Games for Cheapskates

While tracking all game deals is done better elsewhere, this thread is what it sounds like: for drawing attention to game deals so low as to attract even the unemployed. Talking the 85 - 100% off and <10USD range. Talking ‘you could conceivably pick up enough change off the street to afford this’. I would like it to be for games that have a cost and temporarily or permanently lower it, so no Genshin Impact, but yes to formerly subscription-needed MMOs that go free.

The following games are currently free on PS4 / PS5:

Ratchet & Clank (Until March 31 2021)
Abzu (April 22, ditto all below)
Enter the Gungeon
Rez Infinite
The Witness
Astro Bot Rescue Mission
Paper Beast

oh nice, I’ll definitely grab Gungeon (I have it on switch but I’d like to try it with a real controller), subnautica, thumper, and the witness. I’ll keep an eye out to report!

The Nintendo eshop has a capcom sale going through the end of the month with some nice sub $10 stuff. Some monster hunter, resident evil, and mega man in there among others.

Holy mackerel, I've wanted Rez forever, thank you. Will also keep an eye out.

ps5 is supposed to come this weekend. i skipped out on the last console generation and most of the the one before that so it's still insane to me that PS and Xbox compete now by seeing who can give you more free games

On PC the Epic Games store has a free game once a week.

Creature in the Well is free at the moment.

GUILTY GEAR Xrd Rev.2 is super cheap in many regions of the PS store until the end of the month. I don‘t have a tool to see all regions at a glance but I know it cost me $1.67 in the AU store and is similarly priced in the UK store, it’s ¥97 in the JP store, etc - full price in the US store for some reason though.

10000000 and its sequel You Must Build a Boat are excellent puzzle/action/rpg hybrids and are probably my favorite mobile games ever. No gacha mechanics, no in app purchases, just nice old-school self contained games. $2.99 each on iOS or Android. Might break the bank at $4.99 on Steam, but they probably play better on mobile anyway!

@goonbag#23675 Darn, I would buy that immediately if only it were that cheap on the American store.

I don't know if just everyone in the world knows about this website already but [PS Prices Dot Com]( tracks the price history of games on the most popular digital storefronts (except Steam, for some reason), which is to say if something is on sale currently, you can check whether it's ever been cheaper, and if that proves to be the case it will likely be that cheap again in the future.

Downwell is always cheap, so much that it‘s the only game that I’ve re-bought on multiple platforms digitally! I‘m glad they made my ultimate game design for me, so that I don’t have to now!

Ikaruga for Xbox 360 / One / Series is currently free on the Argentinian Microsoft Store, but you can add the game to an account from any region and install as normal.

Always baffled by how heavily discounted some Switch games are, usually around $2. Some are bad, but there are usually diamonds in the loading screens.

Here is a link that should get you to the cheapest stuff the fastest (for USA at least):[generalFilters][0]=Deals&dFR[platform][0]=Nintendo%20Switch&dFR[priceRange][0]=%240%20-%20%244.99&indexName=ncom_game_en_us_price_asc

A few good current deals

@Syzygy#23792 A friend sent me the link!

This seems to happen relatively often with 'Games with Gold' 360 games that for whatever reason stay free after their initial giveaway period in some regions. Japan, South Korea and Argentina more often than not.

Here are a few more. None as good as [Ikaruga]( but free is free:

  • - [Sensible World of Soccer](
  • - [Stacking](
  • - [Costume Quest](
  • - [de Blob 2](
  • It's worth checking these regions' stores once every few weeks anyway if you have Xbox Live Gold, as the free _Games with Gold_ games often vary between regions and can be claimed and installed normally wherever your account is actually located. What's more, due to a quirk in the way Xbox 360 content licences were handled, most 360 games claimed through _Games with Gold_ stay on your account forever whether or not you have an active subscription.

    _edit: Some more Xbox freebies..._

  • - [Crackdown](
  • - [Crackdown 2](
  • - [Phantom Dust](
  • @copySave#23806 Pix the Cat is WELL worth $2.

    XIII is free on GOG

    Last day to get the Switch localization of the original Fire Emblem for $6 before it's sealed away in the Disney Vault

    @kory#24231 as someone who has never played a fire emblem title, is this worth it?

    @Cheddahz#24236 Honestly haven‘t played it yet either–just bought it last night based on Tim’s twitter recommendation (and reminder of its impending digital demise). Only came out to like $3 with the gold points I had, so seemed worthwhile.

    Anyone else give it a try?

    Tales of the Neon Sea is free on Epic Games.

    Arcade Archives are $8 and go on sale frequently for $5. There‘s some real gems there like Garou Mark of the Wolves and X Multiply. Granted MAME is free but if downloading roms ain’t your thing.