Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Discussion and Speculation Thread (SPOILERS)

You all seen that state of play?

@“connrrr”#p151972 I just finished it and have to say it‘s changed my mind on getting the game now in a good way! Some of the QoL changes they’ve added look very promising and they end the game, which they announced in the trailer, seems the logical step to finish part two of three.

Honestly, the only thing keeping me from buying it a launch day (Aside from also having to a buy a PS5) is the amount of time it'd take to play it all and enjoy everything they've added which looks like a _**LOT**_

Played the demo. It’s great that Cloud and Sephiroth’s battle abilities now more accurately reflect their Smash Bros. moveset. Now THAT is Deep Lore.

Also kinda liked turning the Nibelheim flashback climax into an Epic CoD Level (with “climb the yellow handholds” and “push the dumpster” traversal segments that indicate Square has _rigidly_ studied Naughty Dog but still maybe isn’t totally clear on how level design works). Some of the ways they use UI “jank” to foreshadow the unreliability of Cloud’s narration is pretty neat, wish they’d gone further with that! That said I can’t help but notice in all these flashback scenes that Gackt isn’t present _at all_, which really seems like a serious oversight.

Love the physics in this game. First house I stepped into in Nibelheim, Cloud is kicking an entire sofa chair at people’s heads within about 20 seconds. Also pretty sure I got a glitch during a battle? Wish I’d written down what happened specifically - it didn’t break the game or anything but it was startling to see in a major SquEnix game so close to release. Hopefully to be patched out by release.

@"Hunter"#p152133 Hey now let’s be fair, the overwhelming majority of complaints about _Advent Children_ are addressed at the script and not the animation or fight choreography. I don’t mind that Square has spent two decades trying to make a fitting game engine for sparkly magical wuxia craziness, I’m just bummed that it’s become **the** singular aesthetic of Final Fantasy.

Also on the subject of violence, it sucks that as graphics have gotten more proportionally realistic and (I assume) Japanese ratings boards have gotten stricter, JRPGs have resorted to increasingly lame and squeamish flinches to keep all violence bloodless even during key story moments that were obviously storyboarded as bloody scenes - which is really conspicuous in the Nibelheim demo. Xenoblade is routinely guilty of this too. The gory shock value of finding the Midgar Zolom impaled on a tree will not register the same way in the remake, I’m guessing!

On the soundtrack: so much of Uematsu’s classic work and FF7 in particular is composed for hard, flat melodic prog rock synth sounds and it sucks that every single game where another composer remixes and rearranges Uematsu’s tracks seems to completely miss this. Especially since Masashi Hamauzu is an excellent composer in his own right! Like I LOLed hearing a major key “heroic” mix of Sephiroth’s theme when he’s introduced in Nibelheim but behind the more creative expansions of the original game’s musical vocabulary like that nothing in here really matches the overpowering mood of the original lo-fi orchestrations, and maybe it could have if the sound team were more sensitive about where the original game using Vangelis/Tangerine Dream/ELO style electronic textures was aesthetically substantive and not just a technical limitation!!

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loling at the dumbing down of “geological stratum” from og VII to “rock layer” in Rebirth.

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Mega Omni Ultima Knights of the Round Tables mime materia x100 RANT:

After the way things went with part 1, and the way internet gamer discourse always goes, **I just wish people would be nice** to FFVIIRB. You know, the catalyst for me realizing who Tim Rogers is, what he and Insert Credit stands for all along, their subtle influence over the years, and me coming to this forum was **entirely because Tim’s Positive nuanced video review of FFVIIR was the only one I could find that matched my opinion at all, and lead me to look into his work.**
Please, at the very least, mark your spoilers. I’m probably not going to be able to play the game any time soon, and it means a lot to me.
If saying that I think people are overly harsh on FFVII Remake **for what it is** makes me a “Stan” (whatever the fuck that even is supposed to mean gdi), then so be it. There’s so much room for a nuanced conversation of meta narrative here that I feel very few people are **qualified** to have an informed opinion on. If that’s gatekeeping, again so be it, man. Noobs can enjoy or not enjoy, but they don’t get to tell me it’s a “shit game” or not when they are lacking context. -The understandably heavy and deep context here. It hurts to see typical gamerbro groupthink hyper critical knee jerk shit takes strictly from the context of “what’s happening in gaming” these days.
It’s the sort of thing that I say a lot— I think it will be decades before we really have a clear understanding of what is really going on here.

