Heavy Music

the other day over on the action button discord @exodus linked this scum record which got me thinkin about death metal & black metal from finland and i've been revisiting a few records i really like from there


demilich's **nespithe** is probably the most celebrated release to come out of the finndeath scene. i got to see them play at saint vitus in brooklyn back in 2018 and **That Owned**.

rippikoulu is more on the death/doom front, super heavy. good stuff, was going to see them this year but that tour unfortunately got canceled

a lot of the finnish black metal bands get way weirder than other regional scenes, oranssi pazuzu's new record **mestarin kynsi** is a real good psych rock / avant garde black metal trip. circle of ouroborus has a super extensive discography (somethin like 25 full lengths in the past 15 years & a bunch of EPs/split releases) usually they are somewhere inbetween black metal & post-punk but a couple of their records dive deep into neofolk territory. absolutely great band, would recommend diving through the discog, their newest record **viimeinen juoksu** is firmly in atmospheric black metal territory but probably also a Good Place To Start. a lot of their records are kind of hard to find cus they were only released in very limited physical runs but rips exist on the internet for most of it.

anyway, hit me with some esoteric heavy music stuff!!!

I think the heaviest I get outside of Mick Gordon music is the Swedish band Sabaton. While they fall more into the power metal genre they are much heavier than others. A little one note with songs only about wars and conflicts, but they're one of my favorites. (video works on youtube)


the new necrot album owns

Finns, huh??

Well, I'll just take a left turn right into americatown - not sure how esoteric you want to get, and if you want to expand past death metal, so I'll start with some deathier stuff.

Disincarnate - my favorite death metal band by miles when I was growing up. Turns out they weren't that popular, but then later they became "legendary" as happens.

Dead Horse - they were less death, and more like uhhhhh downtuned country in a weird way? But this sludgy song got a lot of play in my life.

Macabre - have you ever heard something so bad that you liked it no matter what you felt like doing? Well that's Macabre's Fish Tales for me.

Morbid Saint - another band nobody knew about forever then discovered later and decided they liked. Well... they rule so... good! It's like Possessed meets Vio-Lence with some Razor thrown in.

Absu - they're popular! that's cool. This is one of the best metal songs for my taste out there.

Atheist - they got back together and toured before covid and I got to see them and I EXTREMELY do not regret it even though I got knocked around pretty bad in the pit because there weren't quite enough people in it.

Cattle Decapitation - okay everybody knows them, but I get the sense some folks might have stopped listening to them as they gained popularity? I kind of think Death Atlas is their best song in years. your mileage may vary on melodic-ish vocals, but I like how it's done here.

Burning Witch - burning witch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck trying to make anything that sounds like this.

Unholy - Okay back to Finland!!! this is my favorite Finnish metal band. Goth doom sludge that remains weirdly obscure, I can't figure it out. I can see the combo not working for some folks but... well whatever

fff it rules and good luck finding anything else that sounds like it.

The new necrot album DOES own by the way

I'll come back and make a million more recommendations later

The first album I really listened to in 2020 was the new Insect Ark and that sure did set the tone


@exodus#5583 oh man did you hit that cattle decap/atheist tour? i almost went to the nyc date but bailed last minute. thought it was cool that they had full of hell & primitive man opening parts of that tour, both of those bands are great live. i never got too into cattle decap but don‘t really get the amount of vitriolic hate they get on some pockets of the internet.

i’d absolutely kill for a burning witch reunion tour but i did get to see sunn o))) do a two piece set in a 250 cap room last year, easily one of the loudest things i've ever witnessed.

the vocals on this macabre track are so fucking wild sounds like king diamond lost his voice holy shit.
gonna give that unholy record and that disincarnate record a spin today i think, haven't heard those before.

@robinhoodie#5586 haven't checked this out yet but i know colin marston recorded it, i know he records **a lot** of bands but usually i can chill in some capacity with music made by anyone who decides to record with colin. reminds me i still have to hit that new krallice record...

it only just hit me that this is probably the longest i've gone without going to see a show since i started going to shows... last bands i saw were **TODAY IS THE DAY** & **THE OBSESSED** back at the end of february.

Yeah, I went to that atheist tour - after missing a few bands coming through because of laziness - e.g. eyehategod, and then the singer died after that, I realized I just needed to force myself to go out. I missed Mordred, the first metal band with a DJ, playing literally 3 blocks from my house. They were a bay area thrash band who incorporated a DJ, which of course I “hated” at the time, but now it‘s kinda charming, because the way they did it wasn’t even nu metal or metalcore!? Also it didn't stop me listening to the cassette a bunch of times to where I actually know several of their songs.

Like it's so cheeseball I can't hate on it.

