MySpace Era Goth Games

This thread's for the goths, the punks, the scene kids, the vamps, and the emos.

The mid 2000s were a happy time to be a misanthrope. The mall goth aesthetic was everywhere. Guys would wear eyeliner and put chains on their wallet, girls would wear black flared skirts with knee socks and demonia boots, and non binary peeps would get fingerless gloves and snake bite lip piercings. Even though games weren't always talked about like they are today it was an underrated part of that culture.

I remember the kids on AIM were always sharing flash games on Newgrounds. Unfortunately (or... fortunately) that site is not what it used to be so I always give up quickly when looking for the weird dark games that I vaguely remember. I haven't fired up the wayback machine for fear of what's on there.

What HAS held up well is Disgaea (and other NIS games from that time) which captured the playful morbidity that defined the era. Prinny was the mascot, dood. I used to have a Prinny button on my pencil case with a skull pattern on it, because I was _cool_. It was refreshing to have a game be really funny, self aware, and have juuuust enough disdain for normies.

What are some classic games you associate with that aesthetic? Feel free to post ur DeviantArts too

My dark phase lasted a couple seconds in middle school

Read Lenore, Jhonen Vazquez comics, met angus oblong at a 300 attendee anime convention in central florida and went to chik fil e with him. I wore nightmare before Xmas t shirts I got from Disney Quest and fre messed up stuff from the darkness of my soul. Also this was around the time Psychonauts came out, and I played it on my pc, so it was absolutely hittin!! Not exactly goth, but the whole mental illness theme was really feeding into my twisted fantasy. This was also when I was waking up to the ironic tragedy of my upbringing.

Though, let’s be Frank off the top. Final Fantasy VII and symphony of the night. I’m on mobile right now but I have some deep anecdotes on my experiences with FFVII during elementary school and middle school involving my friends older brother who had sephiroth length jet black hair.

I never stopped loving invader zim. I watched that reboot Netflix special or whatever. It was good!


@“treefroggy”#p105807 Jhonen Vazquez comics

Aw yeah, Jhonen Vazquez. Filler Bunny was a total vibe and of course Invader Zim was iconic. I guess I need to check out that netflix reboot. I had a brooding middle school friend who painted his nails black and was super into Jhonen Vazquez comics, Taking Back Sunday, Magic the Gathering, and Devil May Cry 2 so I used to associate those things with bad boys lol. It wasn't until later that I learned there were tons of other types of people who were into those things!


@“treefroggy”#p105807 Final Fantasy VII

Yes! It was totally goth-coded! I never properly played SotN but the whole castlevania series fits too.

tbh my goth era was also pretty short-lived but if you were there at the time it counts

I read that Squee and JHTM cover to cover dozens of times lol!!

I'll put forward Persona 3, it was kind of at the tail end of that era when MySpace was still around but FB was very close to more mainstream usage. Every social link in the game is about death or loss in some form. Main character had the scene hair. It was more stylish than typical mall goth stuff, it almost felt aspirational, like we were seeing an evolved form of the trend.

I had a friend in High School anime club who went by the name Shmee.

@"sabertoothalex"#p105820 nah man, spot on, when you log on to the pc in your dorm he's definitely updating his myspace page, social links were probably inspired by myspace rofl jk XD
My myspace page in middle school had Cave Story music, specifically [this one](
of course these were the years I was growing up in a hick school where I felt like I was the only one who knew about *Metroid*, let alone the Panic/Keita Takahashi Katamari Damacy shirts I was wearing daily. I went from goth micro-phase to full-on katamari mania.

I'm at the library now so here's my FFVII big brother story.

