yes i will be playing

yeahhhhhhhhhh when they put this thing on not-iOS I'm gonna be there. Nothing against iOS, I just sure do not have an iphone.

One thing I was remarking on in our team chat was how nobody had ever done the dimengion or whatever the heck it's called thing before, where the random battles just get "stored" and you can beat them all at once. that idea rules!! I'm jealous of it! I think it's very good. You can choose when and how to grind basically, if they do it right.

Also it looks nice. I am, essentially, 100% Very Interested in this game.

I love the look of the dioramas in this game. I hope it inspires many games to use mixed media in the future

Yeah I am eagerly awaiting/hoping for the (inevitable?) Switch port. This looks awesome.

Shoot!! I knew they were using dioramas, but this is the first I‘ve seen how it’d look in action. And the dimengeon (dungeon dimension?) system sounds like it could make grinding more efficient—even enjoyable, hopefully—by compartmentalizing it. Now I know what I'll be using my one month trial for.

I‘m really interested in this game and, uh, because I just bought one of the fancy new ARM macs I have a whole bunch of long trials of Apple services so… I’ll definitely be checking it out. My biggest concern with it is that it‘ll end up being one of those not-very-interesting JRPG revival type games that just don’t do anything for me. The way they're doing random battles and environments and stuff though certainly indicates a little bit more interesting of a concept than most of those games.


I wish I knew about this before I used mine to play that Sasquatch game !!
Whatever. I don't care. I'll just have to buy two less Kombuchas the month it drops cause dioramas and anything minuature are COOL.

@whatsarobot#19460 my worst case scenario is buying a used apple tv if it doesn't make its way to anything else in a few years.

WOW that dimengeon system is sick. what a cool way to solve the issues of jarring random encounters & roaming enemies (which they definitely don't have room for, given they are literally creating the environments By Hand lol).

also hell yeah, im down for Wicked Trick Shots like this:

This looks great, but I am hesitant to sink any time into a progress-based game (as opposed to a more arcade-like experience) tied to a subscription service. I wonder how long this will remain an Arcade exclusive. What's the track record for Apple Arcade games converting to pay-to-own or getting ports? I know Grindstone, for example, only recently appeared on Switch…

Pretty stoked for what‘s going to be. Maybe it is a failure, but I love that there are some studios and professionals going back to the roots of the genre and experimenting with those (not only Sakaguchi, but also the addition of collisions in Yakuza Like a Dragon and I’m sure there's more).

right, at least it’s weird and has a distinct vision

going to burn my free trial on this I think


(If you're wondering if I scrolled through the whole thread just to make sure nobody had already made the joke, I sure did lol)

@exodus#19453 Shinsekai makes me hopeful that we will be able to try it outside the Apple ecosystem because I sure want to play the heck out of this game.

I didn't like Terra Battle all that much but this thing looks weird and exciting and shit I do not want to pay for Apple Arcade, my free 3 months is almost up.

@kory#19545 Along with Grindstone, I know that What the Golf, Shinsekai, and some Shantae sequel started off on Apple Arcade and were eventually ported elsewhere. Pretty sure there‘s also a cartoony point and click adventure that I can’t remember the name of. I don‘t have an iOS device, but there seems to be enough precedent that I’m comfy waiting.

@seasons#19561 Oh, thanks–yeah I forgot about Shinsekai and What the Golf. I also remember being interested in those and holding off for the same reason. I guess at least with this system the developers get some guaranteed financial return and people not on the service can hang back and see how well-received the game is.

I haven‘t been super interested in Mistwalker’s output since Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey but this looks really cool, I love physical sets and props and the Dimengeon or whatever is a great idea. But yeah, if I‘m gonna play this on an actual iOS device I think I’m gonna have to finally get to an Apple store and get the battery replaced on my phone. Probably more likely I'm gonna end up waiting until it comes to switch or PS4 lol