Monsters: be they Capsule, Digital, in your Pocket, or down on the old Farm

I have a lot to share and say about what the zoomers have taken to calling “mongames”, which seems appropriate enough.

This can be a sort of spiritual sister thread to the thread about Mother-adjacents. It makes sense because Mother was very much the spiritual predecessor to Pokemon and by extension, all the similar games the following generations. (Survival Kids, anyone? but I digress…)

The only difference here is that I'm not putting together a comprehensive list to kick things off. Instead I'll share anecdotes and this awesome blog I recently discovered, which has the greatest english chronicling of the story and context of Digimon, weaving in the context from Tamagotchi and Pokemon:

I still have a lot to read from this.
To kick things off though, I was born in the earliest of 90's, so I never stood a chance against the monsters craze. I lived it. I was forged by fire. A blue Game Boy Pocket, what felt like a month with no games, then Pokemon Blue, was my first game. I remember going to Eckerd pharmacy and getting Tamagotchi, and the first Digimon vpet. I had the Pocket Pikachu vpet. I had the Tamagotchi game for game boy and played it a tonnnn. Later as an adult I explored the japan-only tamagotchi GB sequels, and this summer I've been playing the Digital Monster Ver. Wonderswan! intend to put more time into other early console games like the tamagotchi games for Playstation, N64, and I think Saturn too!
I remember allllll the fast food promotions for tamagotchi, pokemon, etc. The earliest Pokemon promotion at KFC is one of my earliest childhood memories. I only recently found photos of the display I remembered so clearly:
[URL=][IMG width=300][/IMG][/URL][URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
~(that's right it says *GAME BOY pocket*!!! those of you who were born in the later half of the 90's, much later than I was, can *read it and weep*)

The game boy pocket would turn out to be a flash in the pan due to the success of pokemon causing nintendo to go all in on rehashing the game boy hardware for a whole third generation with the GBC.
I remember doing chores for change so I could go to *The Family Book Store* and buy pokemon card packs for _four dollars_ with my own money. I remember as the boosters released in waves post base set: jungle, fossil, rocket, gym... I collected the figures and basically whatever I could get my hands on that was even barely related. Basically, Pokemon Blue and Red are what defined "cool" in my plasticine brain, and that will always be my foundation. Another of my earliest memories, after being forcefully and illegally separated from my father in a botched adoption, he sent me a cardboard box big enough for me to live in that was filled to the absolute brim with *Japanese* pokemon card packs, toys, and imported rarities, like this epiccccc "touch to talk" Pikachu toy. (you know, like those little peepers baby chicken chicks with metal contacts on the feet, that when touched by holding it in the palm of your hand, cause the fella to peep peep peep?)
this is the original canon size for pikachu *in my heart*.

For Monster Rancher, I *only had a demo disc* for Monster Rancher 2, and I played those limited first few weeks *over, and over, and over*, because I *never* found the full game. The game boy color Monster Rancher Card game was so poorly translated, but I was too young to realize it. I just thought it was my fault for not understanding. I had monster rancher cards and figurines too. Eventually I got Monster Rancher Advance.
Of course I watched the animus. I unlocked my Disk. I played the game like an ace, and now I'm in this place.

Dude, the pilot for monster rancher was so cool, how it showed him playing playstation in his room. obviously the pilot for pokemon is my definition of glory, with the immortalization of cinematic the GB opening. Between that and link's awakening, the cinema they squeezed out of that dot matrix is unlike anything else.

Well, this was gonna be a low-effort kick-off, but I ended up waxing poetic about it. That's how you know there's discussions to be had. That digimon blog is so good, that info deserves to be spread, and even regurgitated. Similar to my other interests and posts here ([like Maplestory being a secret Wonder Boy game](, there's not a lot of crosstalk between fandoms, and when one side digs deep, they don't realize the connections to the other side. These deep, obscured connections, and the Wonderswan, is what makes this topic something I'd discuss on Insert Credit specifically. and because I don't wanna touch the Pokemon fandom with a 20 foot pole. I saw enough twitter drama this year to see that it is a warlike tribe.

I didn't have internet access until 2003. And even then, that entire summer I was offline (and without cable TV, even!)
relevance? well, lets just say I played a lot of mongames :oj

~(also, fat pikachu is the *only* pikachu. all others are impostorchus)

I put Monster Rancher trading cards in this bootleg Pokemon card deck dispenser/holster on my belt during ART CAMP.

Burger King had the greatest series of toys for Pokémon in 1999. 57 toys! I had the Sandshrew keychain and it was solid.émon_(Burger_King,_1999)

@“hellomrkearns”#p125454 I have the vileplume from that promotion on my spare keyring!

I love how often these treasures appear in the wild. I remember them all so fondly.