Anyway it's stupid to not see bands because of laziness, so I made a pledge to stop doing that. And I saw Atheist! Then america shut down forever, owned. Also I skipped Yob even though I had been listening to them since literally y2k but uhhhhh oops.

This insect ark reminds me a lot of Tarantula Hawk, so if you like this I reckon you'll like them!!


I'll make a bigger post of greater obscurities later, now that I know what I'm looking at here.

@robinhoodie#5586 so i hit this insect ark record, and almost immediately after finishing it i pulled up a video of a live set. would be cool to catch 'em live when things are a little more normal


@exodus#5606 this mordred track is so corny but yeah this also kind of rules. checked out that Unholy record also, very cool stuff rare that like, death doom-y stuff can incorporate those kinds of cleaner sections and not immediately lose my interest, gonna check out some of their other records.

on another note...i listened to a couple 2020 records today

Temple Nightside - Pillars Of Damnation, pretty cool stuff black/death stuff that doesn't go too far into 'war metal' territory and still has discernable riffs.

Directive - Beget New Eras the aesthetic & description on this bandcamp page is...pretty goofy but i can hang with the PE/noise stuff they got goin. a lot of attempts at incorporating noise alongside other forms of heavy music are entirely lost on me but i think they might be Onto Something Here.

my first encounter with Krallice was seeing them open for converge back in 2011. i absolutely hated their set in the moment but could not stop thinking about it, eventually what they were doin' clicked for me. the early records are cold dense black metal but this new one kinda continues that push into super dissonant death metal that they've been doing on the last few records.

i dig almost every project steve peacock is part of, my favorite's probably ULTHAR but this new spirit possession is cool. sounds kind of like a lost second wave black metal record.

@golok#5655 Damn! I would have loved to have gone to see Insect Ark and I live in NYC so Vitus would have been no problem. I am pretty sure I had no idea that show was happening. But who can remember this year. All of this is to say I really miss going to shows.

Enjoying listening to all these!

Temple Nightside's vocals remind me of the old echoey doom-death bands like disembowelment. good riffs indeed!

Directive definitely has a good sound - wish metal in general would drop the "filtered through cotton balls" approach to production though. I feel like I'd really be appreciating this a lot more if I could hear everything in it.

Spirit Possession is probably my favorite thing shared in the thread so far. Definitely my kind of deal, I just went and bought the cassette before the song was over, heh.

That one kind of reminds me of Dave Slave's Doomed And Disgusting:
don't watch the video because there's a lot of gross mouth and eye closeups

Here's a band that seems to have flown under the radar of a lot of folks I know for whatever reason - Craft.




I'd be reluctant to even call them black thrash, I think they're closer to 1st wave blackmetal with better production and songwriting. Like what if blackmetal bands tried to be bands instead of vibes. I haven't managed to get many people hooked on them but their riffs resonate with me, and each song has at least three hot riffs in it instead of just the one, meaning the songs actually have a reason to be 5 minutes long.

talking of war metal, nachtmystium - who I sincerely hope are not NSBM but it's so hard to find info on these things. great riff but I'll remove them if they turn out to be fascists lol

Vondur - another "crossing my fingers they're not fascists" band with a great musical vibe

if anyone likes proto-metal, I'm big into Overdrive, which is pretty unknown around here (even my swedish proto metal buddy hadn't investigated them)


Here's one with vocals

Speaking of which, everyone who doesn't know Oz should get into that. I think they've been getting rediscovered lately, which is good!

uhhhhhhh more later!

I'm basic, so I only have those shoegaze/black metal and hardcore/death metal hybrid bands on heavy rotation

like this:

but I've had fun listening through all the bands in the thread

@exodus#5692 oh man craft.

craft is a band that i think gets unfairly derided by some people as a 'darkclone' band alongside **katharsis**. i've got some blindspots in their discography but FTU/VOID are real good albums, i downloaded their 2018 record a while back but i don't think i ever got around to listening to it. how's that one?

i think nachtmystium might have been bootlegged by an NS label or released something with one before? i never really checked them out because of all the goofy scammer nonsense about blake judd but this track is cool, might track down some stuff.

i'm such a noob when it comes to like traditional heavy metal / proto-metal, i like the early judas priest records which i guess kinda fall in line with this sound. i like stuff like manilla road's crystal logic but i don't know if that's like early power metal at that point?

got about a minute and a half into this OZ track and **immediately** downloaded it. into it.
don't know if i'm grabbing the sweatpants though...

if you liked that spirit possession record this might be up your alley
solo project of the drummer from **NEGATIVE PLANE** who are Real Good

@jaws#5718 i absolutely loved Mælstrøm when it came out and got a chance to see them play to like 50 people in a basement when they toured the US, it absolutely owned. i wasn't too into what they were doin on rheia, damn that record was already four years ago huh, i wonder if they're still working on anything. they're a cool band hope to hear somethin new from 'em soon.

a lot of the shoegaze/black metal hybrid stuff kinda loses me but i love bands like lantlos & alcest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cY1jQ3xeGk
this is probably more on the post-rock / black metal front but if you like the gazy bands you might dig it!!!

on another note i really like this band's logo.
this record is pretty cool too, members of ungfell. as far as i know they are not a sketchy band.

can't wait to smoke this whole thread over the next 3 days

Well I'm a specific kind of person but I like all the Craft albums. This album is a bit more “familiar” in some ways but I still quite like it. The songwriting is still there for sure.


