Questions about Discourse and its functions

Hello everyone,

We’re splitting the old Technical Feedback thread, starting from when we moved to Discourse. There are a lot of questions in these first few days (as there will be in the weeks to come) which I think would be easier to address separately from a thread for long-term questions about Discourse’s quirks and potential technical issues (which we have not made yet, given how new everything is). We’ve also archived the old Tech Feedback thread as its questions and answers mostly pertained to Flarum.

Please post all questions and/or tutorial info for other users here!


The forum annoucement providing a link to the old forum states we eventually won’t have access to the old forum anymore.

Just to clarify, are we talking about days? weeks? I can manually save and export here some old pictures and/or try to reformat some posts to match their original format but I need to know how much time I have to do so. Thanks.

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Is there a way to edit my old posts? I have some pretty lengthy ones that I’m willing to clean up the junky old html on but it won’t let me edit them.

Hey chaz. So we haven’t really decided. I have considered a week. But if people feel they need more time I can provide it. Though it can’t be open ended!

wowee zowie, new look for the forum
i’ll miss the old look, but i’m vibing with this new design so far

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You should be able to edit your posts now. Right now there is probably a delay in being able to edit because of “trust levels” on discord. We can bump people up levels right now but I think that is tied to being able to edit old posts Understanding Discourse Trust Levels


Thanks, understood. I think the best scenario would be to announce a clear deadline, at least a week ahead of schedule (and probably make the deadline a Monday), to help all members set some time in the remaining week so that they can salvage important pictures and/or double check the original formatting of some Flarum posts.

My worry is, if I understand the Discourse trust levels properly, most users will easily get to Level 2, but this mean they will only be able to edit posts up created until 60 days ago (right?). Or does Discourse consider all the recently imported posts to be a few days old? (That would be a helpful oversight!)

For instance, in my case, I will try to reformat the Sharp Denshi System Techō thread properly as a priority, but many posts are from 2022.

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I’m in the same boat with a few threads, most significantly the big polls and the flight sim one. Looks like I’ll need to be bumped up to level 4 to be able to reformat those

Completely agree with the schedule and announcing! I definitely will not be deleting anything without proper notice.

With editing older than 30 or 60 days posts. The only way to do that is giving people level 4 trust. Which gives you a lot abilities on top of editing. So it’s only something I can temporarily give people right now. I have given it to you. So you can go edit that thread and others if you’d like!

@yeso @chazumaru given level 4 to both of you so you can edit what you need. thanks for helping out and please be careful!

there’s a thread now for people to request format fixes

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thanks I promise not to do anything weird


Is there a way to change my username? My username was 穴 but i think it was automatically changed to ana by discourse. just want to see if i can go to my old username or if I have to think of a new username

also how long does getting to level 4 take? just asking because i saw how broken my art jam threads are

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should be fixed now. there was a minimum username length that prevented it.

If possible Id like my username to be changed as well. When I initially created my account years ago the username I chose was a stupid reference to Cocomelon and seeing it again surprised me. If its possible I’d like it to just be Toph, please.

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no problem! done.

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I would also love permissions to go back and edit some older posts to fix formatting if possible.

Thank you, friend!

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please make the request here we’ll do our best. thank you!


@shane Thanks a lot! I will tell you as soon as I am done with all posts. I will try to work on this during the weekend.

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I don’t seem to be able to edit posts at all, even if they’re only a few days old. Not sure if it matters but I only use the forum on iPhone safari.

Edit: actually I can edit this one, just not anything from before the move.