GOOD MORNING (what are you listening to) ☕

insert credit morning show W710 FM - what are yall on this morning ?

Big chillin

I‘m listening to Harold Vick’s Steppin' Out

A Green/Patton/Dixon joint that I had not known about until recently since none of them were bandleader/it's not a Lou Donaldson record.

It's great as they always are together, and it's got Blue Mitchell on the horn to boot.

this fall show esp the version of arms control poseur (~ 7:00)

A really good still-kinda-sleepy-but-waking-up, playful morning tune, but also listening to these this morning specifically for reference for something else work related.
Also reminded me of this, the Skylight Tune (13:12 in if the time link doesn't work) which I'd listen to often when settling down at my desk with a morning coffee _a lot_ earlier last year.

@“JJSignal”#p53837 those shining wisdom tracks are cozier than my bed.

i've been cutting back on the background sound that i live with, so this morning i haven't put anything on to listen to. but my 8th grade daughter, whom i homeschool, sent me this tune first thing:

was listening to the best post-punk sounding album of the last 10 years, I cried when they played a show near me and I couldn't go

what I was listening to in the morning

french worldy-proggy-folky

I am listening to vocal trance mixes lol

FYI vocal trance is ridiculous but also good

Been jamming Calva Louise's first album the last few days. Their 2021 album was heavier, but this one is still a treat

I‘ve been idly watching / listening to this guy’s videos recently. He DJs a drum and bass set whilst cycling around different UK towns and cities. It's dumb and fun.

Edit: Ah heck, it won't preview here.

Listening to Fenkii


@“TracyDMcGrath”#p53828 I’m listening to Harold Vick’s Steppin’ Out

I’m listening to Joe Jackson’s _Steppin’ Out_! What an amusing coincidence.

Been enjoying this while puttering around the apartment in the mornings before work.

And was listening to this one on a loop earlier this week.

pure moods, idk why either

Picked this Stones album up for cheap recently. Needed a good cleaning. Not a bad album overall.

[upl-image-preview url=//]

Been listening to this album a bunch. Coincidentally to this thread, the the first track is called Morning Light and it's a great wake up tune. Then the next couple tracks are some nice fusions stuff, then it gets sexy, then it gets super proggy. Such a fun album!