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@“yeso”#p155039 i‘m glad she’s getting right into the gums, no gengivitis there

My son received this card for his fifth birthday today and when he opened it, I asked him, “Do you know who that is??”

And he turned to me and in a hopeful little voice, he said… “Mario…?”

And it was then that I knew, I’m raising him right.

today I woke up to the sound of books falling from a high shelf into a literal cymbal and snare

my life is a cartoon somehow

@“[viralata]”#p154705 This happened to my dad every time he took a walk in the yard when I was a kid, only there was also usually a duck or chicken in the mix.


I’m at the Orlando International Airport by myself. (Again.)


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@“HyggeState”#p158338 Nice of them to build a whole international airport for your exclusive use.

@“whatsarobot”#p158339 It was a pre-order bonus for Epic Mickey 2.

@“HyggeState”#p158338 they could've left the stores open so you could grab a neck pillow tho

wish me luck in dealing with lulu lemon customer service today. “Someone” “forgot” to “return” some “not cheap” “items” “despite” “reminders” and it’s uncertain if this “return” “is” “within” the “30” “day” “window” because of the dang “leap year”

Pretty wild that I used to drive over this bridge every single day for years and years when I still lived in Maryland! It was an immense thing and it‘s absolutely bonkers to imagine it collapsing. Also, this is a super busy port, with probably hundreds of cargo ships like this going under the bridge every day. I’ll be really curious to hear what exactly happened!


I was up until 4AM last night, and in that compromised state I was looking at Pink’s’ menu.

I laughed at the Giada De Laurentiis hotdog for 10 minutes.


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almost wrote “sounds goot” in a work email, but as usual my eagle eye caught the typo in time. I’ve seen many co-workers fall victim to the embarrassing work typo, but I remain unvanquished


I have written “sounds goof” so many times. There’s simply no coming back from it.


this is what it must have been like storming Omaha Beach and you see the guy next to you get taken out by headshot


it’s not the worst airport!

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on the way to work i pass this hotel that looks like a big LAN switch