identifying the Coolest Lady in every fighting game

it's simple, really.

name a fighting game, and make a case for who the Coolest Lady is on that game's roster of selectable characters.

[size=10] [some background information here, in the interest of clarification.]( [/size]

There was also this extremely productive discussion from this summer

I think Makoto is the cool lady of Street Fighter 3. She just seems like a hell of a strong woman. She has that baggy Gi and the bandages. Plus a cute hair cut. Some fly combos and always wrecks me when I play against her.

I am really no fighting game expert, but, I'm gonna take a crack at it on some “is Wario a Libertarian” shit:

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    Is Chun Li the Coolest Lady in Street Fighter… despite being a cop?

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    Maybe a better question, is there a _Street Fighter_ entry or continuity where Chun Li _isn't_ a cop?

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    Is an "Interpol officer" even, like, a _cop_ cop, or is it something somewhat approaching something more benign

  • Setting aside the cop angle, Chun Li is clearly archetypal, foundational Cool Lady.

    I hate that Chun is a cop. Not a fan of it at all.

    In order to enjoy media set in the real world with some degree of realism, and with cops as main characters and as “good guys,” sometimes I just compartmentalize that as occurring in an unthinkable alternate reality where cops are, like, at least mostly benign, I guess.

    Basically the _Ace Attorney_ games are science fiction

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p95250 yeah i enjoy some of Michael Connelly‘s novels, which are often about heroic cops. that’s as fantasy as anything Tolkien ever wrote. just fewer dudes singing in the forest (usually).

    a case can be made that any virtualoid (is that what they're called?) from virtual on is piloted by a lady.

    @“pasquinelli”#p95253 ah i hear ya my friend but a case can not be made that each of those ladies is the Coolest Lady.

    Who's the coolest lady in this fighting game?

    @“whatsarobot”#p95255 apharmd is a pretty cool lady, probably the realest lady in videogames.

    i want a woman who'll break my ribs with a pair of tonfa.


    @“穴”#p95258 Who’s the coolest lady in this fighting game?

    Challenge Level: IMPOSSIBLE



    @“Gaagaagiins”#p95262 Challenge Level: IMPOSSIBLE


    is Trico a lady


    @“穴”#p95258 Who’s the coolest lady in this fighting game?

    My findings so far just trying to catalogue the Cool Ladies in this masterpiece of the genre, not knowing all of these ladies and thus being unable to fully faithfully judge their Cool Lady status~1, here are my findings for at least the strongest contenders:

    **1. Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn**

    It is only a mark of my intense commitment to open-mindedness that I do not immediately follow my extreme bias here to say she is _obviously_ The Coolest Cool Lady. Also look at her wacky name. You could chop firewood on that name

    **2. Alicia Claus a.k.a. The Bullet Witch from _Bullet Witch_**

    Bullet Witch

    **3. Nemissa**

    Because of how Gamers (slur) are we know that women with blue hair must hold an incredible innate power worthy of admiration and respect just from how much sleep Gamers (slur) seem to lose over their very existence, and powder turquoise-y hair just feels like some kind of Super Saiyajin style upgrade to being a Blue Hair girl

    **4. Hunter from Monster Hunter**

    I've been playing Monsty Hunty as a Cool Lady since my first one, _MH3U,_ I'm pretty sure! I was definitely playing _MH4U_ as a Cool Lady for sure.

    **5. Wing Diver**

    A very strong contender for a certain class of Cool Lady for sure (GUN LADY)

    **6. Annette Mayer**

    This is what I'm talking about below~1

    **7. The Cool Lady half of Blue Cambodia**

    She plays a cyberpunk sport _without_ cybernetic enhancements, people

    ^1: However, it should perhaps be noted that a Cool Lady can usually be spotted with but a glance)


    @“captain”#p95264 is Trico a lady

    What does your heart say?


    @“captain”#p95264 is Trico a lady

    Actually, no, scratch that, Trico is clearly a Cool _Girl,_ because she is Baby

    Start small and build up

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    Karai in **TMNT Tournament Fighters** has a bad ass stance, looks like she came out of a Cannon Films movie, fights atop a train, and is the game's final boss.

    Equally bad ass is Rosa from **Kizuna Encounter**

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    The other day one of my friends showed me Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[cl-r], and I was blown away at just how staggeringly cool everything about that game is.

    If I really had to choose one, my personal favorite might be Yuzuriha, but the absolute coolest one over all the others...? Good gosh darn luck!!!