IC Sunday Solvers Club

### IC Sunday Solvers: 6/25/2023



**7** - _Ys_ publisher, often
**8** - Glaring artifact, always optical and sometimes optional
**10** - _Wave Racer_ and later _Animal Crosser_
**11** - _Space Harrier_ + Green Hairier = PC88er ***Answer** **=** **"Atlantia"**
**12** - Wander's quarry
**13** - Your guy, when you need turnips ASAP
**15** - Bossa Nova-soundtracked digital marketplace
**17** - Prolific solo developer of wrestling, prison, pop music, and Jesus Christ sims
**20** - With Geddy Lee, Jaco Pastorius, and Mega Man
**22** - Single-wheeled racer, in PAL terms
**25** - _Lufia II_'s Canine class, suited for combat
**26** - Popular rendering API, now Vulkanized
**27** - Engine for hits by Cactus, Fox, and others
**28** - Rygar's rhyming foe, and a faline hybrid


**1** - Scouser Lemmings-publishers
**2** - Videogames are prohibited from depicting this org's logo, per Geneva Convention
**3** - "Julia Heartilly" in the fiction, with Faye Wong
**4** - "Iso"-metric NES Warrior, differently-titled
**5** - Dream Traveler of ambiguous genus
**6** - _KOTOR II_'s gray morals exemplar
**9** - Lady Love's surname, I think. We can ask to be sure
**14** - Sometimes settled-for, in _Madden_
**16** - Black Isle survivors and 6 down's creators
**18** - Zebes locale or cruel name for the acne-scarred
**19** - Early Konami "maze game." Also, A Guy Called Gerald, you could say
**21** - Studio that took Duke 3D, and later went "3D" themselves
**23** - Mountain namesake, later notebook-gouger
**24** - Level or stage in _LSD_ terms

### [Fillable Web Version](https://crossword.info/yeso/62523puzzle)

### [Printable PDF Version](https://crossword.info/puzzles/yeso/62523puzzle/62523puzzle.pdf)

I love this so much!


@“穴”#p121466 I love this so much!

but can you solve it????

-The Puzzlemaster

Tried my best, but I think this is as far as I can go.


This is great - I‘m not doing fantastic so I’m gonna have to start googling but in still enjoying it!

This rules! I really love this idea. Thanks @yeso!

Yeah, I’m loving it, even though there’s zero chance I’ll finish it without google! Thanks for doing this @yeso

I‘m 4 prompts away from solving this and I’m googling like my life depended on it. There's some tough ones in here!!

Well I'm throwing up my hands here but I'd definitely do another one of these! Here's where I got to. Not sure about 3 down, I stole that from @"Mnemogenic"#p121477's screenshot above lol

|| [URL=https://i.imgur.com/sqnoGa6.png][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/sqnoGa6.png[/IMG][/URL]

I tried to get frank to help me answer 4 down but he wouldn't answer his texts >:(

|| ||

I want to say that i really didn't completed the puzzle, just the ones that @“exodus”#p121522 was missing and they were:

|| 4. Isolated 8. Lensflare 11.Alantia ||

@“Samograj”#p121535 please spoiler, my friend

also - amended the clue to 1 down to publisher rather than developer. I'm still The Puzzlemaster though

Did not know about 2 down, super bizarre. I though it would be a riddle and to do with FF7, Lol!

Holy toledo this is great.

Great idea. I‘m utterly stumped on some of these. I’m stupid.

this rules!!! i‘m guessing you’re from the uk, yeso? both in that some of the cluing angles seem a little uk-y (guy called gerald and scouser jumped out at me) but also this kinda crisscross style is what i think is called a light puzzle there? as opposed to the kind of puzzle we'd call a cryptic in the usa

my day job is editing and making crosswords (in the usa), and to do a us-style all-over interlock puzzle with every answer being some kind of interesting video game would be like... close to impossible, so i'm super impressed by this!

Update: I got one more (4 down) because I had some other stuff wrong previously and the thing I had guessed before was actually right, so I'm gonna try to finish

@“phylaxis”#p121577 I‘m from Chicago. I just like A Guy Called Gerald (who doesnt?) and I googled “non racist term for people from Liverpool.” And yeah I’m finding it impossible to to make an american-style puzzle with a video game only dictionary, at least with the word count I have now. It just so happens the UK format works fine though, so that's why I went with it

Okay, solved! I had to steal the last one from @“Samograj”#p121535 because it‘s not actually correct! I’ll dm yeso about it, it should probably be a “free square” if such a thing exists because you wouldn't sort it out without some mental gymnastics, and I wonder if samograj brute forced it or mistyped to get the right answer??

ok we‘ll make that a free one. Don’t want to be too harsh on my copy-editing team, but this will be noted for the performance review.

incidentally my favorite “ahhhh” moment came with 13 across - I had been barking up the wrong tree and it finally dawned on me in a fun way.

I'm so mad at myself for not getting 13 across.