Good raps

God I love hip hop

im a huge rap fan! heres some of my favorite tracks right now

@eur0pa#16379 I was pretty upset when we found out MF Doom past away. I always liked his flow. The Mouse and the Mask is probably my favorite Doom album, but then I‘m also one of those people who really enjoyed Adult Swim cartoons in the early 2000s, so it’s content that is laser targeted at my sensibilities.

This is one of my favorite Doom tracks:
The video also demonstrates effective use of a "cheap" camera trick. It rules.

@antillese#16646 That video is incredible. I feel ashamed that I didn‘t pay him more attention before he died. The Marvel supervillain gimmick made me think I wouldn’t like his shit, I think. I was so incredibly wrong.

@antillese#16646 love doom, here's my favourite

Wow, I've got my playlist sorted for the next several days right here. Such an eclectic mix too. Awesome.

Hands down #1 favorite. Love the part where they reference the “footprints” Jesus poem.

Stuck in my head regularly. Maybe #2 favorite.

I like the story/lyrics to this one a lot but I dont play it around other people because the music seems too jaunty and clown-y. And the subject matter is depressing. The subject matter in all these so far have been depressing in a similar way, I clearly have a taste for a particular kind of downer.

I listened to rap more often when I was younger and [angrier]( I rarely find myself listening to new stuff and instead find myself occasioally returning to the stuff I was into a lifetime ago.

As others have mentioned Del's projects are very good.

A bit of a silly suggestion, but sincerely like this one. Let Tay Zonday explain the economy to you.

I also happened to get into the yung lean stuff when that was trending a few years ago


DOOM is great, my two favorite tracks:

edit: the track on Rapp Snitch Knishes is primarily a sample from [b][i]THE DAVE MATTHEWS BAND[/b][/i] of all origins doing a cover of David Bowie's Space Oddity.

I like rap songs with epic intros :j

also is nobody gonna post mom's spaghetti

Oh yeah, MC Paul Barman is a riot just because he‘s so cheesy but it’s still catchy and good (also more DOOM content):

Oh my god how could I forget.

This is like my anthem

The Insert Credit Forums:

Where thugz get in free,
But you gotta be a G

@phone#16713 I desperately hope that the mystery of who Mr. Fantastik is remains forever.

So im a big Danny Brown fan, and i think Really Doe is probably his most accessible track, despite being loaded with features. Those features are all bangers though, especially Earl‘s

Speaking of Earl, I Don’t Like Shit, I Don‘t Go Outside has been a favorite of mine lately. The beat on this is just insane, like most of his work. He’s very heavily influenced by the late MF DOOM.

Speaking of DOOM, i think Born Like This is a slightly overlooked album of his. By this point in his career, people may have been getting tired of the Fantastic Four skits and interludes. That‘s That, however remains one of his most defining songs. Powerful beat, fantastic lyrics, and DOOM singing, weirdly and fantastically. The lyrics on this one almost sound like this might have been his last project, if it was, it wouldn’t have been a bad way to go out.

Easily my favorite Kanye song. And I'm not just saying that as someone who was already a Bon Iver fan.

"If we died in each others arms/
still get laid in that afterlife"

is a thought that wont leave my brain, as someone who maybe believes in the bardo.



@treefroggy#16714 also is nobody gonna post mom’s spaghetti


I will however post my favorite Run track. "This ain't Jump. This ain't Slam. The name of this record is Bounce!"

No Ratking?

Find myself really into UK Rap/Drill scene