important (answers collected anonymously)

all HIPAA regulations will be observed

is this like a public stall with the little hook on the inside of the door?

i would say wherever you do the deed most often

well who wears a hat inside their own home?

@antillese we need some expert advice on this thread

I am fairly disappointed by what HIPAA ended up being compared to my own top 3 suppositions.

Bozo is definitely choosing the special @"yeso"#p54458 answer.

is this #1 or #2? Not everyone here is a #gamerbro

well it may be the case that you are heading straight in from outside and are still wearing the hat. another reason could be the hat is helping to keep your hair out of your face. if you couldn't find a hair tie.

@“yeso”#p86316 i feel the question is valid in either case

can you edit the poll to include getting fully nude no matter the location or circumstances?

if you want to do some background research before responding


Happy to help. Let's "Go to the tapes" as we say:
~(I found this one the other night and am excited to share it anyway.)

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  • 1. I have kept my hat on.
  • 2. My aluminum bat is at the ready in case of a plumbing issue.
  • 3. I have brought an entire roast chicken in case I get hungry.
  • All of these are important steps in having what I would call a "Good IzunaDrop".

    responses are trickling in…….

    @“yeso”#p86312 sometimes its like 11 at night and I'm like “why am I still wearing this thing”

    @“tapevulture”#p86326 please clarify if in this scenario it is the night before Christmas and all through the house no creature was stirring, not even a mouse

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    By “hat” do you mean “any clothing at all”?

    A buddy of mine always takes all his clothes off when he hits up the doo-doo throne.

    Also, it's his birthday today. Happy birthday, you crazy nude pooper

    certified hat wearer checking in: the hat stays on (always((no matter what)))

    I'm filing a freedom of information act request on the identities of the respondents to this poll, in order to determine, for the safety of the greater community, if there is some sort of correlation between an act as depraved as sitting on the toilet wearing a hat and apologism for the worst card game, Blackjack

    I rarely wear hats, but when I do find myself wearing a hat I generally take it off before doing anything at all, including using the bathroom, eating, walking somewhere, checking my phone, turning a page in my book, etc. It just feels weird to do something while wearing a hat.

    I also generally ruin my hat pretty early in the day by throwing it in the air and then failing to catch it, letting it fall onto the sandy and/or wet ground or into the firepit or something stupid like that.

    I also take off my wedding ring before I enter the bathroom, out of respect for the sanctity of my vow.