Music that makes you stay on a menu

Music for menus that is so good you spend more-than-necessary time in said menu (or other non-main game screen). A particular flavor of “good game music.” Share your favorites!

Parasite Eve map music

Sonic R options menu

Descent main menu (Mac cd audio version)

Descent 2 main menu (redbook audio)

Here's one that always felt of a pair with that sonic R menu music to me

Back in the day I left my PS2 on the DOA2 menu all day because this track is a banger.

kind of basic addition but also

I get down hard to this

Christ almighty, this game would take the world absolutely by storm if it were ported to modern consoles—with a proper localization of *Kero Kero King* included, please!!


Oh also, it's a short loop but I always loved the MML2 title theme so I had to let it play out at least twice before starting the game.

Let us not forget

Mad chill hangout music for the main room of the game. Catch me saving my game every 10 minutes for this jam 😎

Yesterday I sampled all the games by PolyGram and found out they‘re all the tightest shit in the world (though they peaked early with Twin Goddesses). These guys ruled so insanely hard. Each game’s soundtrack was insane and their title screens forced me to sit my ass down and bathe it in
(Unfortunately I couldn't find footage of _Soreike no Kokoroji_'s title screen without some internet personality talking over it, so accept this collection of FMVs instead. You'll get the idea)

Oh what a great idea for a thread…I had like six examples of this playing simultaneously in my head when I read the title (actually, that might just be my brain’s normal resting state…). Here’s a few that come to mind:


>!When I hear this I think, boy, maybe I should try Xenoblade again (I did not like Xenoblade)


Shimomura is a master of title tracks



>!(would've liked it if they kept the vocal for this but I understand the decision)



more recently I spent a good amount of time in these menus:


[holy moly!](

also i can't believe that metroid prime has an absolute killer start screen track, that somehow evokes creepy crawly insects _and_ broken technology glitching/sparking, while quoting the original metroid title theme


...then it's got this one just for the save file screen! nuts! almost as nuts as R4 using that slap bass song for the "press x to continue" screen lmao


lol why didn't I think to put this in here

This is 50% cheating, but it could be done in the context of the game too.

I've also dropped this on IC during every 3DS discussion. The menu music for my custom policenauts 3DS theme had me spending more time in the home menu than I did playing 3DS games, for real

@"connrrr"#p104730 is it just nostalgia or is there nothing like Mega Man Legends 2?

I'll think of more legit ones... uhh... gimmie a minute

@“Chopemon”#p104711 Bomb Factory was definitely a part of my daily plays when I was in college.

Maybe not exactly what is being asked but vita homescreen music absolutely slaps

so good they used it for three games in a row!

@“mtvcribs”#p104771 100%. >!We're inching dangerously close to someone posting the 3DS wifi config music.!<

The *Atelier Firis* PS4 static theme has been my default for the system from day one (or day two). I don't know how I found it though as I am not an *Atelier* game player.

This theme reminds me of housesitting in Parkdale, and of playing *Let it Die* and *Infamous First Light* completely without the context of *Second Son* or rest of the series just to see what then-current gen graphics looked like. Great track to just leave on in the room while noodling with something else.

@“treefroggy”#p104772 I see your giant robot game and raise you another giant robot game

(Also that Calbania Island theme in MML2 makes me want to go live in the alps forever.)

if map themes count…. (aka the baten kaitos enjoyer has logged on)


ssx 3's soundtrack was maybe my introduction to electronic music? this shit sounded so cool