Good raps

There must be some other fans of rap music on here, right?

Everything about this is dope, and I had to post it somewhere, but since it already has two million views, it's definitely not "music that nobody knows about" lol.

Hi. I have this page open on a tab on my phone.

@antillese#16108 This is an important resource! (And I only knew about four of these references, so thank you for schooling me.)

I really love hip hop which is a … delicate place to be when you’re an economically lucky white guy. Overall, I try to just enjoy what I like, and be sensitive to whom I share it with in what context so it doesn’t come off as appropriation which is not what I want to do.

Del is probably my favorite rapper. I even got to see him perform live in Portland once! If you like _Deltron 3030_, you will very likely enjoy _Both Sides of the Brain_ by Del and _Full Circle_ by Hieroglyphics, his larger group.

Let’s see, this week I’ve listened to Busta's new album _Extinction Level Event 2_ (it’s pretty good). And Lil Nas X's song _Holiday_ about a dozen times in a row. That song is amazing.

Also insert credit-adjacent: here is [Biggie buying a Super Nintendo]( I laugh out loud every time I watch this.

I really been enjoying this new Kota the Friend EP. Good lo-fi hip hop for the soul.

@antillese#16117 deltron 3030 is so much less known than they deserve, that album is just incredible.

@antillese#16117 Fully agree with your views re: Del. Except, man, when I saw him live in 2002 or 2003, he seemed to be having a pretty bad time on stage. Really lethargic and just not into it. Like at one point he actually just lay down for a while. That was a weird experience.

But this is the first I've heard of ELE2! I must have listened to the original Extinction Level Event a thousand times or more, so I need to investigate. Busta sure has gotten gruff and muscular since those days.

aw yeah mans I hella fucks with the rap shit. I've actually been wanting to make a thread on this forum about some clever gaming references I hear in rap lyrics lol. Here are some of the good ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I wont spam this post with youtube links tho, look em up. If you like rap then I promise you all these songs are good :)

Tiye Phoenix off Polyrhythm Addicts - Revamp
"But my flow, Stevie Wonderful, can't see these sketches
Drop a verse like pieces in Tetris when I spit these geometrics"

Freestyle (from the Arsonists) - Can I Get a Yes?
"Struggling brothers got me for my car stereo
Going through hell, dodging shells like Super Mario"

Noveliss off Clear Soul Forces - Ninja Rap
"The martial artist of vocal arson holding the mic too
Despise you, Strider Hiryu with the haiku"

speaking of, Clear Soul Forces is easily one of my favorite groups and an absolute shame they never got too popular when they were at a skill level way above pretty much everyone else. Ultimately they decided to stop making records together coz they never had success after 10 years as a group. Shame their final record came out just as Covid lockdowns hit too, so they werent even able to perform it and give themselves a proper sendoff.

Noveliss has a reputation for being a super nerd, and while Ilajide has a lot of gaming references in his lyrics too, Noveliss is considered the king of that stuff. Dude has an entire verse making Fatal Fury and Soul Calibur references on this song lol:

Terry Bogard pull your flow card and drop a Busta Wolf without a memory card



lol, and also worth sharing is my favorite Cam'ron thing will always be Opera Steve

@p3ters#16136 Cam'ron. Absolute legend.

Also apparently today is his birthday?! That's a crazy coincidence.

EDIT: Well I guess Cam's birthday is actually Feb 4. So it depends on your time zone.


This track bangs. I’m going to look Clear Soul Forces up. Thanks!

PS. Also DK

PPS. I also love Del