And maybe I’m being a little over dramatic here, but I hella miss syzgy’s posts in a thread like this.

This isn’t crisis core, this isn’t advent children or whatever SOLDIER PUBG, this isn’t _The Third Birthday_, it’ FINAL FANTASY ~(fucking) SEVEN *REMAKE***PART II**

Barret is KING across all media and would out smoke any mf in any universe— even snoop dog

Most relatable video game character for me. Trust me I’ve been on the news talking to shinra just like he did in FFVIIR, and (Barret voice, pointing my giant barret finger at the screen) at the end of the day, the Jokes always on THEM!

Literally pity the fool who would drain the planets energy. I want barret to look at the tv and say he would pity the fool. He’s one step away from doing that at any given moment.

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I have watched this once

I have watched this twice

I have watched this three times

I have watched this four times

I wanted to count up to seven, but it is impossible.

Everyone watched Tim Rogers‘ stuff about Final Fantasy VII Remake if you haven’t.

I think we lost a few posts in the transition, but that just means there’s fewer spoilers to stumble upon!

Costa Del Sol city was cool and I enjoyed it, but I was ready to move on. Halfway up Mt. Corral now.

My open world experience just gets weirder and weirder. In the grasslands, I had a big compulsion to complete all the quests and burned out on them. Junon was better. But Costa del Sol was weird because it didn’t indicate that some quests can’t be completed until later. Kept trying to go through the swamp on a Chocobo.

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I forget who made this point in the old version of the thread, but it’s interesting that Rebirth plays a lot closer to the original game’s events most of the time, and also feels like a DIRECT sequel to Crisis Core: Reunion because of . . . Reasons.

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Elena is my favorite “new” character. She’s great. She bicycle kicks a grenade which is rad. Later, she gets in a helicopter and says “See you later shitbirds!” while flying off which is even more rad. I like the way they’re writing her as a junior member on a senior team and a bit immature.


Apparently all of you have finished the game, and I just arrived at the gold saucer.

But I’m here to discuss the spoilers inherent in the OST’s track titles.

I guess it hasn’t gone live in the States yet, but you do get to see the names. I was really hoping for a “Qui-Gon’s Noble End” situation from 1999, but SquEnix did a better job.

Based on my position in the soundtrack, I might have a lot more game to play!

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i haven’t finished yet, but i did fall off of it for the moment. gonna try to push through tonight/tomorrow as i feel like i’m pretty close to being done, but i keep getting distracted playing other stuff that i’m enjoying a bit more and i didn’t want to clutter up this thread with whiny nitpicks in case i’m the only one who isn’t having a lot of fun with this one.

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They look pretty spoiler free, outside of pretty surface level things (most of which anyone familiar with the original would already know), yeah

As for me, I’ve continued thinking about the game since finishing it a few weeks ago, but I find myself mostly waiting for the third installment since I focus a lot on narrative and this one is presently incomplete. That makes it sort of tricky to talk about!


Missed opportunity for fun track titles. Please post your own suggestions:

  • Sephiroth’s Sharp Sword Strikes!
  • A Date With… Barett?
  • It’s hard to date on two feet
  • Aerith meets Aeris
  • Tifa Strikes Back
  • How to pronounce “Cait Sith” correctly

They’re saving this one for her slap-fight in part 3, clearly


Hey, I’m even further back. I just left Costa del Sol. I expect I’ll finish by May.