The friend I clicked with the most growin up in the middle of nowhere, illegally adopted by republicans, was a kid who had eight brothers and sisters, lived with his mom who was between husbands at the time. HIs biological dad was mormon. This is intrinsically linked to the story lol. I loved going to this kids house, they were "poor" in all the best ways, dirt bike track in a circle around the trampoline in a tiny back yard, like the typical size suburban back yard lol. It felt so unrestricted compared to my extremely controlled, sterile (unhealthy) environment. He and his younger siblings were all super innocent, loved church and their family, had a great outlook and attitude, a great combination of mormon family values and redneck buck wild uninhibited fun.
Anyways he was the second eldest, proceeded by an older brother who was a full 8 or so years older. He was super independant, drank beer and cigarettes in front of us, super sarcastic and edgy. Jet black hair down to his butt. He has a different dad than my buddy. Apparently his dad brought a *gun* in the house when my buddy was a baby.
Lets call my buddy Cloud (he was blonde and very german) and his older brother Sephiroth.
So my buddy always told me stories about Final Fantasy VII, *Xenogears*, Chrono Trigger, and Parasite Eve -- in the fifth grade-- and was telling me all this demonic, satanic ways he's linking it to The Bible, and the Book of Mormon, lol. Like how sephiroth is a fallen angel / demon, and you have to defeat him when he becomes a blasphemous false idol. He drew crazy demonic drawings. He told me about Chrono and Magus in the same way as Cloud and Sephiroth. He told me how Cloud was a clone or something, and he told me about Zack. He also told me about things like Mohanri Moriankemer from the book of mormon in the same way, lol.
So this was just a great time.
The first time I was at his house and saw sephiroth's room in the basement, it was exactly what you'd expect. he had a water bed with 50 spots patched up with black duct tape in the letter X. He had a weird statue that I was fascinated by that I later found out was Basil Wolverton's [Wolverton's Weirdos]( Wolverton's Weirdos was the flavor of cloud's drawings during class, lol.
I didn't get to play FFVII at his house. But I did get to have my mind blown by **emulators** for the first time in the 5th grade.
They had a single shared computer. I don't remember if it was Windows XP yet or still windows 2000/me/98. I think the desktop icons were 16bit sprites still.
He showed me his file structure, obviously a sloppy little folder hidden from his 6 younger siblings, full of roms with the emulator. He showed me how to drag the game file onto the console emulator. I couldn't believe it. The first game he showed me was Chrono Trigger, something I'd never seen or heard of outside of his demonic whispers about Magus.
That day I played Chrono Trigger, Harvest Moon, and **E.V.O.** for the first time. A couple years later I would play Mother 1 on emulator in the same house off my own usb flash drive. As we grew up for a few years, we always wanted to hang out at jacob's house because we could stay up all night long playing video games, and lie to my adoptive parents that we did in fact go to church the following day. Anyone who stayed the night at my house found out the hard way that we were all being woke up early and forced to go to church or go home.

So cloud got to play FFVII and probably symphony of the night in his older brothers room. I bought the game from blockbuster gamerush for like twelve bucks used in 7th grade and played through the whole thing when I was going through a custody battle and sent to live at my aunt's house. I played through the whole game with the PS1 sitting vertically (so it was out of sight of my aunt) beside a ~14" black panasonic VCR combo.
It's just really cool this super christian kid also had the freedom to get really into demonic stuff. Before he moved away to Wyming a year before I ran away for good, he died his ear-length hair jet black also, lol. He's now a fricking Minister at his church in wyoming, and married with children.

uh, it's not a phase!!

no but really, despite never playing any of the disgaeas, at some point in 2003 or so, young me really liked the art and character design enough to buy this book from japan, possibly before the game came out in the usa?? no clue what i was thinking but i still have it around here somewhere. maybe i oughta play the dang game for once too haha

[upl-image-preview url=]

@“phylaxis”#p105837 Another Blockbuster GAMERUSH moment. During the PSP era, just before I started dumping PSP ISO‘s from blockbuster rentals and immediately returning them 10 minutes later for ja full refund, abusing their policy completely, I was renting PSP games a lot and buying them used.

