Insert Credit Game & Sounds Poll ***Poll Concluded!***

As per the discussion in this thread, we are doing another opinion poll!

This one will be dedicated to surveying the Insert Credit forums community on their all-time favourite game soundtracks... or... game music compilation albums if you want... or... audio design in a game... or whatever! You decide what a "videogame soundtrack" is.

There was some planning and philosophizing on the initial planning thread about what constituted a videogame OST, and while I erred more on the side of being overly precise, I think I trust you all to make something interesting out of the prompt either way. So, ultimately, what constitutes a game's soundtrack or audio or whatever is up to you. If the answer to the question isn't obvious, maybe go back and read that other thread and see if it gives you a better idea.

[Click here]( to be brought to a Google Form for data entry. This will save me the trouble of doing a lot of stuff manually! Well, I'll still have to do one thing manually but that's fine.

You are able to edit your list after you submit it. Once you are done, it will give you a link. You need to bookmark that link to edit your response. **As far as I can tell there is no way for me to retrieve that link for you!** I can delete your response so you can submit it again, but that's more work for me and you'll have to start all over.

### A few rules and a few suggestions:

  • 1. Don't rank or order your list in any way. Just pick 10 submissions.
  • 2. Lists will be considered final as of **June 19th, 12:00am EST.** That's when I will close submissions and decouple the spreadsheet from the Form.
  • 3. Most of the precision in the data being asked for is just for fun and to do some analysis after. Don't stress too much about getting everything filled out and precisely accurate.
  • 4. The more lists we have the more nuanced and detailed the results will be, so lurkers and new users please participate!
  • You are also of course more than welcome to post your list here whenever you feel like it, it's mostly just the results that will not be ready until after the deadline.

    By the way, if anything weird happens when you're submitting your list, just let me know.

    Have fun!

    **[size=16] As of 7:17pm EST on June 13th, we have [color=red]34[/color] responses! The more the better, so keep on submitting!**
    [size=14]If you want to have me double check that your submission was received, just @me any time in this thread.

    @Syzygy or @exodus please sticky for the month?

    i don't know whether i need to repost this here, but just in case…

    ### my list

    Parappa the Rapper
    Etrian Odyssey IV
    Shin Megami Tensei IV
    Mother 3
    Marvel vs Capcom 2
    Xenoblade 2
    Kirby's Dream Land
    Alien Crush
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Katamari Damacy

    @“whatsarobot”#p70321 No need to, just make sure you enter it into the Form at some point.

    Here’s what I came up with:

    Vib Ribbon
    We ♥ Katamari
    Kaze no Notam
    Bit Generations: Orbital
    Gravity Rush
    Mojib Ribbon
    Wii OS (shoutout to Forecast Channel)
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Chibi Robo!
    ~~Loco Roco~~
    Doshin The Giant

    I accidentally posted this on the other thread about 5 minutes ago, (oops!) now posting it here

    Guess I'll repost mine here too:

    *Super Smash Bros. Melee
    Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos
    Journey to Silius
    Game & Watch Gallery
    Paddle Mania
    EarthBound Beginnings
    Forecast Channel
    Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest*

    Don't worry everyone I got a bunch of the easy answers

    Granblue Fantasy

    Parasite Eve (specifically the remix album)



    Contra 3

    Persona 1

    Secret of Mana


    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Dead Cells

    this is KILLING ME

    I'm gonna put my list on here, unfinished and unfinalized, while I gradually think of more soundtracks that I like

    Chrono Trigger
    Darkest Dungeon
    DOOM (2016)
    Pictionary: The Game of Video Quick Draw
    Kirby Superstar
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Final Fantasy VII Remake
    Rondo of Blood
    Breath of Fire 3
    Hollow Knight
    Pathologic 2
    Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon
    Monster Hunter Generations
    Shining Force II
    Legend of Legaia

    This is a toughie, and not just because I want to list 10 different Final Fantasy and Falcom games. I arrived at a list of games with a lot of sentimental value, and as a result it's basically turned into a list of my favorite games.

    ## My List

    [Fire Emblem: Three Houses](
    [Final Fantasy X](
    [Final Fantasy XII](
    [Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC](
    [Ys Books I & II ](
    [Octopath Traveler](
    [NieR Automata](
    [Europa Universalis 4](

    I may be cheating with EU4 and since I own all the DLC and couldn't tell you what's in the vanilla version vs music packs. But if you can spend 1500 hours staring at a map and listening to the same ~70 tracks underscoring some of the most intense and emotional moments possible in gaming, you have to give them credit.

    i put my list into the forum, but swapped out two of my picks. what two picks were swapped, you ask? and what were they replaced with? well, i'll keep that secret till the day i die: june 19

    (i'm not planning on dying on june 19, in case it wasn't clear, i'm just making a joke)

    Since joining the forums I have listened to just way too much cool new game music. When composing this list that knowledge was weighing on me; ultimately I felt it would have been a little inauthentic somehow to pick soundtracks I‘ve only heard a couple times and discovered just in the past few months, no matter how good I could immediately tell they were, so I ended up picking things I’ve loved for years instead. Even so, it was not easy… good people died on this battlefield….

