Monthly Game Club - Nominations & Meta Discussion

I ain’t no Oprah but I’ve been thinking it would be fun to have a monthly game club, similar to a book club, where those of us interested in a given month’s game all play it throughout the month and share our thoughts. It’d be a way to share an experience together and check out some games we might not otherwise.

How it works

Nominate a game. Ideally no more than one per person per month so it doesn’t get flooded. Old and new games are welcome. Any platform is fine but hopefully it’s widely playable. Ideally the game will be in English or have a fan translation. Nominations stick around until they get chosen!

At the beginning of each month a random game that’s been nominated will be selected and a new forum thread will be created to play and discuss it.

We’ll start the first game in Mar '23. That gives us some time to gather nominations and feedback on this.

View the nominations

Here’s a spreadsheet to view the nominated games!


What do you think?

Would this be fun? Are you interested in participating? I like the idea of being asynchronously social about playing games. If you aren’t interested in a game that month, just don’t participate and wait for next month.

And when you nominate a game, post about a little bit about it here if ya’ want. I’ll use that in the game’s introduction post when that month starts.


I nominated a game to kick things off because that spreadsheet was looking mighty lonely!

[upl-image-preview url=]

It's beloved, seems a little weird, love that it's inspired by Twin Peaks, and I haven't gosh darn played it!

If it ever gets chosen by the Dice Gods of Randomness, I'll play the GBC DX version myself. But it'd be cool if other people played the Switch ver or original ver.

I don't know much about the game aside from some screenshots. I'm not a huge Zelda fan but I've played a few of them.

Anyway, that's it! We've got our first nomination!

Definitely interested in “book club for games”, now the two wolves inside me are battling over selfishly nominating stuff from my backlog or stuff that would be actually interesting for a group to discuss… does that venn diagram even intersect anywhere?

I'll nominate A Mind Forever Voyaging - cool and interesting in and of itself, a prime example of its genre, historically important, kind of overlooked, and also pretty sure its free these days


@“messemet”#p104247 selfishly nominating stuff from my backlog or stuff that would be actually interesting for a group to discuss… does that venn diagram even intersect anywhere?

If you're here in, that venn diagram is probably like a lumpy circle.

@“yeso”#p104260 ooooh i've been meaning to play this one for decades



Looks interesting!


@“JXUA”#p104263 GOD HAND


No points for guessing what I nominated.

Also, while I always appreciate a good


You do actually have to put it in the form there

Yes I nominated a game:

Drill Dozer (GBA, 2005)

No, it's got nothing to do with how I'm already thinking of playing it.

Awesome to see nominations coming in. Looking forward to playing all of these (over the many months to come).

Just a heads up that I'll manually add games mentioned that aren't submitted through the form. Using the form just makes it easier to manage.

shoot, it‘s too late for me now, but someone should do atlantis no nazo or tower of druaga (or a game similarly obtuse and secret-filled); it’d be fun for everyone to work together to find a route through, without using any guides!

(or maybe i'll submit one next month…)

I nominated Arx Fatalis because Arkane is a game studio that i really find interesting but never come around to playing their games.

I already regret my nomination.

@“穴”#p104291 omg what is this even

It's got to be God hand right?

Oh and we should update our ranking after every new game we play

I do not regret my recommendation, may RNGesus bless us with chaos.