One Day at a Time: Persona 3 Game Club SPECIAL

6 April 2024 @midnight local time

Time to play Persona 3 according to the in-game calendar.

Persona 3/FES displays the first in-game date as 7 April, where P3P and Reload show 6 April. The game begins at night: in vanilla/FES the next morning does not change the date, while in P3P and Reload the next morning is 7 April. You'll want to start the game near or after midnight on 6 April, and then quit 10 minutes later when the calendar switches to 7 April (or whenever the game first lets you save on a date that isn't 6 April).

How I see this working: if you get ahead of the current IRL calendar day, save at the earliest possible opportunity and do not resume until Earth Time corresponds to Persona Time. If you get behind, you can play as much as you want until the dates correspond. This will likely happen during forays into Tartarus, where you can play for a few hours before you need to leave and recover (and roll the date over). Hopefully the dates following a day in Tartarus will usually go quickly enough that it's possible to catch up and stay on track, given varied real life work and social schedules etc.

The last day to attend Social Link events is 30 January, 2025.

I anticipate disaster but am hopeful we can have some fun with this. Starting this thread now so anyone feeling indecisive about whether to start P3 Reload before FFVII Rebirth can rest easy putting it off for two months.

Users please sign the contract with what you’re going to name your protagonist[1](first and last name)

  1. unless you play these games with your real name, in which case sign this thread “username username,” e.g. “captain captain” ↩︎


Thank you for making this thread!!!

I will be joining with Reload. I’ll use the name Tums Rivera.

damn i might do this

mallet hammer (or mallet heaven)

Spoilers: This thread is gonna be very funny from April 10 - 16.

I’ve started playing Reload now so I might do this with P3P if I still have some P3 left in me in April. Otherwise I might concurrently do a Various Daylife any% run (VD starts 4/1).

Someone should do the Vin Diesel challenge and play Need For Speed a quarter mile at a time.

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I really didn't have any plans to play Persona 3 this year but this idea seems fun enough for me to join.

I'm gonna do a half-assed translation of my real name and use Jyoji Izumi.

I was gonna play FES this year anyways!! So hopefully I finish 1 and 2 before then.

I’ll sign my real name: Tony Soprano


@“Tradegood”#p151621 (VD starts 4/1).

Ooh I have this game downloaded and I didn’t know this. Guess I’ll wait lol


@“Bbtone”#p151652 real name

Happy 25th anniversary dude, hope you're in a better place with the therapy and all.

I wish you all the best of luck. I started my replay of FES about 18 months ago and I'm somewhere around halfway through.

I already did this on the PS2 with my own name, but I would like someone else to give it a try with the name “Persona Three”

Ingmar Bergman

I'm in!

Jon-Erik Hexum (I consider it a tribute, but I'll edit this and use a different name someone finds this offensive).

Apologies for the spam but actual final choice here:

@yeso oldman

I've been thinking about replaying this game for a while, so I definitely appreciate this thread giving me an excuse to.

I'm also going to be playing PS2 FES, but I dunno what name I'll use. I'm not feeling clever right this second. :P

Haven't played P3 since it came out, definitely gonna play it this way for Reload

I‘m into it, sounds like a fun time. Gonna start late though, cause my semester ends on April 12th, so the week of the 6th is gonna be major crunch time for me. I think I’ll enjoy playing a bit of catch-up during my time-off :slight_smile: Gotta decide between FES and Reload though.


frog frog

Fuck, I didn't read this and it would be nuts to do that.

Unfortunately I cannot sign this contract, as I have already started playing… but I hope you all enjoy playing through this way when you do! I'll be sure to check in and see how you all do.

I'm just a Plain Ordinary Slacker, unfit for such an undertaking.

Lmao at first I think that said STATS UP SOCIALISTS and was very confused by the sudden leftist agenda.

Never played a Persona before. Signing with my own blood by the name Peppa Bismol

Don't know if i'll play Portable on psp and or the original on ps2. I sure as hell ain't playing Reload cuase i'm too much of a contrarian and im also too broke for it

@“穴”#p151889 My real suggestion is if you wanna have a nice time with the PS2 versions is to play FES on easy and don’t play The Answer.