juicy video game sound effects

(sorry if the music tag is pushing it~!)

really, i just wanted to share the credit inserted sound effect from konami‘s golfing greats 2 https://youtu.be/OAUHaKiWyXk?t=23

(i guess i should mention that i’m not aiming for this to include things like gunshots or engine sounds, but more musical/created sounds (also, who would describe a gunshot sound effect as ‘juicy’?))

These are probably more crispy than juicy, but to go along with your music tag, I‘ll say that I love ESP Ra.De’s sound effects in-game and also as their own little weird standalone music track.


(In case the link doesn't work well now or in the future, this is from ESP Ra. De OST and the track is just called "S.E. Collection.")

Not from a video game, but in a similar vein of listening to a collection of sound effects as if it were a piece of music, I love this cut from Gundam 0079. It's like a Godspeed You Black Emperor track or something:


There’s some juicy examples in this thread! This might have been the first one I started here :slight_smile:

@“kory”#p57297 that’s a good thread, though let me put it this way:

if the sound effect in question was a shampoo, would you love to bath in it?