MY DJ SO BAD - Riddim Games Discussion !

Ask on the bemani Facebook group or something, you will likely find the answer and maybe even make a friend

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Oh hey, a rhythm games thread. Love the genre, my senior thesis in university was building a rhythm game and I actually worked at Harmonix for a year with credits on Rock Band 4 and Amplitude.

These days I play Stepmania a decent bit, but I unfortunately am using a softmat as I just simply don’t have the space to store a nice, actually usable dance mat. :frowning:

I also play DJ MAX V a decent chunk, though it’s been a few months (I should get back to that…).

I’m immensely curious about that Saturn Parappa-like, and kinda want to try and get my hands on a copy. Wish I had seen this thread before I was in Japan, haha - maybe I could’ve found it cheap enough. Speaking of… something truly magical about playing Taiko no Tatsujin with working drums. I’ve never once had the pleasure of playing it in a US arcade and not feeling like I’m fighting against a broken drum pad… so to experience playing it a Japanese arcade was delightful.

Anywhoo, I could ramble on about a variety of thoughts and feelings about a variety of rhythm games but for now I’ll just say I’m glad this thread exists and that I found it. :smiley:


from what I remember, there should be pre-patched isos out there to get around the copy protection? it’s been a while since I played those, but I think that’s what you need to look into

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