Speaking of Rev-Tops toys, there were even more later on for gen 2 in kellogs cereals, the *last gasp* for cereals still having real toys in the box.
[URL=][IMG width=300][/IMG][/URL]
Before this becomes just another pokemon thread:[URL=][IMG width=300][/IMG][/URL]
This week I raised up my first ULTIMATE FORM digimon.

I considered pre-ordering these Kenji Watanabe Edition digital monster ver 20ths, but I‘m glad I didn’t lol

I have 10 digital monster devices, 3 are original 1997 ones, 6 are ver 20ths, and one is the first Digivice. and that is after giving away two digital monster ver. 20ths this month. thank you good night.

The Digimon Vpets have a thriving online community that has built some absolutely wild stuff.

Did you know that there's a Arduino based project to simulate the Vpet communication to play online?

There's a browser based game that uses the codes from an a-com or d-com.

There's even a MMO that utilizes the devices.

It's absolutely wild that these things persist the way they've had. If anyone is interested in one you can get a Digimon Ver20th for less than $15 on Amazon.

The Digitama Hatchery is pretty much the place for guides on devices.

I was born a few years too early to enjoy the monster craze that came with Pokémon. That is a definite shame because the collection aspect and good games were directly targeted to parts of my brain but I was slightly older and focused on stuff like Resident Evil.

Anyway, as an adult I've played some Pokémon and enjoyed them but the one I really like is Yokai Watch. You play a young boy or girl in a Japanese (localised to be America) suburb who finds a Yokai summoning Watch at a temple during his summer holiday. You are then accompanied by a ghost and soon befriend more yokai, most namely Jibanyan, an angry cat with two tails.

You collect yokai medals by finding yokai around the world. You can then summon these yokai in battle. Instead of random battles, you go looking for yokai in trees, under cars etc. This is where you also find bugs for the bug collecting part of the game.

Battles are fought with three yokai on your front line auto attacking and then manually deploying skills which have some touch screen command to input. You then rotate yokai from your back line in as needed.

The game looks lovely and I loved exploring the town. There are lots of quests and shops and areas to discover and it has a really good sense of place. I bought a model kit of Jibanyan.

Since I didn't grow up with Pokémon I don't have the formative experience love for it that others do which probably explains why I think Yokai Watch is a much better game than Pokémon. Cooler monsters, better writing, nicer looking and generally more interesting. If you are a monster collecting game liker, I can highly recommend it!


@“Squish”#p125464 It’s absolutely wild that these things persist the way they’ve had. If anyone is interested in one you can get a Digimon Ver20th for less than $15 on Amazon.

Sometimes even for as low as six bucks. The prices are always in flux, but there's always one of the colors down to only seven or eight dollars. I have bought so many to swap around the parts and make custom builds. The fact they're $6 free shipping makes it cheaper than any reproduction shell even. Not that I've seen those exist for digimon, but that's just the way it goes for consoles.


That Digimon Online thing is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I think I'm actually gonna try and build that.

I was born at the perfect time for the virtual pet craze and they were super common at my elementary school. They were eventually banned which caused underground Digimon fight rings to develop in the boys bathroom. We had lookouts posted for teachers and one of my friends even managed to infiltrate and retrieve my confiscated Digimon from the teacher's "banned items" drawer.

In my adult life, I've really enjoyed seeing the return of the "original" Digimon experience. I really like the 20th versions for all their new bells and whistles.

Currently, I have an original CIB ver. 1 digimon in clear blue (the same color I had as my first one back in the day) and a few Ver. 20th and X version or whatever. On one of the Ver. 20th I opened it up and put a custom background from a piece of a King Gizzard album art I printed on reflective sticker paper. Eventually I'd love to try and mod a backlight into one of my units.

Oh yeah and I neeeeed the 25th anniversary color edition in my life right now plz.



@“milo”#p125545 underground Digimon fight rings to develop in the boys bathroom. We had lookouts posted for teachers and one of my friends even managed to infiltrate and retrieve my confiscated Digimon from the teacher’s “banned items” drawer.

out of the epic and classic pre-internet antics I experienced, this is not one of them, and one of the most epic things I ever heard, and *absolutely* the intended use case for digimon.
imagine if you rolled up with that Kenji Watanabe edition back then.

my original '97 digimon vpet story is that I accidentally left mine at my aunts house. she put it in a drawer and complained to me that it was driving her crazy beeping until it finally died. then when I repetitively asked for it back, she said she lost it. probably why I'm so crazy for these fellers now: I didn't get another digital monster until the ver.20th came out in 2017, but I thought about it a lot over the years between! It was relegated to obscurity during the early years of the internet, hardly a blurb on the oldest tamagotchi website I would frequent. Anyone here remember those early tamagotchi websites, like, *Tamagotchi Planet*, I believe?

