Games you're thinking about playing

This is a thread for games you often think about playing, whether you‘ve already played them or not.

The only rule is that they can’t be games you're playing currently.

Maybe someone can convince you to play them!

For me, it's most games cause I work like 70 hours a week lmao.
But specifically I think about playing all of the Shenmue games over again, especially Shenmue 3.
People seem to not love Shenmue 3, but I did get a pretty cozy feeling from it.
I also love eating cloves of black garlic all the time just so I can keep running or whatever; it's very silly!
There's also a moment at the end that's ultimately anticlimactic, but I found extremely satisfying.
I think part of the appeal of Shenmue to me at this point may be that it is a story that may never be finished?

Shadow Tower and Shadow Tower: Abyss.
I've played like 5 hours of Abyss in one sitting last year and really enjoyed it, but seeing as how I'm so busy now, it's really hard just to start over again because it's a game that kind of demands constant attention.
Shadow Tower 1 I've played for about 30 minutes, but I'm very intrigued by it.

Eternal Ring.
I just really love Eternal Ring.
GOTY every year.

Oh man, I‘ve got so many of these. Seems like I’ve got less time for longer, sit-down console/PC games than I do for portable stuff. Especially recently with the World Cup on in the evening. I have been playing lots of Miitopia, which is a really basic rpg, but cute.

Those Yakuza
Dino Crisis 3
Rent A Hero No.1
Disaster Report 3&4
Lost Planet 2
Racing Lagoon
Dr. Slump
Shenmue 123

Those Summon Night: Swordcraft Story games sound interesting, look great and the series creator sounds like a real one.

I would love to just play a ton of visual novels one after another. I don't know what device I'd do this on. Switch would be most convenient but also more expensive than if I played them on my computer, but I don't really enjoy playing games on any of my five laptops so it'll have to remain a dream until I can upgrade to a more cozy PC setup.

What if I just set aside some time to play the *Persona 2*s, or any non-Persona SMT all the way through and actually finish it? I would want to try *Devil Summoner*, the *Nocturne* remaster, DDS or *Devil Survivor*.

The latest podcast episode made me think about *Xenosaga*. I'd love to play just the whole trilogy in sequence.

Writing this reply up has made me realize I might not have a life setup to accommodate serially playing moderately-sized RPGs and I would like to fix that, so I can chew through a bunch that have intrigued me over the years but for one reason or other I haven't been able to dedicate time to.

Playing through Baldur's Gate 3 makes me think it might be fun to play more western RPGs. Like whats that witcher game supposed to be about? I heard that Planescape Torment story is good? Deu sEx? Maybe I will.

Tbh @"connrrr"#502 's pikmin posting has made me much more interested in that series than I ever have been before. Usually I just boot up Pikmin 1 on the dolphin and quit after the tutorial

But I have a lot of games in motion that I need to get back to.... I'm thinking of getting back into Final Fantasy XVI, Metroid Prime, Octopath Traveler II, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and the dozen or so visual novels I own that I haven't cracked into.

@“Tradegood”#p128243 playing Pikmin has been a revelation to me. It's such a tight, lonely, melancholy, triumphant experience to overcome obstacles with the little guys.

I am really tempted to finally play Final Fantasy X for the first time after hearing about someone playing it for the first time recently on a podcast I listen to. I foolishly handwaved it as a teenager because I saw the infamous laughing scene out of context and knew there was no world map and for these petty reasons, I decided Tidus was lame and cheesy and it was the start of the “decline” of FF simply because there wasn‘t a world map and I’m baffled I ever thought that. The battle system sounds fantastic, it looks beautiful (I‘m gonna go with the PS2 version because the HD version faces are really unfaithful to the original’s art style), it has the sphere grid (which Dragon Quest XI borrowed and I adored), Blitzball sounds like it will be my favorite thing ever (I love fictional fantasy and sci-fi sports that can only be done within a fictional world so much), and from what I‘ve heard about the story, it seems like Tidus’s character touches home on some toxic masculinity stuff and issues with feeling failure to live up to one‘s father and that’s stuff that sounds like it would really make the game‘s story resonate me with personally. I’ve been very busy lately but it's just sitting there and I can pop it into my PS2 at any time and I am craving another turn based JRPG right now.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p128260 FFX was probably the last final fantasy game that wasn’t weird and controversial and half baked. It blew me away when it came out, so I’m kinda bummed on your behalf that you didn’t experience it during its time. That laughing scene didn’t even register on my radar at the time.

There are a lot of games I want to try but Dark Souls games are keeping me pinned down. They just feel so good man. I’m in the middle of DS3 and once that’s finished maybe I can return to my regularly schedule gaming.

I want to try Romancing Saga. I’ve heard 3 is the best. It’s ready to go on my ps5. I also want to play some Gameboy color action rpgs. I started Links Awakening today but it was in French for some reason. Oops.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p128260 Love FFX.

Out of context the laughing is definitely silly, but I've always felt it was a very emotional scene.

@“Tradegood”#p128243 Planescape: Torment is really well written. Interesting quests and encounters that feel more "literature"y than "DnD simulation"y. Combat is kinda bad but you can just blast your way through it pretty easily. The world is also really interesting and there were a few places I especially enjoyed exploring. Based on what I hear about Baldur's Gate 3 and what I know about Larian, I think Planscape would be a very different vision of what a wcrpg western RPG could be.

I think about Lost Planet and Lost Planet 2 daily. There was such a lot of potential in those games that will probably never be realised. I play through one of them every few years and have a wonderful time.

I also think about survival horror games set in American towns whenever the sky is overcast or rainy. Games like Silent Hill 2, Deadly Premonition and Evil Within 2. That aesthetic really grabbed me at some point in my life.

