Frog Pond fulla Palm Fronds

Also, despite not looking like one at all, this boss also pops little babies out of its back like a [Suriname toad.](

@“Gaagaagiins”#p150257 E.V.O. rules and you can role play as any number of frogs including an amphibious human being, so that makes it one of the top frog games.

Does Tetsucabra count? I say it counts.

Placing a Baby Tetsucabra in Monster Hunter Rise’s village and then never adding Tetsucabra into the game nor its Sunbreak expansion was one of the biggest dickmoves in a while from Capcom…

Here is a cool video on the series’ three amphibians:

Non-game example: the crunchy frog.

Frog, Frogg n Froggy

Hit it n git it happy toady Tuesday everyone

Brave Story: New Traveler on PSP…who is she….

In Papo & Yo, when Monster eats a green eyed tree frog, he gets the fire in him and [cw child abuse].


You could get a [shirt]( for your PS Home avatar that I assume functions like a hoodie—or maybe it replaces your head.




frogs if they were canadian

@“sabertoothalex”#p150702 with the dark cloud ass font!


@“treefroggy”#p148234 Here’s Filmia from Legend of Legacy, a somewhat more obscure frog prince rpg character

**Legend of Legacy HD Remaster** is releasing this Friday in Japan. (March 22 in the West.)

@“connrrr”#p150708 yo, so the first ever commercially-published video game developed in Canada seems to have been a 1982 Apple ][ game called Têtards (“tadpoles,” officially anglicized as Baby Frogs).


*In 1982, Quebec publisher Logidisque released the very first Canadian-made video game. Têtards was a puzzle game created by high schoolers Marc-Antoine Parent and Vincent Côté on the Apple II.*

You can catch a glimpse of it early in [the video]( linked in the article before they switch to playing a game about job-hunting instead and start talking about programming. Then the host appears to answer a question about whether the kids are Martians and replies that they're just good québécois boys.


I-35 Frogger. Timestamped for explanation:

There are so many frogs in [Jill of the Jungle](, I had to make this gif:


Just made some new frog friends.