Let's rank the Neo Geo games available on Switch!

EDIT: Shoot, let‘s rank all the Neo Geo games available on Switch! Submit your votes! You can select from the games listed on Hamster's site, as well as Windjammers, which was released by DotEmu. Let’s make the cutoff Dec 31, 2021.

Background/original post:
Listening to an episode of the excellent [Video Game History Hour](https://gamehistory.org/video-game-history-hour/) podcast last night, I got inspired to add some Neo Geo games to my collection on Switch. The discussion revolved around how the Neo Geo was a rare and elusive console, only owned by rich kids. I sure never knew anyone who owned one, when I was a kid. Though I did hear tell about it.

Anyway, Hamster has made tons (98, by my reckon!) of Neo Geo games available on the Switch e-shop. I've already got the ones I know I love, but am probably missing some great stuff!

Here's the [full list of available games](http://www.hamster.co.jp/american_hamster/arcadearchives/switch/title_list_neogeo.htm).

Here are the ones I already own:
King of Fighters '98
Mark of the Wolves
Waku Waku 7
The Last Blade 1 & 2
Samurai Shodown 2
Money Puzzle Exchanger
Sengoku 3
Blazing Star
Art of Fighting 2
Fatal Fury Special

I enjoy all of them to varying degrees! Somehow, I don't have any Metal Slugs? Must be because I have the Metal Slug collection for PSP.

I just want to find out what Neo Geo games people enjoy! Specifically I'm curious about which are the best SNK fighting games, and which Metal Slugs are the best, but other recommendations are also appreciated. I'm in the mood for some Neo Geo times.

[“What are the best Neo Geo games available on Switch?”,“Let’s rank the Neo Geo games available on Switch!”]

Twinkle Star Sprites!!!

Me and my brother play it all the time (we used to play it on the switch but I recently got a MiSTer so I assume we‘ll play it on there from now on) if you enjoy Shoot ’em ups and multiplayer garbage-throwing puzzle games you are in for a treat!

Oh and Windjammers is also excellent on the switch!

edit: I just noticed this a ranking thing so my vote goes for Twinkle Star Sprites

edit 2: my ranking is:
1 - Twinkle Star Sprites
2 - Windjammers
3 - Neo Turf Masters


1 - [Real Bout Fatal Fury Special 2](http://www.hamster.co.jp/american_hamster/arcadearchives/switch/rb_fatalfury2.htm) is both beautiful to look at and a joy to play.

2 - [Shock Troopers 2nd Squad](http://www.hamster.co.jp/american_hamster/arcadearchives/switch/shocktroopers2nd.htm) is a pizza party thrill ride.

3 - [Spin Master](http://www.hamster.co.jp/american_hamster/arcadearchives/switch/spinmaster.htm) has a lot of charm as a credit feed 20 minute diversion.

@“穴”#p50367 Forgot about Windjammers, because Hamster didn't release it!

@robinhoodie Good recommendations! I'm all about 20 minute diversions these days. That's really all I have time/mental energy for lol.

Would either of you like to assign _numbered rankings_ to your selections, since I stealth-edited this topic?

Real Bout 2 wins every discussion and everyone here as impeccable taste so this will obviously be a short thread. Here is a good entry guide video in English to catch up.


(There are a few minor errors inside but nothing you can’t easily shake out later.)

@“chazumaru”#p50373 Real Bout 2 is so amazing, I am only conflicted because if you can play it with the Arranged Soundtrack on Neo Geo CD or PS2 Battle Archives it is transformative. That is the true version of the game to me.

Employing the one per franchise rule to keep this from being a list of King of Fighters games:

  • 1. Windjammers
  • 2. Twinkle Star Sprites
  • 3. Garou Mark of the Wolves
  • 4. King of Fighters 02
  • 5. Metal Slug 3
  • 6. NeoGeo Turf Masters
  • 7. Money Puzzle Exchanger
  • 8. Samurai Shodown 5 Special
  • 9. Aero Fighters 2
  • 10. Kizuna Encounter
  • [[4,25],[4,24]]

    This topic didn’t really take off compared to other recent community lists, and the guidelines are fairly loose (is there a cut-off number for the ranking?) but the voting deadline is officially tonight so here is my Top 10.

  • 1. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  • 2. Big Tournament Golf
  • 3. Baseball Stars 2
  • 4. The King of Fighters 2000
  • 5. Metal Slug
  • 6. Samurai Shodown II
  • 7. Puzzle Bobble 2
  • 8. The King of Fighters '98
  • 9. Fatal Fury Special
  • 10. Windjammers
  • (Replace Windjammers with League Bowling if we go strictly for the ACA releases.)

