is the xbox one legit?

I have been a handheld gamer for most of my adult life because I’ve lived without a television since I was nineteen years old. Between a computer monitor, a Steam Deck, and a Switch, I’ve been feeling pretty decently content. I played a bunch of DS, 3DS, and Vita during that time too, it was a fine existence!

But the home I live in has a basement with a ratty old couch. And a TV stand. The previous owners left 'em. For about a year I’ve been thinking about getting a television for playing some games, like the Switch and Steam Deck and such. But I was also thinking, you know what I want to play? Lost Odyssey and Lost Planet 2. Nostalgia is getting me. Lost Odyssey was released on a snow day, I had to beg my older brother to drive me to the mall in the snow to pick up my pre-order. I really enjoyed playing that game when I was younger.

I do not want to buy a newer console because the games are kind of expensive and there’s a lot going on there. I’d like to be able to buy some older, used games for lower cost. I missed an entire generation of Xbox One, and I want to play some Xbox 360 games too. So would an Xbox One be a good path to go down?

Any standout recommendations from the Xbox One era? And any particularly good backwards compatible games?

Is the Xbox One S worth any extra cost too? It seems like something around ~$120 is a normal price for this stuff. I gotta get a 1080p TV too.


Even the big old VCR XBone is a good time. It plays most everything of that generation outside of the Sony exclusives just fine. And in general, XBone physicals are in zero demand. Its why I went hard on the system. I don’t think I ever paid more than $30 for a game I played on it other than Elden Ring. I vastly prefer the controller to the Dual Shock 4 as well. Much more rugged.

Sadly it did not get the full extended after life that the PS4 had. Most of the indie Xbox releases will still run on the XBO, but bigger releases like Resident Evil 4 and Street Fighter didn’t make it. I think Armored Core 6 is probably going to be that last big release.

Sorry to keep coming back to this, but also, you can run Game Pass on the XBO. So a ton of options however much you feel like jumping in.


I got one (a one S) as a gamepass machine and ended up being the getaway drug into xbox. Now I have a series X and the one is the bedroom console. yo

It has the same OS as the series X, including a full featured Edge browser (just like chrome but think a full chrome, not your average console or mobile browser).

It runs Cloud games for the newer gamepass stuff and it’s a great place for the 360 stuff which still works great, cloud saves and all.

It’s not the most powerful machine but the OS makes it worth it. The instant On is really good where the console is always (if you want) sleeping and boots in seconds to the last played game.

I also


I got a used Xbox One X last year for the purpose of playing mostly 360 games and a couple of the older Forza Horizon games. I think it has been very much worth it, I feel like if you don’t want to play any current gen stuff it’s a better offer than the Series S because it outputs a lot of stuff to 4K, looks real nice.


I found out you can put an SSD into a One X (and presumably the other Xbones, but they might not have the throughput to take advantage?) with no problems and that’s been put on my list of mods to take care of.

I love my 1X. I got enough games on sale and GWG when that was still a thing that I’ve built up a large-ish library. For the games that got graphical boost updates they look gorgeous and this sometimes hit 360 games too—it’s how I experienced Red Dead Redemption 1 for the first time. Series X/S controllers pair perfectly with Xbone, if you want that share button and cute colours. This is hyper niche but if you get the adapter and an OTA antenna you can watch local stations on one lol. They’re good consoles!! If I get a Series X I’ll probably hold onto my Xbozonex in case a softmod does trickle out at EOL.

As for games: Doom, Stranger of Paradise in fact runs best on a One X of all the consoles, NieR Replicant (and Automata), DMC5, the Forza Horizon games are in fact a lot of fun and though 3 and older are delisted you can still find hard copies for very cheap, RDR2, Titanfall 2, Control, Witcher 3, FFXII Zodiac Age, FFXIII and XV, Evil Within 2, RE2 and 3 remakes are available in a collection now, Quantum Break, Sonic Mania, Celeste, Scholar of the First Sin, Hellblade 1, the Hitman trilogy, Wolfenstein, D4, Norco, Celeste, Lego Builder’s Journey, MGSV, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, The Missing: JJ MacField and the Island of Memories, Pathologic 2 and SOMA (both might not run well on the slower consoles though), Pentament, Prey, What Remains of Edith Finch, the Yakuzas (3’s my favourite), Superhot, A Plague Tale, Alien Isolation, Phantom Dust, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Outer Wilds!!!

