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@seasons#16027 Looks like some people on their forums have been discussing this for a while and a solution to save the RAM contents was made (https://misterfpga.org/viewtopic.php?t=768). Haven‘t tried it out yet, but I’d probably be lazy and just take a pic with my phone.

@robinhoodie#15708 Awesome! Yeah I'm definitely thinking about exploring more of the micros I was too young to mess with outside of my elementary school. Biggest gap I've been able to fill is the C64, Amiga, and DOS games I missed out on. Just got everything running and the Commodore stuff is impressive. These videos were very helpful:

Might setup the Atari ST next.

What a intro.


bought from misteraddons and got a 10% off discount link if anyone was interested. full disclosure, the email said i‘d also get 10% off, but i’m pretty sure i bought everything i need already

discount link: http://misterfpga.refr.cc/bryants

holy smokes, the progress on the ps1 core



Awesome - meanwhile we can play some choice Atari Lynx games now like… Dirty Larry?


More Atari fun with the 7800 now on the MiSTer!


Now we can faithfully play the best home version of Asteroids!

Well I finally broke down and joined in on the fun! I opted for the pre-assembled bundle from misteraddons for minimal hassle and also lucked out on getting one of the aluminum cases (in grey), which came back in stock shortly after ordering my unit.

For setup and assembly there are tons of great guides online, but I'll drop the two youtube videos I relied on most heavily, as I think these are pretty great resources if you are just getting started:


For now I have paired it with a 2.4 ghz wireless Saturn pad, which is supposed to have less latency than bluetooth pads and is working great for me so far:


Here's a shot of my setup shortly after getting things up and running--probably not my final arrangement, but I'm extremely pleased so far! The PVM connection (using a 15 pin VGA to 4 BNC RGB cable that I had lying around) works fantastic out of the box--just needed to make sure I enabled sync on green on the set. I also added a 2-way HDMI switch to send the signal to my OLED tv that's out of the shot to the left, which also works great.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/SbRrWVb.jpeg]
[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/9CN46OH.jpeg]

I've tested out a bunch of cores and loaded a lot of stuff to mess around with--it's honestly quite overwhelming!

The GBA core is fantastic--in fact, I have moved my Mother 3 playthrough over to the MiSTer and will probably continue from there. With integer scaling it looks phenomenal on my LG OLED and responsiveness is good enough that I am equally good (i.e. bad) at getting the timing-based attacks on this setup as I am on native GBA hardware. In addition this core has save states and a one button fast-forward--really great stuff!

I've only dabbled with the SNES, genesis, and PCE cores, but they all seem essentially perfect so far. I had a little issue with NEOGEO, but I think my romset is busted, so I'll report back on that. I got an amiga instance running using the HDD images and config files from this video:


Despite a familiarity with the Amiga through its reputation, I've never actually used one, so this is a big learning opportunity for me! I've only scratched the surface with this, but this hdd image comes with a ton of games and demos (i've mostly been watching some of the demoscene examples--wild stuff!). I also installed Secret of Monkey Island using FDD images--it runs, but the video is garbled, so I'll have to do some troubleshooting with that.

Some things on the horizon:

  • - Can‘t wait to try out the AO486 core! I’ve downloaded this preconfigured set from archive.org and hope to load it up soon.
  • - I have a set of X68000 games I want to try out, including Geograph Seal, a spiritual prequel to Jumping Flash that I only just learned about!
  • - Currently seeking out some FM Towns software--seems like there are a lot of ports from PC that have native english support.
  • - Would like to try out ScummVM at some point
  • - Really want to try out the Capcom CPS cores (esp CPS2 for Puzzle Fighter!). Might Join the Jotego Patreon for the beta cores, but I'm not in a big rush so I could just hold out for the public releases.
  • edit: just realized that there does not seem to be an FM Towns core…what a bummer, will be holding out for one, though

    I‘ve been keeping an eye out for the preconfigured bundle w/ case but I also just kinda wanna wait til the PS1 core is complete especially if they took good on HDTVs. I have a launch ps3 I’ve tried using a few times but the ps1 games look awful on it and upscalers are so expensive. Don't really have room for a CRT tub at the moment but I might finally have to suck it up and get rid of some shit so I can.


    @“kory”#p37363 I had a little issue with NEOGEO, but I think my romset is busted, so I’ll report back on that.

    Might be the same thing I ran into. The roms have to be unencrypted. There's a conversion tool on the [github page](https://github.com/MiSTer-devel/NeoGeo_MiSTer). I also have the same controller and have had issues mapping buttons in the neogeo core. I think I ended up with something like A B on X and Y and C D on B C haha. You might have better luck tho.

    @“seasons”#p37367 Thx for the tip, I‘ll have to try that out. I haven’t even gotten to the controller mapping part for that core, so I‘ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I also have an old arcade stick I used with my 360 that I’m pretty sure has a USB connection, will have to try that out with the MiSTer.

    @“kory”#p37363 CPS2 core is public, but just still in beta. You have to enable the download for it in the options of the Update All script.


    @kory Awesome!

    One big help for the 486 core is [this file transfer component](https://www.jamesfmackenzie.com/2021/02/14/mister-ao486-core-part-2-transferring-files-with-misterfs/) that lets you make a 'share' folder that you can dump stuff into over FTP. No need to make a bunch of floppy and VHD images!

    Also the Wonder Swan / Color core came out a little while ago.

    It's pretty great! Just keep in mind that the WS runs at 75hz so some video trickery will need to be involved on a 60hz display. I use these settings to get it to run on a 60hz HDTV:
    Refresh Rate: 60hz (75hz works on my CRT Monitor)
    Sync Core to Video: off (turning this on will result in slowdown - OFF produces screen tearing fixed with below buffer)
    Buffer video: ON (prevents screen tearing if 60hz - input lag is minimal)

    @“copySave”#p37375 Thanks! I'm eager to try out the WS core, but was not aware of the odd refresh of the native screen. Will be sure to try out these settings!

    Also a MiSTER user, love the idea - although I think I use it for the GBA core mostly so far!

    I've got it hooked up with a SCART cable for that pretend-authenticity.
    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/XzokgLC.jpeg]

    Using a 8bitdo m30 with it is real comfy.

    Progress continues apace on Sergey Dvodnenko‘s Saturn core. A very Insert Credit game was chosen for today’s demonstration on Twitter:


    Very very excited for the opportunity to meet Mr. Saturn some day--the developer runs a [Patreon](https://www.patreon.com/srg320/posts) if you are interested in following/contributing.

    @“kory”#p38661 a little game I play in my head is guessing what will happen first, the mr. saturn core being completed or me being able to afford a saturn and an ode

    The newly released core for Jackal (arcade) includes support for the version in which you can aim the machine gun.

    @“穴”#p38707 I’m in the exact same predicament…I keep eying a Saturn ode, but at this point I might just wait it out

    It would really come down to how badly you want to invest in Saturn peripherals as well. I've got the Netlink, and the Taisen cable, and other odd and ends that you can likely only do with real hardware. But for the majority of users, if Sergey can get the Saturn up and running this will be huge.


    @“kory”#p38661 Progress continues apace on Sergey Dvodnenko’s Saturn core.