Goofy stuff from your life

Mostly talking about things you normalize but are a little weird if you step back and think about it. For example we got one of those lids to put on dog and cat food cans but then we wound up not using wet food for the dog so now I use it to seal up my condensed milk. I just realized that's a little funny.

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Okay now you go!!

My house is quite hard to find, so visitors, delivery drivers etc tend to use Google Street View to get an idea of where it is. Unfortunately, the house’s previous owner hung a single pair of enormous underpants outside on the line to dry on the day that Google took their pictures so that’s the first thing you see when you’re looking for my house.

@"billy "#p68709 that‘s very good. I’ve heard of folks deliberately doing weird stuff near Google maps cars and I'd like to think the prior resident did this intentionally.

@“exodus”#p68710 I can’t decide if it was international or not. On one hand it’s one of those villages where people are outraged if someone buys the wrong kind of car or paints their door the wrong colour, so I could totally believe that it was sabotage. On the other hand, the guy was like 200 years old and quite the curmudgeon so I could see it being a genuine everyday laundry situation caught on camera.

I followed a Street View car for about 30 miles in 2009, meaning if you looked at a particular route on there you could see me driving my little busted green piece of shit car. I was super proud of this, then they re-did the pictures a few years ago :(


@"billy "#p68711 I was super proud of this, then they re-did the pictures a few years ago :frowning:

You can actually go back in time in street view, just click on the clock thingy.

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The other day I was thinking about this and I actually find it quite interesting and cool that there's going to be a generation of people slightly younger than myself that are going to be able to see the past versions of the places where they grew up and re-visit their cities in the same way they experienced them as children.

Just go into a place that's very familiar to you and go back to the earliest street view date (usually 2007-2011) and I guarantee you are going to feel some nostalgia or something similar. Now imagine seeing places as you remember them from when you were growing up!

@“穴”#p68712 Here I am!

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@"billy "#p68715 beep beep!!

We have kind of an altar of knickknacks set up on one of the windowsills in the living room where you can find two empty cans of Ocean ~~Spray~~ **Bomb** with Vegito and Meowth on the labels, and a palm ivory carving of Psyduck (among other things).

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Hanging up on the wall in the corner is this X-Files collage left over from a previous roommate.

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And outside, our porch light is installed upside down! I think it might legit be my favourite thing about this apartment.

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I think some of that's pretty goofy!

I like the upside-down porch light especially because I feel as though I can see what happened there - they made the hole for the wiring without measuring the full height of the lamp - maybe it wasn‘t fully assembled, maybe they didn’t measure at all - and then when they went to actually install it they were like crap, it doesn't fit.


@“exodus”#p68760 and our landlord almost definitely wasn't paying them enough to correct it so, as long as it turns on! (Yes, it turns on.)

damn, it's all goofy shit here.

my son's computer setup in the living room
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my wife's witch alter is my great grandma's wedding present (the present my great grandma received for her wedding.)
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in front of that are two sewing machines. why?
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this is all in the living room btw. the seating situation is several chairs, and kind of no couches but kind of two couches (there's a couch behind the two corner pieces of a sectional couch, and that couch is also a bed and also storage and **also** totally blocking the door.)
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our compost bucket is an old bucket of sanitizing wipes. the hole in it to get the wipes out is blocked by a part i got for my toilet that was the wrong size.
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i could go on! how do i live like this? pretty happily, to be honest.

Something I find especially goofy is weird junk mail and emails, possibly written by non-human intelligence entities, that just don’t really make sense when you think about them.

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This was especially funny to receive after graduation, this is not even close to my last name. It is not even a little German, and does not end in Stein. But the first part is close, so it is supposed to be my actual name.I think you had to whisper your name to the photographer assistant before you walked across, or something? Or they had someone transcribing names by ear? Either way, very funny. I did it![upl-image-preview url=//]

And for good measure here’s an ad for some good sales on leggings and guns [upl-image-preview url=//]

just like a thread for a certain type of game, where someone says “I don't have the energy to write all I know about this”, my life is built upon goofy stuff, and I can't even begin…

one example, while not in use, my toilet sits on top of a stack of broken/for parts original xbox consoles

Similar to the naming issues above, the IRS sent me a message that some of the 1099s I issued might not have the right identification numbers for the names I submitted. I tried to use block letters but I guess that was not good enough because here's what Michael Kerwin turned into

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@“exodus”#p68793 Funny that all the typos are one key to the left on the middle row of the righthand side of a keyboard.

@“pasquinelli”#p68781 Rocks and Science

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This is pretty goofy

But it’s Donald I’m worried about

(This is for sale on FB marketplace, and also it’s incredibly creepy)

@“BluntForceMama”#p68803 Yikes. Imagine going to a dinner party and everyone has been smoking opium moments after being lobotomised.

@“BluntForceMama”#p68803 Which nephew are they eating? It seems Donald knows.

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Me (depicted) embarking on my now seemingly annual crybaby binge.

Wwwwwow I forgot about crybabies

@"chazumaru"#p68824 yeah man, the disney universe is weird as heck. Like... Goofy has a dog, right? And isn't pluto mickey's dog, and yet he's friends with goofy? Some real fluid relationships re: states of animorph in which they're allowed to exist and persist.