360 and og Xbox games: the Dead Spaces, Vanquish, Halo 3 ODST, Metal Gear Rising, Alan Wake, Mirror’s Edge, Ninja Gaiden Black, the EDFs, Radiant Silvergun, Guardian Heroes, Sega Vintage Collections: there’s Streets of Rage in there, but my favourite is Monster World IV on the MW collection, Rare Replay, Spec Ops: The Line, Viva Piñata (I’ve heard good things), Crazy Taxi, Symphony of the Night, and the bunch of Sonic games that had been ported to 360.


I think for what you’re going for, it’d be fully legit. I went with a Series S recently for a lot of the same sort of games you mentioned – not for nostalgia for me, but because I never had an Xbox, and Microsoft is at least real good at offering a swath of Xbox games from the beginning. I’ve picked up back-compat stuff like Panzer Dragoon Orta, The Darkness, Hard Corp: Uprising, multiple EDFs, Ridge Racer 5, Lost Odyssey, Asura’s Wrath, the Lost Planets, Sonic the Fighters and a ton more for cup-of-coffee prices. That, I say, is legit.

And then the other half of that, for me, was having a nice, current-generation thing (and a Game Pass machine) for when I want to peek at what’s going on in the zeitgeist. So with an Xbox One, you’d lose that but you’d have a disc drive, and that would honestly own. The amount of cheap Xbox stuff I see even at thrift shops these days really makes me wish this thing had a disc drive. That sounds like a tres legit basement setup.

In terms of Xbox One-era recs, connrrr covered them, and I’ll add Ace Combat 7 and that 2015 Mad Max game, which is currently on sale for about $5.


oh Ace Combat 7 is the first game I beat on my One S and it’s one of the good ones. (odd Ace Combats are the good ones).

Also it’s on the top 5 grandpa games for sure but that’s for another thread


I went for it y’all! Got a TV and Xbox One X and some games.


The TV is a Roku?? Didn’t know they made TVs. Hope it’s okay. It is 1080p and $180 which seems all right for my Xbox and Switch needs.

I wish the TV had a headphone jack for hooking up my stereo to it. I’ll have to buy some kind of audio cable I guess.

I went with the Xbox One X since I figured it’d be a bit better performance for only $10 more? I have a local chain of used games stores where I bought it with a Switch Lite trade-in. The controller they gave me has a really sticky A button, gonna try to exchange it.

I bought a few used games, many of which were $5. Tried to get a variety of titles:


Also, the Xbox store has a lot of games on sale. I got Zone of the Enders and Silent Hill collections, Lost Planet 2, and Castlevania SotN all really cheap. I see today that even more games are on sale, like Lost Odyssey. Hooray!

Thank you everyone for the recommendations and thoughts. I’ll have to get Game Pass here I guess. Does it ever go on sale? I’d love to play a Halo or something eventually. Will report back on how the gaming is going.


Definitely try to swap out the controller. The gummy button might be a split in the rubber pad that rests beneath the buttons, so it might not be as simple as cleaning the interior.

You can find Game Pass subscription cards on sale from time to time at different places. Generally the best method for getting Game Pass cheap in the past has been getting Live Gold subscription cards/codes and converting them to Game Pass. I did this a couple years ago and got like two years of Game Pass for about $100.

Did a quick Google, it seems to sorta still be a thing. The discount seems to be less now, but still 50% cheaper.


UPDATE THE FIRMWARE! I had this exact issue with a Series X controller I’d had since new and updating the controller firmware (through the console’s settings menu somewhere) genuinely fixed it. After a year or so of use my A button would occasionally long-press, double-press or not press at all - the update apparently adjusted the sensitivity of the sensor pads or whatever to remedy the issue.

Unless it’s actually physically sticky, with like gunk and stuff.

Also, your TV should have an optical or stereo line out that should happily go to your receiver. If not, the Xbox has an optical out. Even better, if your receiver has HDMI (can’t tell from picture) then just connect the Xbox (and other sources) directly to it over HDMI and then output to the TV from there.


With the latest controller firmware you’ll also be able to swap easily between your console and your computer if you ever intend to use the gamepad for gaming on your computer. You can do this by double tapping the sync button.


Two weeks in, and I’m real happy with it all still! I’ve been playing the campaign of Titanfall 2 which is quite good. Definitely worth $5! I’ve also been using it as a media center to watch some movies and such.

I think I can confirm the Xbox One is legit. And worth buying for getting cheap games and playing some media!

I’ve avoided needing Game Pass yet, but golly it does seem like there are lots of interesting games on it that I would like to try.


even if you don’t play them, buying (cheap at least in arg) digital lost odissey and blue dragon is a rite of passage for every xbox owner