    List -

    _[Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia](
    _[Final Fantasy VI](
    _[Metal Gear Solid 4](
    _[Metroid Prime 2](
    _[Nier Gestalt/Replicant](
    _[Persona 4 Golden](
    _[Silent Hill 4](
    _[Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory](
    _[Super Smash Bros. Melee](
    _[Wander and the Colossus](

    And a few of the other tracks/discs I considered, but which for one reason or another were not enough to gain entry to the list i mean you have to stop sometwhere right he said only ten ONLY TEN


    “Ghosts of Razgriz” (Ace Combat 5)

    “Confronting Myself” (Celeste)

    “Yearnings of the Wind” (Chrono Trigger)

    “Death Stranding”

    “Formations” (Fez)

    “Main Theme - Sector 7 Slums” (FFVII Remake)

    “Ending Theme” (Final Fantasy X)

    “Valse di Fantastica” (Final Fantasy XV)

    “Girl of the Plains” (Fire Emblem 7)

    “Resistance and Extermination” (Gravity Rush)

    “Shadows Fore and Aft” (Half-Life 2)

    “Unforgotten” (Halo 2)

    “Feast of Light” (Lightning Returns)

    “War Season” (LISA)

    “Ghosts in the Static” (Kentucky Route Zero)

    “Tallon Overworld Depths” (Metroid Prime)

    “We Are Finally Cowboys” (No More Heroes)

    “Shaman from the Downtown” (Pathologic 2)*

    “Aurora” (Shatter)

    “That's the Way I Like It… for Metal Harbor” (Sonic Adventure 2)

    “Can o' Salt” (Super Meat Boy (the 2010 OST))

    “Underground” (The World Ends With You)


    *darlings killed at the absolute last minute



    Lists will be considered final as of June 19th, 12:00am EST

    this is Juneteenth in the U.S. of course and also "more importantly"

    [upl-image-preview url=]

    @“Gaagaagiins”#429 if a game is available on multiple platforms, do you want us to check “Multiplatform” or check each console it was first released on?

    and if a developer is some identifiable team within a larger company (e.g. Nintendo R&D1, Team Silent) do you want us to list the more specific name or the general name?

    Boy howdy, well here goes…

    MY LIST -

    Famicom Detective Club Part II (Super Famicom)
    Jet Set Radio Future
    Lufia II
    Persona 2: Innocent Sin
    Persona 3 Portable
    The Silver Case
    Tokimeki Memorial 2
    Yakuza 5
    Ys: The Oath in Felghana
    YU-NO (PC-98)

    My list (preview):

    Ridge Racer Type 4
    Castlevania: Lament of Innocence
    NieR Gestalt/Replicant
    Drag-on-Dragoon aka Drakengard
    Tekken 7
    Yakuza 2
    Anno Mutationem
    Ace Combat 7
    Katamari Damacy
    Etrian Odyssey IV

    Really nice OSTs that are out of the list:
    Gravity Rush
    Alien Crush
    Doom (1993)


    @“captain”#p70358 if a game is available on multiple platforms, do you want us to check “Multiplatform” or check each console it was first released on?

    I think it depends, really. A game being on a specific console only seems to matter if it was developed for that console. So, like, a AAA omni-platform release where it is on every console and PC, feels very "Multiplatform." Something that was released on one console or two generations of the same console, but ported to others, doesn't seem "Multiplatform."


    @“captain”#p70358 and if a developer is some identifiable team within a larger company (e.g. Nintendo R&D1, Team Silent) do you want us to list the more specific name or the general name?

    I think the larger company is fine. Maybe larger company and then the specific team in brackets after?

    i had a process going, with two teams of ten soundtracks, team heart for the ones i love, team head for the ones i think are great. i‘ve paired each soundtrack up with one from its opposite team, the one that feels as close to a good comparison as possible. i would then decide who in those match-ups i’d choose to rescue from a burning building if i could only carry one.

    i _would_, but i ended up with _panzer dragoon zwei_ opposite _thunder force v_ and, after listening to them both back to back, the only thing i know at all in this life is they must both be on my list.

    Ace Combat 7 Ace Combat Zero

    Symphony of the Night Rondo of Blood

    Silent Hill

    Final Fantasy X

    Shin Megami Tensei IV

    Flower, Sun and Rain



    ZeroRanger G-String


    Tentatively this is it, won't be able to hold myself from editing down the road lol

    It was hard to pick: only one Ace Combat, only one Final Fantasy, only one Silent Hill, only one Shin Megami Tensei, only one Castlevania and only one Zuntata soundtrack!

    Cave Story


    Crypt of the Necrodancer

    Jet Set Radio

    Katamari Damacy

    LISA: The Painful

    Night in the Woods

    Sonic R



    I thought about posting some bonus picks but I would be here all day.

    I feel like the form doesn‘t make it easy to input an arcade game—it’s not a home console, handheld or computer* so should I leave that field blank or put in the platform I played the game on (which for me wasn't actual arcade hardware)?

    *[size=11]wElL aCkChEwAlLy…