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p128260 yeah there was a weird phase where the Internet discourse got a bit funny with FFX. I felt the same way with the open world, but as an adult I realized that you more or less still got from point A to point B in an open world so it's no big deal.

I think Tidus is a compelling enough character. He has some interpersonal drama which I think is interesting. These characters have cool arcs so yeah happy with the game.

But yeah says a lot about the Internet's media literacy when they boil down the laugh scene as "cringe". That was sort of the point - Tidus was essentially teaching Yuna how to put on a brave face. The voice actor says this much as well

I‘ve been thinking about playing Lightning Returns for like five years. I really loved FF13 and thought FF13-2 was fun, but I just can’t commit to Lightning Returns. I think about playing it and then I go do something else.

I got about halfway (?) through the first Great Ace Attorney game way back when, when it first came out on the 3DS. I was really enjoying it, too, especially once they introduced >!Natsume Soseki!<, which I thought was delightful. Anyway at some point I stopped, and I don't remember why.

I got the Switch version a year or two ago, played halfway through the tutorial case, and stopped again, despite loving everything about the experience.

I think about that game all the time. It's my "when I have some time, I'm going to sit down and savour that one" game. Which, at this rate, means I will never look at it again.


@“MovingCastles”#p128414 but as an adult I realized that you more or less still got from point A to point B in an open world so it’s no big deal.

I had this same revelation as I've gotten older, and it's why I don't really care for most open world games in general. For example, I played Red Dead Redemption for the first time a few years ago and got annoyed by it because I felt like I was just roaming around a bunch of scenery between each actual setpiece and everything was very "look, but don't touch" if that makes sense because there's nothing to really do or interact with. This is why the handful of open world games I love are something like Yakuza, where the world is compact but dense and with something to do or interact with every ten feet, or BOTW and now TOTK because it is vast but the world itself is a bunch of interwoven gameplay mechanics and just traversing is actual gameplay with substance because of trying to figure out how to climb and navigate stuff.

Oh yeah. Shenmue is definitely one I think about playing forever. It’s so daunting lol. Also segagaga, but untranslated games probably don’t count because it’s out of my control that I can’t play it.

I’m thinking about playing MOON remix rpg now that I can downscale the English translation to 240p!

@“HeavenlyHalberd”#p128497 yeah I think BotW and ToaK is unique. It turns exploration into a sort of puzzle. Even the weapon degradation, especially early on, encourages scrounging and improvisation with combat. So you can see combat as a bit of a puzzle early on.

Funny you say that about Red. I loved Red Dead 2 but everytime I pick up 1 I just drop it really quickly. I still don't know why. But I think in those instances it's really relying on the player enjoying on the horse riding. 2 does a decent enough job sprinkling random encounters in the open world - but it just needs more of them.

But even with the FF open world - you could run around and explore the map but why would you? There really isn't a crazy amount of exploration and it's only useful for grinding. BUT at the same time it does make you feel like you're in an established existing world so. Eh maybe it's a bit more complicated lol


@“MovingCastles”#p128689 I think FF world maps and world maps from that era in general work for me because I like the enemy encounters and I get the vibe I am traveling a long distance on a journey through fighting enemies and traversing a scaled down continent without the open world thing of actual going across the 1:1 and that way I‘m still getting from point A to B without the fluff (although some debate if random encounters are fluff). It definitley isn’t necessary though if done right in an alternate way. I think Dragon Quest VIII and XI nail it by having you go through large open areas between each town, but there‘s chests, special enemies, caves, and other stuff to find as a reward for poking around without it being too empty or too open but making you feel like you’re making that journey without the traditional zoomed out world map.

What a great idea for a thread! Here is an unsorted list of games that have occupied mindshare with no outlet:

  • - Xcom: Terror from the Deep: I haven‘t played this since circa 1997. It’s too hard and it's too long, but the underwater theme is also Too Cool. :sunglasses:
  • - _Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold_: I know it's a weird _Wolf3D_ key card hunt in a post-_DOOM_ world, but I guess I have mid-90s shareware on the brain because the next one is...
  • - _Jazz Jackrabbit_: Been thinking about this one since Cliffy B was on the show. I suspect it holds up, but I also suspect that it overstays its welcome in the post-shareware episodes. I still have an **actual** USB Gravis PC Gamepad Pro and will be using it when I stream it in the IC-Gaiden Discord.
  • - _Diablo IV_: I'm saving it for Christmas time when I have a break from school and it's been on sale over the holidays, but I also do want to kill a demon so... 🤔
  • - I also want to play some _Chrono Cross_ for the first time since the "Summer of Adventure"™. I'm gonna level with you all: It's extremely unlikely I play some _Chrono Cross_.
  • - Because I'd rather get back to my _Star Ocean 2_ game I started last fall. I think _Star Ocean 2_ is a fall game anyway.
  • Regarding _FFX_, I think it's hilarious that @"HeavenlyHalberd"#p128260 posted what he did because I'm almost diametrically opposite on all the specifics you pointed out! Love the HD version, hate Blitzball, didn't hate the laugh 20 years ago, and playing it again recently, I think the laugh is taken out of context (as others said) and works. Go for it dude! I have been enjoying my time with it!

    @“antillese”#p128707 OH yeah Star Ocean!

    I think about playing all of those games pretty often.

    I‘ve played most of them a little bit and really enjoy them.

    I think it would be very silly if the first I complete is Integrity and Faithlessness considering how much it feels like an alpha, but not buggy (if that makes sense).

    Also, much like every SO the combat’s pretty sick.

    I’m thinking of playing this game on the first week of September instead of that other game