Is Mario a Republican??? (longest forum thread ever)

One could argue…

Do I need to mention the infamous “communist Mario” theory??


@“Jaffe”#205 “ Longest forum thread of all time”

Well, my very Republican grandfather who illegally adopted me, kept the red cap from my home made Mario Halloween costume in the 3rd grade and wore it during yard work. So his fashion certainly appealed to Papaw. And papaw was very Mario-shaped, and worked his whole life. Papaws hands were big and calloused like Mario’s. And I almost failed to mention papaw’s moustache— it was Mario-adjacent.

I remember a time when me and my friends went through every single Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character and tried to determine if they support the police or not. Mario was swiftly and easily identified as a narc; it stands to reason it's because he likely is a republican.

Worse than a republican, Mario is a monarchist

Mario supports Together for the Future and not just because the party was founded by his brother, Luigi Di Mario.

The new Mario voice (unlike anything we have heard before) sure is!

I mean, he might as well be.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Not to mention [who he plays tennis with](

@“Funbil”#p79644 He’s even arrested and then contracted by the cops to clean up graffiti. The plumber thought getting a tribal tattoo in prison would keep people off his narc trail, but we’re not easily fooled. Luigi on the other hand is a “certified comrade” according to Ash Parrish, and I agree.

I mean…

Mario is a cop.

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Ok but he eats mushrooms that would appear to be amanita mascara :mushroom:

Also this seems pretty left-wing:[upl-image-preview url=]

[upl-image-preview url=]
Also spaghetti?? Come on

Is Mario even registered to vote?

Does Mario have dual citizenship? If so, is it betweenst Japan and Italy?


Does this make him a libertarian?

C’mon, we know very well who is the real Republican of the Mushroom Kingdom.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Mario is always the boring Neutral _all stats in the middle_ character so he almost certainly views himself as a Centrist. I’d vote for Donkey Kong: strong family values, comes from a no-nonsense small tropical island so he must be painfully aware of global warming issues, heavy focus on his people having free access to (healthy!) food, doesn’t hesitate to kidnap opposing political establishment when push comes to shove.


This is what happens when the left abandons the proletariat!

Y'ever seen him let anyone outside of his posse grab a coin or two?

Mario can‘t be a Republican, or a Democrat. He’s clearly the leader of a third party.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Mario strikes me as someone that would both sides it in an argument. Not in a ‘fine people on both sides but really I’m a nazi‘ way but in a Jim Ryan ’respect both views on the issue and here‘s a story about a birthday party I held for my cats to take your mind off half of the US losing their rights’ kind of way. Luigi is probably very left but is scared to voice his opinions because Mario both sides him and he's not sure the best way to argue back against Mario.

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