Merry Medleys

There's already a thread for sharing any and all game music and one for posting yr all-time favorite stuff, but this is different (enough (I hope)).

Post mixes or medleys or suites etc compiled from entire game soundtracks which are intended to be listened to as one continuous album-like thing (if a soundtrack is like this by default, post it!). Sometimes I want to listen to a variety of a game's music but don't want to trudge through the filler tracks on the OST, or I don't want to listen to a song which loops five times before it goes into the next track. Sometimes a guy wants to take an abridged Mother 3 journey without listening to 6 hours and 40 minutes of music. Doesn't absolutely need to be "album length," whatever that means, but under an hour is a nice number of minutes (~ 30 minutes long gets bonus points, and I'll be keeping score).

Not looking for arrange albums, remixes, or reorchestrations _unless_ it is a [straight adaptation]( of [a whole soundtrack]( Still looking mainly for mixes of the music _in the game_!

Don't care at all what kind of music it is, but you lose points if the words "lofi," "chill," "to study to," or "Nintendo music to play while you're alone on the floor" are in the title of your mix. Also anything with an emotion in the title ("melancholy," "relaxing," "sad," "happy Nintendo music to comb your lawn to," etc) is not what we want here. Both of these are overwhelmingly the sort of thing which pop up when you search for mixes covering a single game.

I'll share some examples (which almost break my own dumb rules):

MOTHER SERIES MIX (too long for one game but this is three games kept separate in the mix)


[THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU MIX]( (has some Kingdom Hearts remixes in here but it's mostly original TWEWY)

[FINAL FANTASY VIII TOP 15 OST]( (not really at all what I asked for, there's no mixing or deliberate sequencing to speak of, but it's got a good variety and it's all from the game)

[SUPER MARIO GALAXY MIX]( (the more mainstream the game the more impressed I am it isn't all just "MARIO & CHILL & LOFI BEATS TO BAKE AT 375 FOR 10 HOURS EXTENDED" nonsense)

Post your favorites.
Post what your heart desires.

[“Merry Medleys Thread”,“Merry Medleys”]



any video on that channel may be just what you're looking for. i know i subscribed right away when frank mentioned it on the podcast.

only thing you may not like is they mostly aren't organized by game.

Our own @“fugazi57”#399 brings you

…and the entire rest of their channel



I am sorry to be a choosing beggar MEGAJERK my friends, but this is the precise opposite of what our royal person is looking for (we muddied the waters of our own description and could have been more clear about this). However GST and dedeco are _sick as hell_ and we appreciate spreading the love (we are a royal patron of dedeco).


only thing you may not like is they mostly aren’t organized by game.

Mixes covering single games (OR album-length/album-like soundtracks) is what we are looking for!


@“captain”#p44500 album-length/album-like soundtracks




Messhoff got daedelus to curate the flywrench ost. Don't listen to music like this regularly but it fits the game so well.

how about these classics?

@“captain”#p44501 the quake ost was what got me into nine inch nails freshman year of highschool. still one of my favorite nin albums, and the only one that's actually industrial.

@“pasquinelli”#p44516 Yes yes yes!


the only one that’s actually industrial.

hmm, fair enough but I have to imagine someone who enjoys industrial might at least have a fun time with Downward Spiral

@"MichaelDMcGrath"#p44521 This is awesome. And that channel looks like it has more where this came from!


@“captain”#p44668 hmm, fair enough but I have to imagine someone who enjoys industrial might at least have a fun time with Downward Spiral

iirc, i heard an interview one time with trent reznor wherein he explained with some exasperation that the industrial label was put on him by the music press. they were using industrial as a plain adjective to describe his music without knowing or caring that "Industrial" was a proper noun signifying an existing genre of ambient music.

no disrespect whatsoever to the downward spirial, but the resemblence between the downward spiral and "Industrial Music" isn't even like the familial resemblence between cousins, they're like two totally different guys wearing the same shoes.

i call nin generally pop-industrial. i prefer pop-industrial to industrial, generally, but i love the vibe of the quake soundtrack. it's like a pile of damp, moss covered rubble.

I highly recommend Sleeping Cocoon's (AKA EMMA AKA HECKSCAPER) Line-Out series. She does remasters of old (mostly very obscure) vg osts and then presents them in a very nice album-format package. Also her website is cooooool.

Most of the ost's are available on her YT channel, where she also posts a bunch of obscure japnanese music, like non-vgm by vgm composers which is usually pretty interesting/good

Here's a couple of my favorites

Also right now I'm working on a mix of the entire Bomberman Hero OST, which is meant to be a more streamlined way to appreciate the entire soundtrack. Will post it here when it's done :D

The Tower of Heaven OST is remarkably good for a flash game.

Here's a melody arrangement for two pianos

and a nice video performance of a melody

@“pasquinelli”#p44675 Rereading my comment I feel like I came across as flippant, so apologies for that. I‘m not really down with genre labels and have found it off-putting in the past when I’ve seen NIN described as “not even industrial, man!” as though any music owed it to the listener to conform to a particular genre classification. And because as you said, it's not industrial! It is, broadly speaking, pop music which for one or two albums borrowed some industrial textures/sounds.

Quake soundtrack's good!

@“fugazi57”#p44677 fugazi this website is RAD!! Giving one of Sleeping Cocoon‘s (AKA EMMA AKA HECKSCAPER) album packages a cursory listen. And I’m extremely looking forward to the Bomberman set. (Oh man I recognize BGM_LOBBY from that N-LOG Soft video!! :wink: )

Rewriting the rules of the thread IN REAL TIME again to say what @"Moon"#220 has done in sharing an OST and then rearranged tracks as complements to the original is good and hot stuff.

I am not entirely sure I got this topic but the old reliable Smash Bros LoFi Hip Hop Mix should prove to be particularly popular background music today.

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