One Day at a Time: Persona 3 Game Club SPECIAL

@“sabertoothalex”#p151891 barely know what that means but :saluting_face:

@“穴”#p151896 Video Games

Ysk: FES is short for “festival.” It's not an acronym.

But if it were......................................................................?

I‘m in for Reload. I’ll either use Taliesin Merlin (that is, my real name) or Persona auGratin

I would prefer to play FES but think I‘ll need to go with POATABLE: there’s a strong chance I will be moving overseas in October and won‘t have a PS3. I’ll know for sure whether that will be the case in “early April,” so I could catch up on PS3 if it goes the other way. Playing on Beginner or maybe Easy. It‘s good this is two months away, that’s just enough time to come up with a name


@“sabertoothalex”#p151891 play FES on easy

Nah you gotta join me on Merciless mode! It's actually not bad at all on Reload since Shuffle Time procs after every battle basically.

Tip: You can change the difficulty on the P3R and P3P Re-release options menus later... which everyone would want to do during the late game grind, but I find the real Persona 3 experience is teetering on the knife's edge because you overextended your resources trying to push up an extra flight of stairs. It also encourages you to do the dungeons in smaller snippets across the month. I think it's more fun to play like that then to max out social links.

@“captain”#p151906 name your character Audio Technica.

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@“Tradegood”#p151909 I could see the case for Reload but on FES this sounds like zero fun I GOTTA SAY

@“connrrr”#p151910 Claudio Technica

Thinking about it more I will probably go for portable on the psp cause if I'm commiting to something on a daily basis I gotta be able to play from bed on the days I feel defeated by real life.


Persona 3: Fellow Ectoplasm Specialists

@"connrrr"#p151910 Unfortunately I can't get very invested in this kind of game unless I come up with a serious name, so I'll be looking at some kind of list of Japanese names for women. Maybe if I'd played P3 before I could go with a funny name

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I might be able at the time I'm playing (and setting some time aside even for Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood) to reach a secong run of the P3R just in time for April.

So there you have it.

What's your protag listening to?

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@“captain”#p153266 What I listened to when I was 16, that is, a whole bunch of Enya, especially the moodier pieces:

i will disappear into the contractual persona of eliot ness for no particular reason. i did love evaline ness‘ work illustrating the chronicles of prydain, but alas cannot use her alias as i’m unresolved on playing reload or replaying the og.

I am intrigued by this as a concept… but not sure how well it‘ll work out for me psychologically!

I’ll tentatively sign Makoto Yuki - I have a preference for canon names.

I wasn‘t sure whether I was going to join in but I recently got P3P on the cheap on PC. I’m going to do the FemC route as Jill LeFish

Haven’t decided yet if I’ll do this but very tempted. I’ve played FES, so I’m inclined to try P3P’s female lead. But should I play my physical copy on PSP or my digital copy on vita? I think the vita is probably better for loading and battery life and the system interface and stuff, but I have a vague idea I don’t like the way it upscales PSP games.

@“Yim”#p156318 Better turn them both on and sit them down side by side to see what you like. But… Vita does mean Life……….

guys i don’t think I can do this i have not even bought the dang game yet