I like insert credit

It‘s that time of the year when folks like to reflect on what’s been going on during the year and it got me thinking on how enriching and meaningful has been participating on this community these last couple of months.

I registered back in June and even though english is not my native language and sometimes I have a hard time with it I have been consistently posting, and it has made me both enjoy some very interesting discussions and improve my skills with it, so that's nice. Getting to know cool people, discovering cool weird games together and broadening horizons here has been awesome and I hope to be able to keep doing it more.

I don't know, this is just a silly appreciation thread. I think insert credit is very cool, feel free to chime in if you share the sentiment.


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I just joined up and I love it here! Just a bunch of chill, like minded folks to chat about games with. :slight_smile:

i love it baby

All I can say is that I checked out your podcast and grew up loving it. I got it here for the forums at first, but man, your jokes are the ones which put a smile on my face while I'm working.

So happy that this forum exists and that the podcast came back! It really was a bright spot in the year.

Insert credit: the only videogame podcast (for me)

It's been a while since I've used a proper forum and it's been nice having an alternative Avenue for my nonsense and a place I can share some writing that's longer than a tweet. I'm a little proud of the 2 long pieces I've shared here this year, (the Virtual World one and the cyberpunk one I shared yesterday). I hope next year to have more to share, this feels like a nice and welcoming outlet for that kind of thing.

Everyone here has been delightful and I love the way this place encourages everyone to talk in depth about whatever their special interest is. While we might all know different things about differnt subjects, I think what is shared here is enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Ya'll alright in my book.

I was gonna make a “thanks for being here!” thread but I might as well join in on this one! I just want to thank everyone for hanging out here and making this place a nice zone to talk about stuff. It‘s really a wonder to be a part of a forum community that’s growing as opposed to contracting in 2020, and it really does seem as though, at least for some of us, this was a needed space, because we don‘t have the most users - it’s 1 away from 420 (nice) - but the forum is so active and vibrant with discussion, it rules.

I'll ask this in a separate poll thread, but I'm wondering, as we grow here, whether we need some topic subheaders, or if scrolling through 20 newly updated topics every day is fine for everyone? I'm sort of starting to lean toward headers but I dunno if it'll disrupt the flow of things.

i want to say a big thank you to everyone here, including the creators and hosts and mods of the show and the forum, as well as the community posting and listening. i was a big fan of the podcast from day one, made friends with Jaffe through those old Google hangouts, and now i‘m part of it!! and i get to make little audio gags and video clips for something I genuinely like and can say i’m proud of. thank you forever to blaine and jaffe and brandon for taking a chance on me.

and the forum has become a big part of my daily routine. hanging out and getting to know all of you has been a blessing during a year where I desperately needed it. i love y’all. 💖

When I joined in the spring, I had no idea how nice it was going to be to have this forum. I almost gave up on it very early on because I had a moment of being like, “oh no it feels like its a bunch of GAME CULTURE people here.” I am glad I got past my hang ups and gave it another go. I will never really be able to calculate how much these social interactions with the very chill people here helped me keep it together this year.

That is great to hear! Also I do think there were some growing pains early on as we figured out who was here to have fun and who was here to CAUSE A RUCKUS but that has now been smoothed out I would say

Merry Christmas Gamers!

This podcast is one of the highlights of my week! I had been struggling to find a video game podcast for a while and when Insert Credit spun back up it was exactly what I was looking for. A perfect mixture of contemporary and older games discussion, good chemistry, funny. Thanks to all involved for making it!

Really glad I joined the forum too - it's got an awesome vibe going on.

Thank you to everyone on this forum for making this space what it is: a place I look forward to visiting every day. It‘s so nice to have new internet friends with so many interesting and inspiring ideas. Here’s to many more good years.

I’ve only been here a few weeks and love it. What a wonderfully welcoming community, made all the more special because of how different it is from other more toxic gaming spaces. I found the podcast maybe two months ago and have now finished listening to all of what I think of as “New-Insert Credit.” I don’t know whether diving into the older episodes will be as strange and horrifying as the pre-10th doctor Doctor Who series‘, but I’m willing to try. Thanks for being so cool, y’all!

I haven‘t listened for that long nor am I that dedicated of a listener, I caught up to release schedule starting maybe, I don’t know, a month ago, and starting from the revival point. I haven‘t been around for long on the forums either. I’ve just been relentlessly WRITING here for the past few days, though, and I‘m very aware of that (NOT apologizing tho!). I’m happy to say that it‘s because I decided I felt comfortable, very fast. I feel like I’ve needed an environment like this for a long time and I‘m very happy to feel I’ve very likely found it. It comes at an especially convenient time too, for reasons similar to what I‘m sure we’re all feeling as we stew in this crappy world, which could very well be the hell of a better world for all we know.

