@Syzygy#23650 …and?



I always get terra battle mixed up with Wild Card lol

One of several weirdo Wonderswan-exclusive games that I wish there was a little bit more information about in english, let alone a translation. That, Blue Wing Blitz, and Star Hearts are the big ones for me.

Very curious about Fantasian and I'm hoping it turns out to be as interesting as it looks. I have to admit that I've never been a huge fan of Final Fantasy (even the good ones) but I'm down to play this. It doesn't hurt that it's on Apple Arcade (probably the first time anyone has expressed that sentiment) so playing it's not going to cost me too much anyway.

@Syzygy#23863 this is a good interview. kinda funny that this quote


My style of development, be it Fantasian or any of the games I’ve worked on in the past is this – whether it’s the concept of the game, or the story, or any individual lines of dialogue, I’m not the be-all and end-all decision-maker.

is pretty directly contradicted by the way FFVII team members describe him in Matt Leone's FFVII retrospective

Gucci Mane is having fun and I'm happy for him.

The homie got the game today,

It runs on the MacBook M1 and has full controller support and wirelessly cast to his tv at a native 4K resolution.

This just dropped on Apple Arcade with, like, a whole bunch of other games. They put out a spiritual successor to hot shots golf, a new oregon trail, a platinum games thing, a taiko no tatsujin game, and some other stuff. Apple put some money into this stuff.

The wild thing is I genuinely do not “get” the business model. I am honestly not sure if I need to pay for Fantasian or not or if I kinda get it for free because I have an apple phone.

Ultimately, I don't personally enjoy these kind of RPG experiences on a phone. May look into that Hotshots Golf knockoff though!

@donrumata#24444 is it getting some hype or is sort of DOA? i remember Arcade getting some “hey it's actually pretty great” kind of coverage early on but then it petered out…the fact that they‘re working in big ’drops' now may suggest apple figured out that game dev works in cycles for a reason

Played the first 3 or so hours, and is it just be or does this seem to actually have that Sakaguchi charm? I mean, this really does have a FFIX vibe, although it may take me a while longer to explain exactly why.

@Official_Danimalz#24476 it's great! The little story cutscenes really remind me of The Thousand Years of Dreams sequences from The Lost Odyssey. Maybe it has the ffix charm because of no voice acting? Hmm

@X3N0Sbioz#24477 I think you‘re 100% right! I was just playing FFX/FFX-2 and the voice acting (regardless of the bad quality) really takes away from the fairytale charm of the earlier series. It really does change how JRPG’s have to be written/structured in ways beyond the obvious ones.

@antillese#24458 it's just the netflix model. you pay for a subscription to get access to apple arcade.

I‘m not wholly interested in playing the game myself, but I’m watching Tim stream it right now.

The takeaway for me so far is that all the gamer bros complaining it's not on a “real console like switch” are pretty dumb, since it runs with better resolution and framerate than it ever would have on switch, lol.


I‘ve been pretty unimpressed with it for a while but this new drop has some real legit games on it, plus your more traditional mobile games except without the IAPs/ads/whatever. I mean the Clap Hanz golf game is awesome, Fantasian is looking pretty god darn good to me so far, and the selection of “app store classics” they’ve got going is actually a solid bunch of games. If you're into the Apple One thing this is turning out to be an alright deal.

Well I happen to have an Apple TV 4K and Apple decided to throw 3 free months of Apple Arcade at me for no reason (I‘ve had this device for over a year). So I guess I’ll be trying this Fantasian thing! And, uh, whatever else looks good!

@exodus#23628 YES! That was my favorite part of FFXV so far. Cooking with your friends, doing dumb quests, just exploring… it feels weird in a sense, but the sense of “chilling with my bros” got me so engaged with the game that once the game gets linear I got increasingly bored even with the new features implemented in the Royal Edition. It's kinda sad, but I think the vibes of the game (and also of the anime episodes linked to that) was probably the parts I enjoyed most of that game.

For now, let's wait on more news and streams about Fantasian. I'll take a look at what you've posted.

based on what i‘ve watched so far, it does look pretty interesting. the diorama thing is cool, it’s nice to see that a unique approach yielded unique(ly charming) results. the battle system seems like it could go in some cool directions too.

presumably this is old news to most, but i also just found out that what launched today is just the first half of the game; the second half will come later in the year. episodic narrative is definitely one way to keep people locked into their subscriptions, i'm almost surprised it hadn't (?) been done before

@Syzygy even having watched quite a few of them games, i somehow never knew that. thanks for setting me straight.

i was skeptical at first but now i'm totally sold on the diorama approach, it has all the charm of pre-rendered backgrounds without feeling like a simple throwback. the combo of the dimengeon and attack arcing seems to make for an unusually fun and gratifying form of turn-based battle, too. sakaguchi really managed to reimagine all these nostalgic tropes in a way that feels genuinely fresh

also, uematsu‘s never been the be-all end-all for me by any means (prefer mitsuda by far), but a couple hours deep it seems like he did some great work for this soundtrack. i’m definitely gonna need a copy