Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | June 2022 | Slow


A monthly event in where the ever-growing Insert Credit community can come together and create art based on a rotating topic! First created and hosted by @"SuperEffective"#337, now taken over by me. Everyone is welcome to participate and create whatever they consider art. Every possible medium and art discipline is welcomed here. Go wild! Show us your hidden or not so hidden talents!

It’s already the third of ~~may~~ june ~~but let’s just say I took two days off because of Labor Day and not that I forgot…~~
~~Already added a reminder on my google calendar to be consistent from now on.~~ Oops, it happened again!

Here’s the original premise @"SuperEffective"#337 wrote:

This is not necessarily a contest, but more like a weekly monthly art challenge/show-and-tell. The plan is to introduce a new prompt every Sunday the first day of each month to make a piece of art to. To participate, you can simply post anything from a drawing, sculpture, crochet, animation, writing, a sick beat, heck, why not even a cake! You can post whenever you’re finished, and I’m sure none will mind if you’re a bit late as this thread is all in good fun. Heck, if you’re loving the prompt, post more than one! Send any suggestions you think would be fun to do in the next week, if you have any fun ideas!

Last month’s art jam turned out great, thanks to everyone that participated! I chose this month’s topic from the suggestions that y’all sent in the google form. Thanks!!

With all of that out of the way. this month’s prompt(s) is:


[size=100][color=Hotpink] _Slow_[/color][/size] -


Make of this prompt what you will!

You can read a more detailed introduction of the Art Jams 2.0 and see the amazing stuff y’all came up based on the previous prompts on the thread(s) linked below:

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[“Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | June 2022 | Listening”,“Insert Credit Art Jam 2.0 | June 2022 | Slow”]

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p72695 love love love this

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p72695 this track has a real “fight cyborg cops by day, & get down with yr funky self at night” atmosphere. Sooo gooood.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p72695 amazing! thank you so much for composing and sharing this.

If this track were in a game, it's the kind of track I'd leave the game on in order to listen to while I chilled in my room in order to give my attention span a break.

@“TracyDMcGrath”#p72695 Yeah, I mean, I really like the song and all. But posting something this good on the fifth day of the month isn’t “slow”.

Thank you all so much for the kind words! :smiling_face:


@“antillese”#p72762 posting something this good on the fifth day of the month isn’t “slow”.

I was half planning on waiting until _halfway through July_ to post something, claiming the timing was part of the submission

I AM planning on posting something in ZONES halfway through July, so, haha winner double whammy

@“Donkald Kongregate”#p72797 I like this, maybe I can finish my zone still.

@“DavidNoo”#p72886 You'd better! Or else!

Maybe I just will start on the 24th and say I had a slow start?

@“DavidNoo”#p72886 @“Donkald Kongregate”#p72887 you better do it or you‘ll be paying a visit to a very special zone indeed…that’s right i'm talking about the Pain Zone

I decided this month was a fine time to get back into the Art Jam. I was passing time during an event I would rather not have been attending by delving into my mind palace, and thus this work was conceived. Thanks again for organizing this @“穴”#580 hope everyone enjoys!

I present a photo collage I have entitled:

[color=blueviolet]A Slow Death -

[upl-image-preview url=]

@TracyDMcGrath rad jams! It’s good waiting in the car for something tunes.

@kory I dig the mosaic of passing. What game is the tile in the bottom left from?

@“biff_stallion”#p74613 thanks! That’s from Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, which I finally played for the first time on the MiSTer

I actually finished something this month! I decided to cover The Word II by Sekitō Shigeo, which is a song that is slow.

Here it is.

@“recorder”#p74633 I’d play the game that’s in! I’m imagining a moody/emotionally complicated Katamari spin-off.

[upl-image-preview url=]

This one gets a bit wobbly with the prompt, but I think it fits. My initial inspiration for this drawing came from living in China for a bit in 2018. I sketched a rough outline there, then did more serious penciling in 2019. Since then I’ve worked on this drawing in spurts, intentionally giving myself long breaks in order to see new opportunities for making rad marks. It still isn’t finished. It’s been a slow and fun drawing to work on!