For original 1997 digimon I have:

  • - japanese wave 1 blueish gray cib
  • - US blue with gray buttons
  • - US brown with black buttons (this is the one I had!)
  • I'm still vehemently anti-backlight! the color version is cool but at that point I'd rather play on a smart phone or something. Because the reflective LCD is part of it for me, and it makes ultra sense, being a watch keychain. VER. COLOR would probably be cool to see irl though.
    [URL=][IMG width=400][/IMG][/URL]


    There is a human Analog Boy only known as “Analog Boy” helps Digimon who have lost their hearts to regain sanity and return to their correct place.
    was there a thread for video game menu UI based on PC OS? because this game is Armored Core tier in that regard.

    This will be a slow trickle feed of vpets probably over the course of years.

    Post yours too!

    Of all my custom builds, these two came out great as a “mating” pair (battling pair, lol)

    I’m only raising wave 1 until I get them all, then moving on to wave 2. I’m only missing metal Greymon-> omegamon or whatever. I’m not really counting the ones tacked on for ver.20th.

    My favorite in wave 1 has always been Meramon, ever since 1997. Because *flames* are cool. I named my pet caterpillar *Flame* back then. I always thought meramon was the coolest character in any of the media I saw in those years, because he’s just a man made of pure flame. Doesn’t get cooler than that, dude. Well, until *Blue*Meramon… because the only thing cooler than *flames* is *blue flames*….

    Stay tuned for when I take good photos of my vpets linked to wonderswan… it’s getting to the point where I could rival that one Twitter that always posts matching transparent plastics by year…

    BTW @"milo"#451 , I’ve found a genius alternative to backlight mods for these devices….
    There are **glow in the dark background card inserts** which literally backlight your device, without any power, with a simple completely nonelectrical drop in.… I have one coming in the mail… will post soon


    OMG I need to know about the glow in the dark background card. That sounds like the coolest thing.

    Love those 2 builds btw! I've been experimenting swapping colors in mine but they're back to stock now.

    Here's my current digimon situation.


    Including the one with the custom background.


    And this little tyrannomon figure I've had since I was little.


    @“milo”#p125647 I was busy this morning, but I‘m on lunch break now on my PC so here’s the link!

    It is the coolest thing. I‘m impressed by how much it lights up the entire screen!

    I have a custom glow in the dark digimon ver.20th build that I’m adding this to, and will post pictures when I‘m raising it. The brick already glows a ton, so it’ll be super bright when all‘s said and done.

    It’s a great workaround for visibility in the dark. Since you should be carrying around the device outside all day anyway, or at the very least using the device. Just by looking at it and playing it, you will have light shining on it, so it should be pretty well charged with solar energy… I could see anyone installing these cards into all of their digimon. I may consider it….

    WOW... gotta love that 2.99 KB toys tag... that's one of the old stores I have memories of going to back in the day. I didn't have babbages or whatever else, just KB toys, SEARS, toys r us and Electronics Boutique. Great to recall the original 17.99 price too. I thought it was 12 or 15 or something back in the day. It's especially awesome that these new waves of 20th anniversary toys are all fluctuating in about the same way, around the exact same price!!!

    And swell tyrannomon... the OG mascot...

    That's a sweet customization you did! that art you chose works perfectly! I may go for something as I move on to raising wave 2 monsters, but I would prefer to just have the wave 2 card, which I still haven't found for sale anywhere.

    I was also the prime age to be swept up in the mon craze. I had a friends dad bring us Pokémon toys from Japan just before they took off here in Australia and we felt like we were the coolest kids ahead of the curve.

    I also wanted all the virtual pets. I had a pocket pikachu colour and took it loyally out wherever I went. Had the one with the clear casing, as was the style at the time:

    I also had this Jurassic World gigapet which I kept alive for a record of about 24 days from memory:
    It’s possible that having to attend to my school day was my downfall keeping this little guy alive, or could have been my chronic over feeding. Either way, nothing screams dinosaur more than this:

    IMO the final best version in this category was the HG SS poke-walker. I got some high school friends into it and I always had the most steps because I rode my bicycle 10 miles both ways to school.

    PS - I have two different Barbie Giga Pets up for grabs.

    back on that blog I found, this is a really impressive article about the world building in Pokemon and Digimon, and starting from the basics explaining things like Bikkurimon, Pocket Zaurus, “Back Settings”, etc. Even the pokemon fandom should know about “back settings”, and that‘s why the early pokemon gens are the best, because it was before a lot of that most awesome world building was destroyed and retconned or ignored by newer stuff.

    I would put this in some of the “hey look at this cool thing I found” thread, but it’s probably only interesting to monster freaks like us who are participating in this thread for Pokemaniacs

    Look at this drunkard sake bottle vpet I found…

    @“treefroggy”#p125720 Making Alcoholism fun for the whole family!

    But really though this is so weird. In the description it says you're supposed to get it too drunk so you can nurse it back to health. How does this even exist?