I got Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness, because of how much I loved Final Fantasy Tactics. I didn’t stick with it after the first few hours, but I did end up buying the Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness Guide. from Double-Jump Books, which I thought was a cool name. I also still think it's cool that they marketed it as a portable guide book, meaning it is smaller in size like a Japanese guide book instead of the huge magazine-like strategy guides in the US. It fit in the other side pocket of my cargo shorts, where the other pocket was always where I kept my PSP. HEHE

[upl-image-preview url=]


@“sabertoothalex”#p105820 I’ll put forward Persona 3, it was kind of at the tail end of that era when MySpace was still around but FB was very close to more mainstream usage.

Persona 3 was definitely a goth game! The setting and atmosphere was so perfect. SMT 3 was also so spooky and demonic even just the box art scared me.

I think you're right, 2006 was the beginning of the end, and once we hit like 2008-2009 I think everything changed. Emos still held out for a bit longer, but facebook really empowered the nerds and the hipsters to take over youth culture for a generation. I think there was interesting stuff at that inflection point, like Twilight and Dark Knight, which honestly had tons of crossover appeal between all 3.

I think Persona 4 signaled a separation between goth and weeb that's only grown over time. Goths/Punks were some of the OG weebs but who knows how much crossover there is anymore.


@“treefroggy”#p105833 He’s now a fricking Minister at his church in wyoming, and married with children.

That's awesome! I love that his enthusiasm for FFVII lore was the same as mormon lore. In another universe maybe he would be the preacher in the Sector 5 slums. I love when these games reach people in unlikely place.

Those art books/strategy guides are beautiful, love to see it.

the defining feature would be this: did Hot Topic sell Persona 3 t-shirts? I would not be surprised if they did. Did you know Hot Topic had officially licensed SotN t-shirts that just had the iconic image of alucard holding his sword upwards in front of the castle & full moon? So cool

Does anyone remember the game CRY_WOLF?

It was a AIM-based social deduction game (think Among Us for myspace goths). The game was basically just Mafia where you had a wolf and every night it would kill a sheep and it was up to the sheep to try to suss out the wolf. It's kind of a metaphor for how everyone is just a sheep, man. It was made to promote a crappy slasher movie that I never saw. You could even play it on your Motorola RAZR flip phone!

I used to play this with some friends on mine from a reality tv board and it would get _heated_. Almost as heated as when we'd play isketch but that's a story for another day.


Here is a game I associate with what you're talking about in the original post for sure

OH YEAH. the thing I associate the most with this is twewy. All the way.

Yesssss! The Matrix games were absolutely goth! I love that PS2 geometry and the cubemap reflections on basically every surface. In a way that art style still feels futuristic.

Man was I an emo? I did wear skinny jeans and all black Chuck Taylors and got my eyebrow pierced in Highschool. My MySpace username WAS Mr.Suburbia (inspired by a Greenday song) and I did listen to a lot of My Chemical Romance. But I never identified as one which is weird.

A lot of time was spend going to my friend's house and browsing Newgrounds and Stick So I'd have to recognise Madness Combat and numerous point and click games from Stick Death.


In terms of an official videogame, like everyone else, it's Persona 3 all the way. I had door-kuns hairstyle after all. Also I think most emos from that era were secretly Kingdom Hearts fans. I know some metal kids back in the day really appreciate Brutal Legend.

Edit: Slight amendment for a bit of Newgrounds nostalgia but looking forward to Nightmare Cops from Tom Fulp and a few of those dudes.

@“treefroggy”#p105833 I just found this thread and I’m digging up this old post, but I want to say this might be the best post in the forum

+1 for FFVII being a stand out goth game. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines is very decidedly late 90s/early 2000s goth.

I was never into emo so much but there was the Emo Game (2 or 3 of them I think). The humour in them definitely doesn’t hold up. Just extremely of-the-time unfunny punching down jokes from memory. But maybe that’s the more authentic experience of that era?

@“deepspacefine”#p138394 thanks yeah I had a very formative experience with FFVII and religion, culture, schoolyard rumors, hyping up a game, etc

I completely forgot that Digital Devil Saga was perfect Linkin Park AVM material! I thought that opening cutscene was so edgy and cool back in the day.

I know Halloween has already passed and it isn't videogame related but I can't forgot the 'This is Halloween's Soul Eater AMV.