PSA: Xbox 360 console store closing next year

  • - After July 2024 you will no longer be able to buy games on your Xbox 360. You will still be able to buy them on an Xbox One or Series console, or online and download them to a 360 you're signed into.
  • - Some BC games and DLC can ONLY be purchased on the 360 store like Skate 2, Bullet Witch, Sonic 06
  • - Not all games are backwards compatible with the One/Series consoles.
  • - You cannot add funds directly through a 360, but you can add them to your MS account used with your 360.
  • - If you use 2FA, the [360 requires with a special app password generated by MS to sign in to XBL]( with a short auto-sign-out window (90 days I think). I regularly log into my 360 just so I don't get auto signed out of it. You can still play all of your downloaded games if signed out of XBL, but no cloud saves and you can't download more stuff.
  • - Thankfully, you can plug in USB external hard drives to store all of your games.
  • - Many games are already no longer available for purchase.
  • - There are currently no easy means to soft-mod a 360.
  • - [360 emulation]( is still in it's infancy.
  • - used 360s are pretty dang cheap and can be found for $50
  • More details about this here:

    Mostly wanted to point out how it will soon be a pain to legitimately get games for your 360. You can't just plug in the old console, sign in, and get games. You already have a hurdle with signing in with a 2FA account, and buying new games will soon require a second device. **_You might also have to download the game at least once for it to show up in your download history to be downloaded again after the store goes away._**

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    [“PSA: Xbox 360 console store closing - Reccs for non-BC games”,“PSA: Xbox 360 console store closing next year”]

    As a recent downloader of my non-backwards compatible Xbox 360 library, I can only confirm that it‘s a complete pain in the arse to even sign into Xbox Live on a 360 if you haven’t done it recently.

    Hopefully this hastens a soft mod solution. Using a 360 these days is a rough experience. A sign of things to come with PS4 and xbone going forward.

    Well, so much for Sonic 06’s re-listing. It’s only been a little over a year since that point.

    One important thing to note is that some backward-compatible games and DLC are only purchasable on the Xbox 360 store. For example, Dark Souls 1 DLC can only be obtained that way. There is no other way to purchase that DLC on the newer Xbox storefront.

    The same goes for non-BC games/DLC like Sonic 06 and Bullet Witch. Both of which you can still buy.

    I've been meaning to get my Xbox 360 hard modded for a while and this thread is a great reminder.

    I have access to places that can do it for around 30 bucks which is cheaper than buying the flasher you'd need to do it yourself. I should get on this soon. probably this Sunday idk.

    the main thing I wanna mod my Xbox 360 is those cave ports.

    DLC is what is going to drive me nuts. Like what games have DLC that I want? I am praying the sites start coming up with panicked lists because unlike Wii / Wii U / PS3 / Vita. No soft mod means I can just start making my own archive of what I want.

    Anyways, the Revengance DLC is FREE these days. So grab that. I have some research to do I guess.

    I need to buy Diabolical Pitch before this goes offline. Sounds like that‘s going to be a wonderful experience since I haven’t signed into my 360 in years.

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    @“Chopemon”#p129129 See I forgot this even existed! Alright team. There will be other lists out there, but I am counting on the IC Forums list.

    This thread gave me the motivation I needed to finish the RGH3 mod on my 360 S, which I just did tonight!

    If you have ever soldered anything before in your life, this is the closest thing to a softmod there is although you do still have to dismantle the machine.

    The hardest parts by far:

  • - getting my ThinkPad back in working order (special case)
  • - prying the rear tabs apart without scratching up the plastic, which I failed to do. You can barely notice it but it bothers ME
  • You'll need a Raspberry Pi Pico to get the job done. [Here]( is the guide I used. My model is a 4GB Corona v2 so no POST fix adapter was needed.

    @“tomjonjon”#p129088 My PS4 basically bricked itself the day the PS5 came out. I have no idea why it's such a pain to get a single game to load, but the thing crashes constantly.

    19 years is a pretty decent run for the official support of a service like this. Would have been cool and symbolic to see it reach 2025, but alas.

    This lines up with me cancelling my xbox subscription. It started with the 360 and it will end with the 360. [sheds a single bright green tear]

    Do we know yet what happens with DLC for games that are backwards compatible? Ridge Racer 6 has like, several dozen free cars as individual DLC items in the 360's XBLA marketplace, for example.