Good evening. What are you listening to? ?

Myself I’m in a Hydeout Productions kind of mood. :heart:

i‘ve been listening to Kenny Burrell’s Midnight Blue pretty nonstop lately. particularly the title cut.

I've been in a RIlo Kiley mood lately

@“whatsarobot”#p86063 I've been breaking my own rules and listening to this throughout the day, thanks.

@“connrrrr”#p86060 Unlike a lot of excellent and complete albums (like this one), the remixes are excellent too:

As for me, while I love スカート and Punpee on their own, I keep wishing they would collaborate more, given how amazingly the ODDTAXI theme turned out (and given how much chemistry the two of them clearly have).

Heard the fourth track playing in the art supplies store today and had to soundhound it.

For some reason I've felt the need to listen to X Japan all day today. I finally sat down and tried to figure out the meaning to the lyrics of this song:

I had always misheard “I‘m at my wits’ end” as “I love my weekend,” so I was under the impression it was just a song about how much he loves the weekend! Spoilers: ||That turned out to not be the case.||

@“whatsarobot”#p86063 love love love love love Kenny Burrell

I was listening to an old playlist i made and was reminded of how much I love this Lisa Germano song.

@“穴”#p88573 haven’t heard this song since 1994-ish when my dad who was in radio let us look through a box of CD singles/radio demos.

i‘ve been semi-regularly shouting, on the shout room, the lyrics to songs i happen to hear at a certain point on friday nights. was just about to do that when i noticed this thread. so now i’ll just come in here on fridays.

Die Explosion im Festspielhaus by-- you know what, it's too much typing.

Borat Voice

Over a decade ago I bought a second hand Xbox and on the hard drive were five hardcore albums from the mid-late 2000s. They‘re all so good, and I wish I could get in touch with the guy who sold it to me because he seemed cool. Anyway, here’s one of them:

*Music for 18 Musicians* by Steve Reich influenced the OST for *A Short Hike* so I've been listening to that also:

I saw melt-banana in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago and they absolutely blew the whole join up

i should be asleep in bed but i'm too busy ascending the jupiter terminus

@“pasquinelli”#p90408 we’ve all been there, buddy