Goofy stuff from your life

@“pasquinelli”#p68781 I feel like I'm in my childhood home again

@“copySave”#p68859 hopefully thatms a good thing.

I don't know how goofy it is but when I was 18 I fractured my lower back picking up a single sock immediately after having a shower.

My bones were very brittle at the time, and I guess it's goofy because I look back on the incident and laugh.


My wife also has a witch alter which is what I was going to post in this thread anyway so that's funny.

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It kinda started as a Halloween display one year but got left up after the holiday passed and we kept adding spooky/occult things to it. The rest of our apartment is pretty modestly decorated.

And on the topic of weird house stuff... Does anyone else predominantly use their back/side entrance as the main entrance if possible? That's been a thing in a lot of places I've lived at, including the house I grew up in and the last house I was in with roommates. We all entered the house through the side patio into the kitchen and the front door entry area kind of became this nowhere space that just wasn't used. Just kind of an interesting thing I noticed.

@“exodus”#p68703 do you use the milk for coffee/tea?


@“milo”#p68906 And on the topic of weird house stuff… Does anyone else predominantly use their back/side entrance as the main entrance if possible?

i do. even before the front door was blocked, we always used the back door.

i'll leave the joke as an exercise to the reader.

@“milo”#p68906 I spy Mistress Ranni <3

@“DavidNoo”#p68909 for flavored tea and this fake grandma-style coffee my mom got me called pero. it‘s of the postum/sanka/inka variety of non-coffee substitutes (maybe sanka is actually coffee I forget). it’s kind of fun stuff! it's barley and other grains.

@milo I like this display a lot! cheesy skulls are pretty much unbeatable as decor in general. I've met a lot of people who don't use their front door as a front door, but I am not one of them. It always struck me as odd because sometimes people have to like... go through a gate and then round the back or whatever just to get inside. Just use the front door! it's right there. But I've also seen scenarios in which it makes more sense to use the side because it's close to where you park, or you always come in from the garage, etc. But for someone who relies on street parking like myself, it's the front or nothing. Also my side gate can't be opened from the outside, which is a major factor.

Back when I had my apartment life, there was a back door, but I was the only person in the whole stretch of apartments who used it. had my own little zone back there, kind of nice.

@“yeso”#p68799 haha i was going to post exactly this. highlight of a good thread for me so far.


@“exodus”#p68703 For example we got one of those lids to put on dog and cat food cans but then we wound up not using wet food for the dog so now I use it to seal up my condensed milk. I just realized that’s a little funny.

Does it make it more or less goofy that I ended up doing the exact same thing with the exact same kind of pet food lid, even down to the same little cartoon dog/cat face? I used a red one with a dog face, but it had the exact thing with the ears sticking out as handles.

Condensed milk is one of the few things other than dog food that come in a small-ish can that, once opened, you're probably not going to use all at once. Plus it's thick, sticky, and moves according to mysterious physics in general, so moving it into a secondary container from the can is just guaranteed to cause some kind of mess. That lid thing was just collecting dust in my drawer after Princess Picky Eater decided she didn't care for the expensive wet food I was buying to entice her to eat regularly, so I felt like a genius when I realized that lid had a second use.

I think this is an example of great minds thinking alike to solve a very specific problem, which is ultimately still goofy.


@“DavidNoo”#p68909 do you use the milk for coffee/tea?

I used it to make blended Vietnamese style coffee shakes, which is espresso (or some kinda strong coffee), condensed milk, and ice, blended in a ice-crushing capable blender.

@“exodus”#p68703 So you are not vegan? Dunno why but I tought you were.

@“Fishie”#p69121 just vegetarian. I wind up having the vegan option at a lot of places because it‘s easier for folks to understand, so you might have seen that with me out and about. But a true vegan wouldn’t drink (most) wine either!

I love the genuine and honest photos in this thread. So many people “setup” their photos these days, rearranging the area and the like. Everyone likes to pretend they have such normalized and sanitized living spaces.

Very fun thread. Goofy stuff is cool!

I have this ridiculous buddy reminding me to do the laundry but in a comforting 'in your own time buddy' kind of way.
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There's something chaotic about my fighting game set up. I bring the keyboard wrist rest with me to locals and tournaments too! Got to lug something around with me now that I don't have a big fightstick to carry!
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There is nothing goofier in my life than this goof.

all my weird stories are horror stories

my kids call old cars ‘dunka-dinks’.

My daughter is either named after a manga character from the 70s or a sitcom actress from the 80s depending on who you ask.

@“thebryanjzx90”#p69385 i don‘t know about manga, 70’s or otherwise, but i'm compelled to guess her name is Soleil.

@“exodus”#p69132 true tho there are a lot more vegan wines these days where they do not use eggwhites to clarify it