Place for people to give and receive bluesky invites.

This may not be relevant for very long but for the time being, if anyone wants to join bluesky, let‘s share how many codes we have, and folks can express interest, etc. I have 5 codes and access to another 6. DM me if you want one! I’ll reduce the number in this post as they get used!

Oh yeah and my sn there is:

I'll just post my codes in a screenshot tomorrow!

i too have four bisky codes!! hopefully bots don‘t hoover these up or something. go nuts, I’ll update this post if they get used.

UPDATE: all spent!!

can't speak for it as a service going forward, but right now in the early stages, the vibes are great and things are more or less well moderated. some catty drama, but certainly nothing as bad as Twitter, and easily avoided. the Feeds feature is neat and gets more use than I thought it would.

I've got three apparently. Just DM me!!


@“esper”#p136060 took #4 (for the explicit purposes of telling people I aint posting on bluesky, so don't look me up, add me, etc)

@“esper”#p136060 Got the second one. Thanks!

Daytonaaaa!! Let's go away



Here‘s a couple. I can add more if these run out. I’ve been struggling to give them to mutual on Twitter so I'm guessing most people that want to be there are already.


Update: #1 Is taken, #2 and #3 are still available

I had no idea there were so many codes out there. I thought it was a lot more exclusive. I probably won‘t join because I don’t like the character limit. I've been posting a bit on Cohost and I like that you can just write as much as you like. So freeing!

@“hellomrkearns”#p136079 I grabbed bsky-social-3iidm-cfs34 thank you

Just gonna say let's continue the screenshot approach because the copy/paste thing seems like something bots can harvest with greater ease!

@“exodus”#p136095 good point!

@“Jaffe”#p136107 thank you! i took the first one


could others also post their usernames? for example, I can't find brandon!

Edit: nevermind, I found him, but others who haven't should still post usernames/links!

double edit: wow, this really is just twitter from like two years ago (in terms of ui, not necessarily content)

I‘m not sure I want to go back to twitter, but might as well sign up with my nickname here for the heck of it! (took robinhoodie’s 2nd one)


Just a heads up, I guess because of bluesky's decentralized nature, some key people involved are from web3 world.

CEO Jay Graber was developer of Zcash crypto and decentralized network stuff. Big proponent of web3. Made NFT. [You can read her writings on the topic on Medium](

Jack Dorsey's stance on bitcoin and web3 stuff is well known.

Bluesky had a round of funding recently led by Neo, who mostly invests in web3 and AI companies. Funding was pretty tiny ($8m) and there are other big name non crypto investors invested so I shouldn't worry about it I guess!...

I can't say if it'll lead to some crypto rug pull down the road but after the hellish Great Twitter Crypto War, I'm getting a medium dose of heebiejeebies tbh.... Next btc halving eta is around April 2024 so we'll see...

The company is PBLLC, public benefit limited liability corporation but it just smell like Goodguywashing to me like whatever FTX SBF did. I guess a twitterlike that blocks Nazi crap could be seen as in service of public benefit lol. We'll see how it goes if it gets 10-100x bigger.

Supposedly later on you can grab all of your stuff and move over to different servers if bluesky is taken over by bad people. Again we'll see how that goes.

Does it have 2 factor auth?? I don't see it...

i've had these piling up in the Code Vault for months



Thanks! I took the second one ``

I’ll look into the custom domain thing later.

I‘ve been handing mine to an artist with a big following, but when she doesn’t need them any more I'll put them here