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Don‘t worry, later this year I’ll be amongst the brigade of Armored Core 6 players. I think the From Software Thread will get a real workout – perhaps we'll need a dedicated thread as we are likely to spill out of there (much like how Elden Ring talk spilled out all over the place for a bit)

Threw my hat in the ring with a game I hope people will enjoy. Team Buddies

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awe you guys are sweet

: o)

imho animal crossing can wait for when the grass turns green in spring or summer. spring would be cool because the cherry blossom festival is always nice.

the most fun I had in acnh was on 4-20 when I have a bonfire at my crib and someone showed up dressed as a narc when six of us were smoking around the bonfire.

btw @"rejj"#455 I added you to my contracts list today in death stranding. not entirely clear what exactly it does but I think we help each other out to some degree.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p105734 New Horizons is such a weird game for me. The Goblin Bunker encouraged me to purchase it. I played it every night before bed - which got me through those awful 2020 months. I didn‘t feel like I “had” to play it - so the time sink wasn’t bad in that respect, but after a long while, the certain forced animations/conversations/ plus only being allowed to build one thing at a time, killed the fun for me.

It might be fun if we had an Insert Credit Animal Crossing Ghost Town Tour, where Insert Crediters promise not to fix up their town, but load it up and let us all visit it. I know I started demolishing stuff without any real plan, so my island probably looks like hell. It might be fun to tour through all these derelict "once was" islands.

Edit: You know what - New Horizons will be my recommendation, in hopes that we'll have a few abandoned islands to play around in.

@“hellomrkearns”#p105766 again, those look like Mighty Beanz meets Worms Armageddon in the most childhood-stimulating way. I'm super down for it.

@"bwood"#p105785 lol goblin bunker should put their money where their mouth is and meet me on the streets of Butt Creek.
What you said is exactly what I had in mind-- ACNH would be a casual peep what we all got going on, not engaging with daily BS unless we wanted to lol. Like completely non-committal, a visit. What you do behind the scenes is between you and Aurora the Penguin. At the very least I could host everybody in Butt Creek and have a chill time. If we play the original AC it would be more a moody experience.

@“treefroggy”#p105770 I also am not sure exactly what it does, but I just logged in and added my half of the Strand Contract. You've carried a lot more cargo than I have!

I feel so bad about burning out on death stranding at what I imagine is just exactly the halfway point when you activate ziplines and get lethal weaponry and knowing that I'll have to start from the beginning to get back into it even though I had 100% of everything I could find up to that point

I even kidnapped that one guy's girlfriend to go visit all the hot springs for pointlessly detailed extra content

this is reminding me of our thread where we tried to get a group together to play a F2P MMORPG that never got off the ground.

…and our attempt to do a movie club and all watch the Morten Jankel Extended VHS of the Super Mario Bros. movie. I still want to do that; I have the file sitting there and haven't watched it yet!

Perhaps with the new Mario Bros. movie imminent, we can rekindle that flame.

@“rejj”#p105899 I hate chris pratt enough to boycott this movie no matter what the cost

Extremely excited to roll the dice in a couple of days and see what our first game will be. Rad seeing all the nominations!

I take it back. Not nominating Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I went back to my island and grew bored rather quickly. Sorry treefroggy.


Uncharted Waters: New Horizons?


I would like to apologize to @IncompatibleKaiser. I incorrectly mentioned "edward" as the reason for my Uncharted Waters 2 nomination. I've never played it, but it looks interesting.

You know what, I want to change mine too - while I think it would be very fun to play Xanadu Next

It would be even funnier if I made everyone play [The Gilmore Girls Fire Emblem mod]( with me

@“Tradegood”#p106351 okay but I’m going to play this regardless of what wins holy shit

@“Tradegood”#p106351 that‘s the only fire emblem I’ve played. it was great

March has officially begun in the UTC time zone, which means our first game has been selected. It's Xanadu Next! Join in the discussion over there.

Also, since it's a new month, you can [nominate a new game]( Previous nominations roll over into next month's pool too, so don't worry if your game didn't get chosen by the Gods of Random Dice Rolls from

@“Brett”#p106476 can i nominate the same games each month to load the dice?

@“IncompatibleKaiser”#p106497 sure, why not!