Game development tips, tricks, flexes, or general non-sense

Oh oops, I’ve been away from the forums for a bit and missed this conversation! Thanks for the kind words and such!!

I know Toru Iwatani was (is?) a game design professor, so maybe he taught about his own game some time in that range? For me personally I learned about Libble Rabble from the Action Button Pac-Man review :-)

Anyways, I put up a Steam page for the game, if anyone feels like wishlisting. It’ll probably end up being $1 or free. I’ve heard from a handful of folks that having something up on Steam looks good in a portfolio, and I figured I have the time so hey why not! Lots of things have been updated since the gameplay above, and more things are being worked on whenever I have the free time. I’m looking at releasing in ~early-August.