MY DJ SO BAD - Riddim Games Discussion !

Here it is! This is a general discussion of all rhythm games at large, if you wanna talk about that weird Saturn Parappa Clone, go right ahead! I'm just gonna kick this off by sharing one of my favorite Bemani Songs!

I've got plenty to share, I'm a Bemani Pop Pop Pop'n Music head, made plenty of friends through that over the years!

Idunno where to begin!
I was rocking Pop'n GB during class in high school in the late aughts. Around the same time I purchased the first popn music art book thing, and somehow managed to hold on to it all the way until a couple years ago, when I cut it up and made the illustrations into pins which are hanging on my wall! Guitar Hero hit my friends group like a ton of bricks in 7th grade, my buddy did a kick flip for the first time the same night he beat Gitaroo Man start to finish in one sitting and still says that was one of the greatest days of his life. I became interested in OTOCKY back when I first heard of it when Electroplankton was first covered in Nintendo Power. Rhythm games have always been the coolest.

My dad is a DDR maniac. He had a full custom arcade style metal dance pads that he built in his home. I never got to see them or use them, though, because it's before we reunited! I had to *work* for my rhythm games like everybody else, hehe !!

I've been quite close with the folks who started the bemanistyle fan community back in the day, as well as the company that exports DJ MAX.

back in my small hometown, before I got away, I loaned out my Pop'n Music mini controller to people I shouldn't have, and by abusing it, they ended it's life prematurely. I still kind of regret it because I want to be playing Pop'n in my van right now! I've been meaning to build an arcade style controller since 2008, I should really get to that eh??

Since moving to the west coast I've always had access to cabinets easily enough, whether at the last real arcades, conventions, or friends houses. I've had my fill, "been there done that". Now it'd be kinda sweet if I had a proper controller in my van, but not the biggest priority.

The first time I played Pop'n on an arcade cabinet was while walking a client's dog with my dad at UCLA, and found the cabinet in the UCLA student arcade! My daily chore was to rinse the sprouts we grew in the car, and he paid me 50 cents for doing it, which was enough for one Pop'n Session at the arcade. :o)

I've been exposed to some really rare arcade rhythm experiences, like Pop'n Stage, Keyboard mania, Parapara Paradise, Guitar Freaks combined with Drum Mania. Through those friends I got to see legendary stuff, like all sorts of arcade parts, *update discs*, VHS Pop'n Music Video tapes, handbills, merch, giant collections of CDs from the artists who make the music...

They also kind of *never stopped* making Bemani games. During the years when people began saying *Konami doesn't make games anymore*, I was sitting there, frustrated, with no *Insert Credit* to turn to. Yes, they do still make games. You just only like games with guns I guess, because a new Pop'n Music is still coming out every few years.

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I feel like I‘ve written about this before but I’m a lapsed obsessive Bemani-type who‘s just starting to get back into playing Dance Dance Revolution after 2020 put a stop to my “going to Round 1 twice a week” habit.

I got into DDR in high school because of a friend who had DDRMAX for PS2 and a hard-pad. I didn’t have a PS2 until much later but when DDR Ultramax came out for original Xbox, I knew I had to have it. I didn‘t realize how different from the PS2 games they were but I still defend the Ultramix series as being the best console-DDR titles released in North America. I was comfortable playing on the standard difficulty and playing in arcades which made me impressively-skilled among my friend group (consisting of zero serious-rhythm game types). In grad school, DDR was my primary source of music, exercise, and video gaming. I got a Cobalt Flux pad, could pass Max 300 on Heavy, posted on DDRFreaks, and was briefly involved with an on-campus DDR club (which I quit because it felt weird being a few years older than everyone else).

Then I moved back in with my parents, struggled with underemployment, and totally fell off of DDR.

But around that time I found the American PS2 Beatmania game on clearance and bought a copy of that and snagged a not-too-expensive copy of the last Japanese version of IIDX for PS2: Empress (which was ideal because it also had a “best of IIDX” disc). I dedicated myself to the game for a while, I think peaking with level 5 songs before getting frustrated because it felt pointless since I didn’t know anyone else who even knew what the game WAS and there were no arcades with cabs within a several-hour radius AFAIK.

Some years pass and in 2018 a Round 1 opened up in my local mall and I was suddenly in rhythm gaming heaven! I got back into both DDR and IIDX despite struggling with the anxiety of being a less-then-the-best player (all of a sudden I'm finding out there are DDR communities where getting PERFECTS in songs are considered BAD and level 16-songs are considered easy warm-ups - MADNESS). At my peak, I could clear 16s in DDR and 10s in IIDX. I also used to play on doubles mode for both (at lower levels). Nowadays I'm pretty rusty; it's going to be a long road before I'm back where I used to be. But it's fun either way! I still have my Cobalt Flux for DDR but I live on an apartment above someone else and want to try to be a good neighbor. I have a PheonixWan controller for IIDX and have less of an excuse for not playing that more.