This comes from a place of love and trust, and is kind of my own response in general to the What's Wrong With Videogames Episode (which I greatly think needs to be an ongoing discussion, everywhere, all the time), but, while I was catching up, the cheeky best thing I felt I could say about the Insert Credit Podcast is that it's better than any podcast comprised of four "white" (presumed to be at least, although, I feel pretty sure is by their own admission) "dudes" (ditto) talking about "videogames" (who knows what a videogame REALLY is?) has any right to be. Is there an inverse to damning with faint praise? Praising with faint damnation.

And, well, I don't have a right to say that anymore and the reason is because it isn't holistically true anymore. Perhaps there was community discussion on the forums when that episode dropped, but I feel pretty sure that the commitment to having guests every second episode combined with who those guests have been was an assurance that there was an internal reaction to that discussion, and it didn't just stay a discussion, it was expressed though action. I feel comfortable enough to say that, yeah, it's about the bare minimum we nee, but I can still appreciate it when in a broader context it's downright fervent radicalism, and enough committed small steps can still overturn a culture.

I think that episode and the tone of that episode was very integral to me feeling that there was something I felt I could trust, here. I could go ON, and believe me, if you've seen me posting in here the last few days, you ain't seen NOTHIN yet, but almost nothing is more frustrating to me than people who seem to be legitimately well meaning, and will speak to or even admit culpability for what some serious societal problems are, but then consistently fail to consider moving past that point and just stay in a loop of feeling sorry about it (or rather what is the performance of feeling sorry about it) and then wondering why nothing is changing. So people or organizations who just fuckin realize they can just DO stuff to tip over the first domino and get change actually happening have my respect. And, I think the people who have decided to hang around here must have at least tacitly also decided to support that, so, yeah, here I am. Let's save videogames from itself

@Gaagaagiins#11771 Yeah on this point, where do I sign the petition to make Gita Jackson and Ash Parrish permanent panelists?

@CidNight#11773 Aware that I‘m saying this on a platform where one of the members of the podcast is a very active presence (and a big part of the welcoming environment, I am happy to say!), and the editor too of course, and I understand there’s valid reason to not state it outright, but I was more or less under the impression that while the guests are brought on because all of the guests have been really cool people and regular guests keep a podcast feeling fresh, part of the idea was to see if a guest‘s creative objectives and everyone’s schedules would line up organically and it would just make sense.

It's like _Elden Ring,_ I'm choosing to believe the lack of an announcement about it means good things are on the horizon.

I‘m embarrassed to say I haven’t started listening to the podcast yet! I've just followed everyone on twitter for like… ever. So I was very glad when I saw the link posted back in March or whatever! Good times! We need to draft some hardcore PC nerds up in here.


@JoJoestar#11740 It’s that time of the year when folks like to reflect on what’s been going on during the year and it got me thinking on how enriching and meaningful has been participating on this community these last couple of months.

It's like y'all ready my mind.


@espercontrol#11758 hanging out and getting to know all of you has been a blessing during a year where I desperately needed it. i love y’all. 💖

I have actually met someone in real life because of this iteration of the IC forum and had a delightful conversation with someone (at like, 10 feet with masks on) about how great Einhander is (so great) which was something I didn't know I needed that day.


@Kez#11765 This podcast is one of the highlights of my week!

Totally agree.


@CidNight#11769 What a wonderfully welcoming community, made all the more special because of how different it is from other more toxic gaming spaces

Watching Brendan kicking someone off in the first like, 2 weeks for being an asshole to other people was a pretty strong endorsement of the community and our mutual values.


@exodus#11757 I was gonna make a “thanks for being here!” thread

I really appreciate listening to the show again. It was such a wonderful and unexpected surprise right as all the lock-down stuff started. Being able to post about weird things about games with the people who make and listen to my favorite podcast is a hoot. I was going to post all of the above too, but everyone else beat me to it. I guess I'll get back to work on my "Toilets of Midgar" post that I promised.

Merry Christmas if that's your jam, and wishing all of us a better and safer new year in 2021.

P.S. if any of you are ever through Portland (once it's open again), make a "I am going to Portland let's hang out" thread and I'll help with logistics.


P.S. if any of you are ever through Portland (once it’s open again), make a “I am going to Portland let’s hang out” thread and I’ll help with logistics.

Same! Except Japan (specifically, Yokohama/Tokyo).