kirby kirby kirby!

anyone excited for the kirby? <3

me personally, i am hyped for kirby kirby

pre-ordered it lol (like the dumb consumer i am)

also just

~the ~boy

also apologies i dont know how images work lol

Yeah that new one seems chill! My initial impressions were not quite so warm, but I‘ve rewatched the trailer a couple times to desensitize myself to it and now I’m ready to just have a good time. Despite my best efforts, I too am a Consumer and also have a pre-order locked and loaded.

Thanks to some [help around]( [the forum](, I also have finally started playing some games on my 3DS (I got a 3DS console for the first time in January of 2020, and until now had only played exactly One Game for it). The first one I've been getting through is _Kirby: Triple Deluxe_ - this one's pretty neat!! The conversation around modern Kirby seems to mostly focus on Robobot (which I will get to immediately after Twiple Dewuxe) but this one's got some clever ideas. You need to wade through the odd slow, dull section every now and then to get there, but they definitely exist. I did play _Kirby: Star Allies_ at launch and was horrendously disappointed in it - my perspective at that time was having never touched a Kirby game since the DS and suddenly this one on the Switch was bad. I thought Kirby had just gone the way of Paper Mario and it's just no good anymore. Turns out some new(ish) games actually are pretty good! Hoping this new one doesn't follow Star Allies' trajectory and wind up being lame. We can leave that one as a weird historical anomaly.


i need to play those kirby 3ds games

im hoping nintendo can maybe port them onto switch

but nintendo being nintendo

i somehow doubt it

and also yea, i can definitely get mouthful mode being a bit much
but it kinda cool i think
plus being able to like upgrade abilities with currency so they can be more powerful
thats just objectively rad

I am at a point where I rarely buy a $60 dollar game (I think the last one was Animal Crossing) because money is not something I have a lot of, but that new kirby kirby looks so good and weird that I might as well shell the big 60, Also I had no idea it was coming out so soon!

For the last month I've been playing kirby canvas course as my waiting room and insomnia game and I've been having a blast with it. It is great to play in short intervals of time. I miss that kind of DS only experience. Might as well try that wii u sequel when I'm done with canvas course. I have heard that it is not as good as the first one but might be an excuse to finally get around to hacking my Wii U.

@“Emily”#p59222 in the lower row there there‘s a little thing that looks like a piece of paper with an arrow on it - you can upload images that way, but can also (most of the time) past a link and it’ll automatically display.

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the boy <3


thank u :slight_smile:


there isnt really anything else like the dual screen nintendo

ds is neato

Super Star is my favorite, but it‘s hard to go wrong, really. I can’t get enough of the little guy. Dedede is my personal favorite side character, so I really loved Triple deluxe as well.

superstar is a classic of course

love epic yarn, even if its not a traditional kirby game

it so dang cute

I‘ve been so completely out of the loop with Kirby pretty much ever since Super Star and Super Star Ultra, which were so generously and lovingly packed with stuff to do. Since then I’ve had this (probably unfair) impression that the games are way more pillowy and insubstantial, though the only one I really touched was Epic Yarn. It was super adorable and the co-op was pretty fun, but I dunno, a bit snoozy for me! Keeping my eye on this one–hoping that there‘s some crunchiness to the gameplay, but even if it’s not for me I'm still happy to see him getting some big budget billing! Also, that “mouthful mode” stuff is exactly the kind of ridiculous I want to see :smiley:


sometimes snoozy is nice

i sometimes played a couple levels before going to bed

real comfy times

I hate to be the third sorta old head in here to be like “Kirby Super Star was the best” but it was/is!! I think it strikes an excellent balance of being a baby game for babies (no disparagement or judgement meant, babies rule) while also having a lot of core fundamental design flourishes in it to appeal to more experienced video game players. All of the different powers as well as all of that delicious Sakurai Masahiro style snappy movement… just thinking of double tapping on that Super Nintendo D-Pad to start dashing feels good.

I submitted _Kirby Super Star_ on our [Video & Game poll]( which we conducted last year which was a very fun thing we did.

from what ive played of superstar

yeah it owns hard

i mostly played it on switch online when i had it

of course, nintendo suck so i aint keeping that online


@“Gaagaagiins”#p59264 How do you feel about the DS port? Whenever I see people say Super Star is the best, I wonder if they ever played that Ultra version… The way I see it, it‘s the exact same perfect Kirby game but with (much) better visuals and even more stuff to do - though I’m also the kind of person who feels like Pokémon HeartGold and Pokémon SoulSilver were similar direct-upgrades from their GBC counterparts, which I'm aware not everyone always agrees on. Is there a particular reason you choose Kirby Super Star to be the best over Kirby Super Star Ultra, or is it just a matter of not bothering with the distinction?


@“Funbil”#p59267 or is it just a matter of not bothering with the distinction?

Probably more this, yeah. It's an exquisite remaster and feels so much like the very same game just with beautiful new visuals and boatloads of extra content.

gotta love Kirby! the reason i‘m a video game person these days is because i got a Game Boy as a kid, and it came with that there Kirby’s Dream Land. it helped shape my destiny, and as a result, King Dedede is now my profile pic on my Switch.

i'm gonna take a wait and see approach on that new Kirby though, because the first Kirby game on Switch was kind of a dud. i want to hear what Kirby Experts have to say!

Kirby Mass Attack was fantastic, by the way. if anyone here hasn't tried that one, well, i think you should.

@“Emily”#p59247 epic yarn

This one's my favourite, no doubt. Good Feel made a great informal trilogy IMO out of Wario Land; The Shake Dimension/Kirby's Epic Yarn/Yoshi's Woolly World. I liked the Switch Yoshi one enough to play it, but I don't think these things have the legs for sequels.

I'll play any Kirby game, they always feel great, but I rarely finish them.

I love that Canvas Curse so much and am forever bummed that the Wii U sequel apparently sucked!