And yeah Oz rules. I can share some more obscurities from the thrash and proto-thrash era if that's useful! A lot of the bands I've got in my collection that used to be obscure have been rooted out and held aloft because their band members went on to do something more famous while I wasn't paying attention, heh. (e.g. ceremonial oath, the moaning)

blackmetal (and metal in general) is a minefield when it comes to fascist stuff. when I was listening to this stuff as a kid I just assumed everyone was like me!!

Somehow I never got into funereal presence - the riffs are kinda there, but it just doesn't send me anywhere! I'll make a list of some more interesting stuff and get it up here later. A lot of the extreme obscurities I've got are just not that good, but I kept them because I knew nobody else had them. Mostly bay area thrash bands whose tapes I have just because they were around.

@golok#5763 wow these are great recommendations. thank you so much. I’m not very well-versed in Japanese music scenes, so I don’t know if this is a fair comparison to make, but heaven in her arms gives me heavy Envy vibes & I LOVED Envy. I’m really digging the production & the riffs on this Kvelgeyst record too. Cheers :black_heart:

been a good couple of weeks for New Music Listening for me

the new **undeath** record dropped a couple days ago, i saw them play in a basement last november ||holy shit, it's been a long time since i went to a show...|| and they only had two demos out at that point, so i was really looking forward to something more produced and they definitely delivered. incantation worship that actually gets what made incantation good. i'm into it.

i missed this **odraza** record entirely back when it came out. i like it. drums are sorta reminiscent of that mgla sound ||without the baggage||. would recommend if you're into *slightly* weirder black metal. good riffs.

i can't really say much about the new **serpent column** other than i am very into everything that comes out of this project.

love that dissonant atmo stuff.

@golok#8250 If you have a spare moment and are inclined would you post a suggestion or 2 for someone interested in heavier music, but so far only likes 1) the first napalm death record, 2) godflesh, and 3) heavier psych and hardcore punk? If you have any points of entry in mind I would appreciate the recs. Imposing on you due to the grouper av thank you

@yeso#8263 oh heck, i would honestly recommend diving into the next few napalm death records, From Enslavement to Obliteration & Harmony Corruption are both great, and possibly their best records. though harmony corruption goes more into death metal territory.

i don't want to link spam too many suggestions, so i'm going to limit myself to three youtube links with a cumulative running time of like, less than 40 minutes.

if you like the first few napalm death records i think assuck would very much be up your alley. if you dig this, i would recommend checking out some insect warfare, pig destroyer (specifically prowler in the yard & terrifyer), and discordance axis. there was a decent documentary a couple years ago about grind called **SLAVE TO THE GRIND** thats worth a watch.

**the angelic process** is almost like if godflesh and jesu were one project. if you're into this i'd check out planning for burial & nadja. although nadja has kind of a wild huge expansive discography.

this is probably one of my favorite hardcore releases of the past few years, it's short and angry. the person behind it is also the vocalist of CITY HUNTER whose 2018 record still has not left my regular rotation.

@golok#8271 Rad, thanks for taking the time I appreciate it will give these a try and forge ahead w napalm death as you suggest

Actually if you'll allow me to return the favor w a maybe outside the box recommendation. If you're into grouper, look up the (visual) artist Laura Grace (formerly Oldfield) Ford + her zine Savage Messiah (got a nice collection not long ago with verso books). Some resonance at least for me

damb this thread is one of those reminders you get sometimes online where you‘re like “ya i know about something” and then you find a community of people who have forgotten more about it than you’ll ever learn lol.

this thread has some legit metalheads in it so my shit might not be as welcome but most of the stuff i like has more overt punk and hardcore influence, and more melody. i guess i mean punk in sound and not ethos, obviously a lot of the bands that have been posted are punk as fuck.

my favorite heavy band is Converge. everyone loves Jane Doe and I do too, but their You Fail Me album hit me at a perfect time in my life and ever since I've basically been digging to try to find more heavy stuff that's this concise, punk and aggressive.


i like a lot of bands in the Kurt Ballou (guitar player in Converge and producer) orbit. I posted one of their live vids in the concert thread but this band Baptists really does it for me. Good drummer


In terms of more recent stuff I like the new Gulch record. The title is so hilarious I think about it at least once a day and laugh