Hey all! I thought it might be fun to play some video games, separately, together! I‘ve always liked the idea of throwing a bunch of old racing games in a hat, picking one at random, then choosing a track and over the course of the next week, everyone who’s interested competes to get the best time they can, then we post our best times and maybe chat about strategy or the game/track/course/whatever!

[Inspired by this post over on Cohost](, I figured it would be good to start with a game that's very much a known quantity in this community, so let's kick this sucker off with a good old fashioned **_SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP!!_**. We'll be playing the **Sega Saturn** version and focusing explicitly on the first track, **DESERT**. Real hardware or emulation is fine by me, this isn't exactly a formal competition here. Use whatever control input method you want! I think times may be different on the arcade version and the PS2 release of Sega Rally '95, but hey, if that's all you have available I'm not gonna stop you. I ain't no police cop. I know there are multiple variations of the game, even in the Saturn port, depending on your region, so I'm defaulting to the standard US release what had the silver box and all that, but again, you do you. Maybe this would be a fun way to find out which versions of the game are faster or slower etc.! Personally I'll be playing that release on my Saturn with the wheel peripheral thingy.

With that all having been said, lights out and away we go! May all your lefts be easy and maybe!


This will go for seven days, after which I will post the scoreboard, and we can pick a new game and track!

That sounds awesome I‘d love to join in hopefully I can figure out Saturn emulation or I’ll have to join another round

I’m not great at Sega Rally, but here are my first three Time Attacks. I’m playing on a Japanese Saturn on a crt via s-video.

This is the version I played:
Here is my first run:
My second run:
And third run:

@“tomjonjon”#p129026 impressive consistency on the latter two.

I used this as an excuse to download and try the latest alpha build for the MiSTer core. Surprisingly Sega Rally Championship works quite well, but most of the audio isn't there. gonna have to emulate this one on my PC

I‘m not any good at racing games!~ But I think this is a cool idea, so let’s go!

Ran the course a few times tonight. I'll be honest, I don't fully get the mechanics of this game yet and I'm just working on sub- 1 minute laps. Got one so far!


Emulated via Mednafen, first three runs. And wouldn't you know it, a straight up tie with @tomjonjon!


second run so far.


Forest stage would be more fun, methinks, in terms of accessibility vs. discrepancy. But I will try to join on the fun this weekend.

This thread will reveal my obsessive and competitive side. 2:46:07!

Took a few spins this morning and switched the car up. This run felt really good.

@“◉◉maru”#p129053 you're probably right! I just went with the very first track in the game for the sake of simplicity for the first attempt at this :sweat_smile:

I wasn't sure if this would get much of a response, but seeing everybody shave these tenths down is so exciting!!

@“andrewelmore”#p129105 I dig this idea and would like to see it continue for all sorts of games. BUT I think it would also be great to just have a specific racing/driving game thread. All sorts of great courses and tracks out there to be attacked!

@“tomjonjon”#p129084 beat ya by almost nothing

@“穴”#p129135 Awesome! I’m off of work tomorrow so I’ll have some time to get some laps in.

Felt near perfect on this one, can't see myself making much further improvement without changing strategies.


@“Jax”#p129148 we have the same time on fastest lap!

I like how according to this game a dessert is a place with green hills where it looks like it never snows

did a pretty good run. I feel way to strongly about winning this for some reason lol


@“穴”#p129160 This is probably the worst thing I could've seen when I should be heading to bed right around now.