Gotta discuss 'em all!! (The Pokémon Thread)

I've discussed this sort of stuff^1 over in the Happening Now thread before, and sometimes mention events in the IC-Adjacent discord stream-notifications channel, but maybe people interested in this thread would like to know about:


This coming weekend, there is a new radical video art edit being premiered - and this time it is of _Pokemon: The First Movie_.

Important warnings: expect flashing lights/colours, maybe strobes, etc.



[size=10]1. Apologies if nobody is interested in this stuff. I just think it is really neat and want to share things I think are really neat.

Unfortunately, reviews say the pokemon toaster is cheap for a reason and breaks quickly. I'll save up for a toaster oven instead.

@"rejj"#p159059 holy cow yes!! Don't apologize!!!!

@“connrrr”#p159073 it was a fun dream for a while. the only thing worse than a cheap toaster is a gently loved pre-owned cheap toaster lol

@rejj seriously everything you share is neat. please never stop.

@“rejj”#p159059 damn I missed this. Do you know if there will be a VOD?

@“connrrr”#p159625 There's no VOD of this stream, but there was mention that there will likely be an encore screening soon. Also, the next big SegFest weekend event is scheduled for the end of April, and I expect it to also have a rerun during that.

These things also often eventually make their way to after a while, I'll be sure to let you know when that happens if you like.

(also also, there was a secret unannounced bonus feature screened during this same stream after the Pokemon movie -- an edit of _Paprika_, all of the above likely applies to that also)


@“rejj”#p159691 Paprika


Please do keep us in the loop!!

Pokémon = Problems!

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ya gotta


Pokedex entry for GINKAR:

“Has the power to kill.”


Hello Pokémon experts. I’ve played little bits of occasional games in the series over the years (from memory I think I’ve played at least some of LeafGreen, Diamond and Y).

Owing to the current schoolyard craze, I’ve been playing LeafGreen with my six year-old. We’re having a great time! However, I think we’re getting to the end and it’ll soon be time to move on to another game in the series.

What should we do?

Do we work through generations in order? Is there any benefit to that?

Of each generation, is there a preferred edition to play? Are the later ‘third’ versions the way to go?

We’re going to be emulating / flashcarting a lot of these, so transferring Pokémon between games is probably not something we’ll do. This does mean we have access to basically all of them, so feel free to recommend games from the entire pool.

Other general advice also gratefully received.


@connrrr (and everyone else potentially interested)



I would recommend playing whichever seems the most interesting to you and your kid! There’s no real need to play in any sort of order, they’re all made to be someone’s first pokemon. The third versions are generally best, with the exceptions being Yellow and Ultra Sun/Moon being more alternate versions than improved versions, and Black/White 2 being direct sequels to Black/White.
Also, depending on who’s doing most of the playing, it might be nice to consider that the more recent games (I would say anything on the 3DS and beyond) are noticeably easier.

Edit: Forgot to address this

Do we work through generations in order? Is there any benefit to that?

By playing Leaf Green first, you’ve basically got all the narrative background you could need going forward, because almost all callbacks are to Kanto. Gameplay wise, things stay mostly the same, but new gimmicks are introduced with every game from the 3DS onwards (Megas, Z-Moves, Gigantamax, etc.)

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This is good and one of the things I was worried about! By what you’re saying I take it that the new additions are mostly one-time gimmicks that are then replaced by new ones in future entries? We won’t suddenly jump into a more recent game and not understand some new core mechanic or terminology?

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Yes, they all exist for one generation and then disappear, so no worries there. The only time there’s overlap is in the post-game of Sun/Moon, when you have access to both Mega Evolution and Z-Moves, but it’s totally optional and hard to even unlock.

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I’ll add that my favorite far and away is Heart Gold/Soul Silver. If you enjoyed Leaf Green, it would be a great one to try next. It’s got my favorite feature where the first 'mon in your party will walk around behind you. And there’s this photographer who will take your picture at key moments throughout the game and you get a nice photo album at the end to see how your team has grown.