    **Shock Troopers 2nd Squad** did not make it in my list but it was featured in this week’s RTAinJapan marathon (the local equivalent of AGDQ) with an impressive « one player two controllers » real time attack speedrun.


    Mostly fighting games and usual suspects, but here goes:

  • 1. Garou Mark of the Wolves
  • 2. Samurai Showdown 2
  • 3. King of Fighters '98
  • 4. Last Blade 2
  • 5. Metal Slug X
  • 6. Spin Master
  • 7. Fatal Fury Special
  • 8. World Heroes 2 Jet
  • 9. Waku Waku 7
  • 10. Kizuna Encounter
  • Hang on now, all of these are great, but where is Magical Drop II? Here's my list just so we can get Magical Drop II on there somewhere

  • 1. Magical Drop II
  • 2. Magical Drop II
  • 3. Magical Drop II
  • Ah we get a top 10? Okay, updated. Tried to keep it not ALL fighting games. But I just can‘t get into any of the shoot ’em ups on the Neo Geo, they are all to brutal

    1.) Metal Slug X
    2.) Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
    3.) Garou Mark of the Wolves
    4.) Shock Troopers 2
    5.) Samurai Shodown 2
    6.) Spinmaster
    7.) King of Fighters 98
    8.) Art of Fighting 3
    9.) Kizuna Encounter
    10.) Mutation Nation

    I think there's a good variety in this list and for the fighting games you've got the best or most approachable versions of each respective series.

    Very glad with the Kizuna Encounter representation

    2021 was actually the year I got into Samurai Shodown, The whole Samurai Shodown collection is a treasure, I'll definitely be returning to those games every once in a while.

    1) Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory
    2) Waku Waku 7
    3) Samurai Shodown V: Special
    4) Puzzle Bobble
    5) Puzzle Bobble 2
    6) King of Fighters 95
    7) Fatal Fury Special
    8) Wind Jammers
    9) Samurai Shodown IV
    10) King of the Monsters 2


    @“Tradegood”#p52499 1) Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory

    Holy crap, we have found the most insertcredulous Neo Geo Top Ten List! How come you like FF3 that much? Is it the single player experience? The insane ambition of the game? Some very personal memory?

    To contextualize for other readers, that’s like saying Devil May Cry 2 or Metal Gear: Snake’s Revenge is your favorite in the series.

    In no particular order, my ACA six-slot:

    Aero Fighters 2
    Money Idol Exchanger
    Shock Troopers
    Twinkle Star Sprites
    The King of Fighters 2000
    World Heroes Perfect

    Toss in Karnov's Revenge, Blazing Star, Neo Turf MXXXXXX and Street Hoop if you want a full top-10.

    Speaking broadly, I do think it's silly that SNK is so insistent on not making the AES versions of their games as widely available as the MVS version—the only real difference between the MVS/AES versions of many of their later fighting gsmes, for example, is the ability to freely select characters after each round, so why would you deny people that convenience? This isn't just an ACA thing, either; I've heard they've put that restriction on other licensees over the last few years as well.


    @“chazumaru”#p52510 Holy crap, we have found the most insertcredulous Neo Geo Top Ten List! How come you like FF3 that much? Is it the single player experience? The insane ambition of the game? Some very personal memory?

    Haha I didn't think it was _that_ controversial! My love definitely comes from the single player experience, I'm a very casual fighting game player, and don't have a lot of in-person friends who play fighting games, aside from something like Smash Bros. It's possible a lot of the balance and technical things are beyond me, but personally I love the 3-plane fighting more than the 2-plane, it feels more strategic to dodge that way. Blue Mary and Bob Wilson are also great classic characters, and the earlier rosters feel less interesting without them. Yamazaki is a great fight because the dude keeps his hands in his pockets the entire time. The story mode in general with the world map and little sprites adds an extra garnish of charm.

    Fatal Fury 3 is the one I know the least about so I just found this out today https://twitter.com/gosokkyu/status/1477519093137698817

    I love me some NeoGeo games! Off the top of my head, my favourites are:

    Real Bout Special
    Sengoku 1 or 2
    Ninja Master’s
    World Heroes Perfect
    Kizuna Encounter
    Last Blade 2
    Samurai Shodown II
    Blazing Star
    Last Resort
    Magician Lord

    Edit: turns out Viewpoint isn’t on Switch!