Music - The Topic!

Thought instead of clogging up the amazing good morning/afternoon/evening topics we have, here could be a place to actually discuss in-depth recommendations, discoveries and lists of music.

I mean I am partially to blame (aside from putting together lists), so if you have it but you can’t hear it, share it!


I’m a big fan of music. I even sometimes hum it when there isn’t any playing.


ok who are the best american bands in your opinion

edit - question open to anyone but @TomoftheFog especially because I’m trying to understand a different culture


this is a tough question–do we include individual singer/songwriters and/or people outside of rock music in bands? i suppose jazz quartets would count too.

edit: also there’s a lot of “best” bands that wouldn’t make my fav list. like, grateful dead is probably one of our best bands but i don’t exactly like them. though that’s always the needle to thread with these questions.


Tough one, as it depends on genre and definition of best!

Some of my all time favourite bands are American: Metallica, Faith No More, Fun Lovin’ Criminals. I credit Faith No More as my descent into heavier music as a kid, so from there it all got very metal and I felt the US scene was better than the UK post NWOBHM.

The Beach Boys, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac (Minus the Fleetwood bit), The Doors, Creedence - they’re all amazing bands with incredible albums and songs but one thing I’ll say, maybe controversial is I find the US has very good solo artists. I think the UK is known for bands more then solo acts when it comes to quality and the US the opposite.

Then you have Velvet Underground, The Stooges, The Grateful Dead, Booker T and the MGs so it’s a very genre thing too and I’m contradicting myself!

When it comes to pure quality of songs, musicianship and importance in music and history I do think The Beach Boys really hold it up high. I mean they did Pet Sounds. You don’t have to like them but that is one of the most amazing records ever made.

I’m gonna ponder this one a lot as no doubt as soon as I hit reply I’ll think of 100 more I could consider!


look this is like if I said cold play is one of the best british bands. diplomatic insult


rapid fire, no second thoughts:

  • journey
  • low
  • misfits
  • negative approach
  • prince + the revolution
  • red house painters/sun kil moon
  • trapped under ice
  • tragedy
  • dinosaur jr
  • sparks
  • kiss
  • the gap band
  • pavement
  • steely dan
  • sly & the family stone
  • the microphones
  • the stooges
  • 100 gecs
  • blue oyster cult
  • the replacements
  • the band (levon helm is american)

interesting! i’d argue it depends on the sub-genre.

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There’s plenty of people who do. As you probably worked out I am not one of them though.

Based on that statement I redact the Eagles, but they still have a place in US music

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I agree completely, I think the UK did produce some amazing heavier bands - Napalm Death and Godflesh come to mind, especially the later and their influence but there’s so many genres!

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your out of control


your turn yeso!


Yes @yeso - what’s the best US bands? Say top 5 to make it interesting

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When I think “best bands” I tend towards heavy, noisy stuff or just bands with 6+ minute songs. Longtime favorites are Lightning Bolt and Built to Spill. I also really like Love, Wilco, Modest Mouse, Dinosaur Jr., Swans, Talking Heads, Parliament/Funkadelic, and the Jimi Hendrix Experience (if that counts as American).

When I was a little younger I way preferred structure and sharp vocal melodies. Specifically I love(d) The Strokes’ first two albums, My Chemical Romance’s first three albums, the Brian-led Beach Boys albums, and all the Elephant 6 bands but especially Neutral Milk Hotel.

Current bets for bands that will go on to be discussed as “the best” are Geese and Parquet Courts.

These are all off the top of my head so I’m sure I missed some others I adore. Sorry to those bands. Also if “American” includes Canadian bands I can think of wayyyy more


ok top 5 american bands easy

Maroon 5
Chain Smokers
Dave Matthews band
Papa roach


And that’s what I love about music - it’s entirely possible that you ask someone that question and they could give the exact same answer as you did.

All six. Even the Canadian one!


they got some bangers

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I’ll throw out:

The Doors
Dead Kennedys
The Stooges


just wanted to say i recently switched off spotify for apple music after 10+ years of spotify. i will never look back WRT sound quality. also, apple music has joanna newsom so there’s that.

american bands?
steely dan
Big Thief are on a good run.
Velvet underground


put together some synthpop you may not be familiar with

The couple of albums Charly Garcia did with Pedro Aznar are good. Charly’s solo records from the mid 80s are hit and miss imo

And now, I’m going to share some Polish synth pop. And it’s the good stuff. So I want you to promise never to play the eagles, the grateful dead, or the doors to you children. That is all I ask in return