’d prefer to just have a place to share your stuff without any constructive criticism.

This can be something of a sibling to [the draw the last game you played thread]( For myself, I just wanted a place to share things that aren't necessarily related to games you are currently playing. That can also leave that thread to actually be about the fun game it was intended to be.

This can also be a friendly space to discuss fan art or just art in general.

I’ll even get us started!

This is adapted from some of the promotional art for FF14 - a game I’ve never even played.

alternate cover art

@treefroggy#19990 I approve

Drew this copy of SMT Nocturne key art while learning pen tablet and Krita. The software basically drew 70% of this…

I suspect this is obvious but I’m in the period of learning to draw where I’m really just copying other people's artwork rather than making my own stuff. So none of these are really mine.

Cute little sonic!


Tails meme I left at a five guys.


Mega man! I usually don't use colors... I was testing out some new prismacolor markers here.


Not game related but still fan art... Stilgar from the book Dune.

And I wanted to start this thing where I drew all the Pokemon. I didn't get far but I liked how the ones I did came out. Here's a couple:

@milo#20124 I love that Stilgar a real lot!

@SuperEffective Really cool use of color in this one. Some day I'll learn how to use color. It's intimidating to me.


Hey, thanks!

Have you looked at Joseph Albers before? He did a lot of color studies. Colors can be quite intimidating. It might help to keep choices to less than 3 at once (not counting black, or white.) I personally think less is more and usually never have to use more than 3 anyways, especially when painting. Another thing I like to do is to simply assess the colors used EVERYWHERE. In logos, cartoons, literally anything that appeals to me. It helps me, because my problem is deciding which ones to use because I love all the colors!


Thanks!!! And I guess technicaly I drew Stilgar from Children of Dune as opposed to the first one... I like the image of Stil as the wise, old caretaker.

And in all the art I saw, the maker hooks were depicted as slashing weapons while I always imagined them more as a tool like a shephard's cane... something to slip under the sandworm rings as opposed to digging them in. But that's what I love about Dune and Frank Herbert... he doesn't go into a lot of physical description, leaving a lot of the world up the the reader's imagination.

@milo#20484 I‘ve only ever read the original Dune - it’s a series I‘d love to get into more deeply. But I love that style of linework you’ve used here. I've always admired that ability to use very few lines to create complex shapes and that lackadaisical vibe of the lines sort of shooting over the boundary edges.

not my fanart, but I love how they doubled down on 80‘s samus’ design differences, while keeping an extremely subtle feminine energy, so cool!

@treefroggy#20571 I think this is in-bounds for the thread, sharing other's cool fan art (so long as it comes with proper citation, like you did here, of course)

@treefroggy#20571 That‘s fantastic–I’m getting some real 50s retro sci-fi vibes from it too.

minimalist cover for my very legitimate copy of Raw Danger!

I‘ve been slowly working on this for a few weeks. It’s just a traced outline but I was doin it to practice shading and keeping steady lines (also cars are weird shapes and easy to mess up).

I haven‘t really spent this long on one thing since I dropped out of art school. I started it as a monotone pen drawing but ended up getting my markers out so I could do the red around the grill. This led to me messing up the headlights tonight and deciding to finish it off with a quick shadow.

The reason the interior isn’t shaded is entirely a stylistic decision and not because of my cowardice!

@beets#20664 why do you think I’ve stuck exclusively to pencils so far?!

@CidNight#20495 Gotta say it‘s nice to see fanart for this game that isn’t creepy as all heck.