Oh, and if anyone's inclined to listen: [here's my YouTube playlist of Bemani songs I like I made a while back.](

If the DJ Max Respect DLC was half the price, I would‘ve bought it all by now, but to go this long and still charge that much - it’s highway robbery. Like goddang it man

Also anyone else interested in this game? The animation style gives FLCL vibes

Rhythm games with decent original soundtracks are precious and must be protected at all costs (but also gotta go on sale sometimes)


That does look pretty sick. masaaki yuasa styles

rhythm game enthusiasts are often pretty rich to the point of affording multiple arcade cabinets and expensive peripherals, hehe

I love console rhythm games!

Gitaroo Man is one of my earliest memories of overcoming genuinely difficult gameplay that I can remember. I just kept at it until I finished the game and felt so accomplished. I’ve played tons of Project Diva f 1 & 2(on Vita), both fantastic. Theatrhythm FF is incredible in all forms.

I downloaded a Wonderswan rhythm game called [Rhyme Rider Kerorican]( that I’m really excited to try.

Rhythm games are my favorite! I will always believe that Beatmania IIDX is the best of them, but really I love them all. Lately I've been playing Groove Coaster 2 on my phone and Daigasso! Band Brothers on the DS. Sometimes I still poke at osu! on the PC as well.

One time when I was young, I got a repetitive strain injury from playing Gitaroo Man and pushing the buttons too hard. Had to wear a wrist brace for a while.

I‘m so happy the carbonite is gone, I’m movin‘ on

I’m so happy that it's over now, the pain is gone

Back when I first saw this I was filled with second hand embarrassment... but now that Star Wars has become even more of a soulless content mill, I find it oddly charming and innocent. I have a Xbox Series S as an emulation box, and I kind of want to get a kinect and try out some of these dancing games. I'm sure it is clunky but it seems like a step up from wii and switch dancing games.

it‘s been quite a struggle, but I’m finally able to dump my old photos from an old phone. finding lots of legendary bemani images to share here, among many other subjects. here's a teaser

Haven't seen this before!

@“treefroggy”#p108590 woooooah

btw: if anyone ever sees a fernandes ujl-2000 for sale in the uk for reasonable money please tell me because i will buy it


here's some old photos


stupid rare, maybe my favorite.[URL=]
[IMG width=300][/IMG][/URL]

I like that this streamer plays rhythm tengouku on hardware a lot and does insane challenges like this. This was the hardest mini game for me personally!

I really wanna try Pop’n :pleading_face: are the PSP versions good introductions?

@“sabertoothalex”#p115013 I love answering this question for people who wanna try Pop'n Music!

Of course, the first answer would be find a Round1 Arcade, search for popn cabinet locations online, or go to the Pop'n Music Facebook group and look for players near you: they're suuuuper nice, just go on the group and make a post asking if anybody knows of pop'n cabs in your area!

Back in 2007ish when I started playing, I was in the 8th grade. I had a very messed up, isolated living situation and didn't have access to *anything* cool. Back then my online popn mentors had me pirate a PC version called _Pop'n Music Bemouse_ for my Windows XP PC.

Nowadays, it's probably much, much easier to get an arcade version running on your PC, and I know for a fact that emulating the PS2 games works better than ever. **So I'd say the simplest answer is try to emulate the PS2 Games on your PC**, and use a keyboard to control it.

If you want to play the PSP version, go for it! I played them both. Any way you play the game, whether it's a keyboard or a controller, is not much of anything compared to playing with a Pop'n Music controller-- because the controller is kind of the whole point.

IDR if you're one of the pro modders on this forum, but I have a broken Pop'n Ps2 controller I'd gladly mail to you if you think you can fix it and use it.

Along with Bemouse, my earliest popn experiences were with the gameboy games. I imported Pop'n Music GB and beat the heck out of it and really enjoyed it. Those songs from GB always have a special place in my soul when I play them on a cabinet now. So Pop'n on PSP could be a good place to start, if that's what you feel like starting with! It's a good way to deepen your pop'n obsession before diving into the real thing... But once you touch the real thing, you may never want to go back! haha.

Then in 2008 I got that Pop'n Mini controller and a *SwapMagic Swap Disc*, and burned my Popn games for PS2. So nowadays it's never been so easy, with emulation, or OPL, to play these games. The hardest part is just getting your hands on a controller! The cheapest one I think is the Dreamcast or Playstation 1 controller with flat, uncomfortable buttons lol.

just IMHO but Pop'n GB is the best way to learn how to "read" the scroll, and it is a nice little experience on gameboy that makes unique use of the hardware, and has beautiful music. The controls are also well done & comfy.

@“treefroggy”#p115031 Thank you froggy!!

I will try a couple of the PS2 ones emulated. Not an expert modder so probably can't repair the controller but am open to getting one if I like that I play!

Have two Round1s near me as well so time to check 'em out again...

@“sabertoothalex”#p115146 here's a neat starter pack from someone from sega saturn shiro discord: